Zymbol Issue 2
Zymbol Issue 2

Zymbol Magazine

Issue 2



John Gosslee’s Blitzkrieg
Patrick Dolan


Latest Breakdown of a Young Artist
Alexis Pernsteiner
...Your Own Small and Frantic Heart
Hilary Zaid
The Red Fox
Khanh Ha
The Pilot’s Dream
Soren Gauger
Rotten Oranges
Craig Bates

Flash Fiction

On Certain Autumn Afternoons
Cam Higgins


We Are Arrows #71 * & We Are Arrows #72 *
Darren Demaree
Aaron Anstett
To coax this rake you dig... & The moon behind the moon...
Simon Perchik
Finally & In the Room of the Dead
Stephen Page
Fearless & Scarves
Claire Feild
Enrico Dreams Tonight
Matt Dennison
Astound *
Carmelo J. Rizzo
The Hothouse Remains
Benjamin Norris
I Heard
Lindsay Slattery
...Last Fantasies of King Ludwig II, ...Spider at Catastrophe’s Vortex & Invasion
Matt Schumacher
I ticked my eyes...
Maxwell Snelling
The Opposite of Splintered is Whole
Kallie Falandays
because of you
Maria Bennett
The Fifth House of Virgo
Tim Kahl
Take a Trip with Me
Zack Rogow

Flash Memoir

John McCloud
Assisted Living
Kirby Wright


Moon of 1956 Over Lincoln Center
Paul Sohar
The House of Three Widows
Dileep Jhaveri
On Living Abroad
John Robinson


Portrait of an Inner Life (illustrated)
Yumi Sakugawa
Portrait of an Inner Life (stickers)
John Gosslee
Susanne Iles
Shit Fuck Valentine’s Day I-III
Andrew Abbott