Zymbol Issue 1
Zymbol Issue 1

Zymbol Magazine

Issue 1



The Blight in the Trees
Evan Morgan Williams
Chasing It
Ilya Lyashevsky
Foo Dog Dragons
John McCaffrey
Moss One
Zachary Kaplan
Book Interview
Larry Lefkowitz
The Debutante
Leonora Carrington
An excerpt from CHARIVARI
Harry Posner
Jennifer Hollie Bowles
The Goddess, Lonely
Cary Groner


I Witness, The Dream House, Almost Tenderly & The Latter Time
Ben Nardolilli
Nunc Stans
Kevin O’Sullivan Hap
Just Out-of-Reach Dreams & Incongruity
J. J. Steinfeld
Nine Epigrams
Anthony Madrid
The Future Imperfect Club
Flower Conroy
Searching With Radnoti & You’ve got to be kidding...
Tim Suermondt
Schizophrenic Jesus
Allison Willard
The Size of John Keats & An Institutional Event
William Doreski
The Triple Phallus
Bill Wolak
The Albatross
Charles Baudelaire
The Warrant
Carol Alexander
Marrakech, January 2011, Midnight
Anne James
Lou Gallo
The Hare’s Prayer to the Rainbow...
Matt Schumacher


The meeting is canceled
Mette Norrie


Seeing the Invisible
Marta Ferrer Gómez

Special chapbook section

I Will Unfold Myself, But Not For You
Anastasia Hager Natalie Kinsey Erin Lyndal Martin Mary Ellen Phillips