Zymbol Issue 3
Zymbol Issue 3

Zymbol Magazine

Issue 3



Surpassing Legacy & Embracing Piracy
Carrie Ann Baade & the new surrealists


Ways to Become a Druid
Larry Lefkowitz
Hoo-Doo of Sweet Mama Rosa
Eryk Pruitt
Pa, Randy, & Sugar House Fire
Jonathan Mack
Pickled Churches
Alana I. Capria
Your Daughters Will Prophesy
Katherine Zlabek
The Guest
James Hanna


Jones Hipper Than You… & XXII epigrammata de natura...
Nick D’Annunzio
We Have Given Them Names
Becca Jensen
year long silence
Anna King
There was this egg.
Jennifer Jean
Song from the Land of Collage
Linda Ann Strang
Retirement & Microscope
Matt Dennison
A Brief History of Your Bowels
Grant Tarbard
Little Friends
Carol Alexander
plural hotel closets & pet Waves & Schooling
Cody John Laplante
Waves & Schooling
Benjamin Norris
In Iraq, They Made Us Gods & Negotiating the Shrink’s...
Randy Ralston
The Masculine Face of God & When Adam Turns Thirty
Katharyn Howd Machan
Magic Trick
Celia Lisset Alvarez
The Knife
Elizabeth L. Hodges


We Are Arrows #71 * & We Are Arrows #72 *
Darren Demaree
Aaron Anstett
To coax this rake you dig... & The moon behind the moon...
Simon Perchik
Finally & In the Room of the Dead
Stephen Page
Fearless & Scarves
Claire Feild
Enrico Dreams Tonight
Matt Dennison
Astound *
Carmelo J. Rizzo
The Hothouse Remains
Benjamin Norris
I Heard
Lindsay Slattery
...Last Fantasies of King Ludwig II, ...Spider at Catastrophe’s Vortex & Invasion
Matt Schumacher
I ticked my eyes...
Maxwell Snelling
The Opposite of Splintered is Whole
Kallie Falandays
because of you
Maria Bennett
The Fifth House of Virgo
Tim Kahl
Take a Trip with Me
Zack Rogow


Monsters Drowning
Nicole Santalucia


Transit of Venus & Happy Whore of Babylon
Carrie Ann Baade lost
Scott Kirschner Pa, Randy, & Sugar House Fire
Akemi Shinohara