10 Best 2D Animation Services

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One of the popular types of animation is 2D animation. It is commonly used to produce animated films, cartoons, advertisements, marketing videos, corporate presentations, educational materials, and video games. The creation of objects and characters in a two-dimensional space is what defines 2D animation. In other words, they only have a width and a height.

The benefits of 2D animations are that they are incredibly versatile and can be used in any animation style. It can be easily suited to any existing branding guidelines that an organization may have. 2D animation is an excellent and fantastic medium to convey a message or idea to your viewers. 2D animation is also a more cost-effective way of telling a story, explaining a complicated process, entertaining, or educating.

Because of the proliferation of video content, an increasing number of businesses are considering using animated videos for promotional purposes, as they have been shown to boost conversion rates effectively. For this technical task, some companies prefer to hire animation experts. Some of the services we recommend are as follows.

1. Turn Your Still Character Design to 2D Action Animation by Hafiizhun


Hafiizhun (@junimotions) is a professional animator and visual storyteller who adores animation, particularly 2D animations.

Service Highlights

Hafiizhun can help you bring your character to life and make it more interactive. All you need to do is submit your character design in a high-resolution format such as JPG, PNG, SVG, PSD, or AI.

Check out Hafiizhun's service here

2. Affordable 2D Cartoon Animation in GIF/Video by Bisho


Bisho (@bisho_samuel) is a professional cartoonist with a bachelor's degree in fine arts. He has over five years of experience drawing cartoon backgrounds and creating cartoon characters.

Service Highlights

Bisho will assist you in creating an engaging GIF or video that fits your requirements in a unique and eye-catching manner.

Check out Bisho's service here

3. Awesome 2D Animations for Kids by Shayumi


Shayumi is a 2D animator expert, graphic designer, and video editor. 2019 marked the year that she began offering her exciting animation services online.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 30-second animation for 1 character in 1080p.
  • Standard: 1 minute animation (up to 2 characters) in 1080p.
  • Premium: 2 minutes animation (up to 3 characters) in 1080p.

Check out Shayumi's service here

4. Outstanding 2D Animation in Japanese Anime Style by Zozrus Studio


Latifa (@bizlar) represents a group of talented animators at the ‘Zozrus Studio' digital media agency in the United States. The studio provides a wide range of digital production services, including 2D and 3D animation, game asset creation, and more.

Service Highlights

Zozrus Studio specializes in high-quality anime-style animation and children's cartoons for feature films, music videos, and web and television series. The studio has the capacity to handle up to 40 minutes of animation per month.

Check out Zozrus Studio's service here

5. Professional 2D Animation by Henry


Henry (@henryleonardo11) is a highly skilled 2D cutout animator and motion designer who can create a professional visual project for you, your brand, or your project.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 15 Seconds – Short animation video with 1 character.
  • Standard: 30 Seconds – Standard animation video with 2 characters.
  • Premium: 60 Seconds – Complete animation with more than 3 characters.

Check out Henry's service here

6. Cartoon Movie and 2D Character Animation by Dmitry


Dmitry Yerokhin (@discribble) is a self-taught Russian illustrator who enjoys minimalism and studies animation and motion design.

Service Highlights

Dmitry is ready to assist you in telling your story through a short animated cartoon featuring unique characters and settings. He pays close attention to the details in his illustrations and prefers to keep the aesthetics simple.

Check out Dmitry's service here

7. 2D Animation Video for You by Madu


Rasika Madushan, also known as Madu, is a graphic designer and animator who has created numerous 2D animated short stories.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 30-seconds of 2D animation video.
  • Standard: 1-minute of 2D animation video.
  • Premium: 2-minutes of 2D animation video.

Check out Madu's service here

8. Unique 2D Cartoon Animation by Peter


Peter (@peterthirdg) is a graphic designer, 2D animator, and storyboard artist with four years of professional 2D animation experience.

Service Highlights

Peter will use Adobe Animate CC to create your animation. The duration options are divided into three categories:

  • Basic – 10 seconds
  • Standard – 30 seconds
  • Premium – Up to 90 seconds

Check out Peter's service here

9. Beautiful Illustration & Animation in 2D by Rubai


Rubai (@ruhamaazfar) attended Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology to study architecture. She has four years of illustration and motion design experience.

Service Highlights

Rubai will create stunning illustrations and vector art, which will then be animated in two dimensions. An intro and typography animation based on your ideas will be included in the animation.

Check out Rubai's service here

10. Professional Animation from Your 2D Image by Petar Rusev


Petar Rusev (@petarrusev) is a motion graphics designer and illustrator from Spain who has worked in the industry for more than six years.

Service Highlights

Petar will turn your 2D image into a cool animation. The animation can be up to 4K (60fps) with a seamless loop (optional).

Check out Petar's service here

How an Animator Can Breathe Life into Your Characters

There are numerous ways in which the animator can create characters that are perfectly suited for any type of project, from advertising to educational animation and beyond. The following are some of the ways in which 2D animators can contribute to character design.

Concentrate On The Desired Audience

The precise look and feel of any animated project are highly dependent on the intended audience. For instance, a children's educational program would employ bold patterns and vibrant colors, whereas an animated explainer video for business executives would use more restrained design elements. The animator you select for your project will maximize its effectiveness by creating appropriate characters for the audience you hope to reach.

Visually Represent The Character's Personality

Each character in your animated film will have their own unique personality. This personality is one of the characteristics that will set them apart from the existing animated characters. Your animation partner will collaborate with you to determine each character's personality through concept design and character design. Developing this personality may entail creating a backstory for them in order to provide context and depth. The animator will then use this context to help them comprehend and develop the character.

Create An Environment That Complements The Design Of The Character

Animators can breathe life into the characters by creating environments that complement or enhance their personalities. For example, an animator may choose to reflect a character's conflict by incorporating elements into the surrounding environment that visually differ from the character. Alternatively, the animator may choose to include small details (for example, background objects or colors) in specific scenes that correspond to the character's proportions or interests. A skilled animator will understand how the environment interacts with the characters, ensuring that all of the project's elements work cohesively.

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