12 Best 3D Interior Design Services

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The purpose of interior design is to create the best possible environment for a home, office, or other location. However, improving an interior can be a challenging task, especially if it requires a total makeover. There are many interior design ideas to consider when creating a classy or modern environment for your home. And, it can be pretty tricky and overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the process or have to start from the ground up.

A professional touch is required to design a new project or remodel a space. One must also have good technical knowledge and expertise in space management. While improving your interior can be enjoyable, it is not practical to do it yourself if you lack the necessary skills. Hiring a competent 3D interior designer is the best way to make the job much easier and less stressful.

Interior designers are skilled at creating gorgeous spaces and have a good sense of what needs to be done during the interior design process. They will be able to anticipate any potential issues and propose unique design solutions. With the assistance of 3D design capabilities, the interior designer will be able to provide the client with an ideal design. Ready to begin your design journey? Check out the following list of interior design services.

1. Interior Design and 3D Render by YSJ Architects


You can use the services provided by YSJ Architects if you need a full architectural design (exterior, interior, 3D model), or if you just need to visualize and see how it will look if you already have a design.

Service Highlights

  • Affordable interior and exterior design.
  • Architectural design from scratch.

Check out YSJ Architects's service here

2. Interior Design and 3D Rendering by Hung Nguyen


Hung Nguyen (@nguynhng914) holds a bachelor's degree in interior design. He has four years of architecture, interior design, and landscape design experience. He uses 3Dsmax, VrayRender, CoronaRender, and Photoshop for his work.

Service Highlights

  • 3D visualization and interior design.
  • 3D rendering and modeling.

Check out Hung Nguyen's service here

3. Interior Design with Realistic 3D Images by Fernanda


Fernanda (@fernandasouza97) has a Civil Engineering degree. She enjoys interior design and creates projects that are true reflections of her clients' desires.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Interior design with 3D realistic images – per room.
  • Standard: Interior design with 3D realistic images 360 tour – per room. 
  • Premium: Interior design with 3D realistic images, 360 tour + 3D floor plan – per room.

Check out Fernanda's service here

4. 3D Interior Design with Realistic Rendering by Harry


Harry (@eatsleep919) is a professional 3D designer who works as a design constructor for a company in Jakarta, Indonesia. His background is in Naval Architecture, but he is also capable of interior design, 3D modeling, rendering, and other related tasks.

Service Highlights

Harry will create a realistic 3D interior design based on your floor plan.

Check out Harry's service here

5. Design & Render Interior or Exterior by Aleksandra


Aleksandra (@topalovska) has a bachelor's degree in industrial design. She can design the interior or exterior of your home or building in 3D with accuracy and professionalism.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Interior design for one room, basic, no furniture.
  • Standard: One room Interior design, decor, realistic visualization, a full package.
  • Premium: Exterior design and a high-level of detail and visualization.

Check out Aleksandra's service here

6. Interior Design for Retail Shops, Brands, Stores by Zahid


Zahid (@zahidnaveed290) is an architect with prior experience in the fields of architecture and planning. He is very knowledgeable about interior and exterior design development, architectural layouts and drawings, visualization, and presentation.

Service Highlights

Zahid offers interior design services to contractors as well as individuals. The service encompasses interior design for all types of retail and commercial spaces.

Check out Zahid's service here

7. Design or Redesign Your Interior Space & Render It in 3D by Marijana


Marijana (@divinespace_m) is a Croatian interior designer. She specializes in developing creative interior design concepts for residential properties (apartments or houses). She has also designed commercial spaces such as event halls and office spaces.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: One small space, FullHD resolution images.
  • Standard: One large space, 2K resolution images.
  • Premium: Design or re-design your floor, 4K resolution images + video walkthrough.

Check out Marijana's service here

8. Interior Design and 3D Renders by Khan Architect


Khan Architect (@khan_architect) specializes in 3D visualizations, architecture, and interior design.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Simple 2D floor plan layout – up to 1000 square feet.
  • Standard: One interior design with 3D rendering.
  • Premium: Three interior designs with 3D renderings.

Check out Khan Architect's service here

9. Design & Render a 3D Interior for Your Room or House by Amy


Amy (@amychonticha555) is an experienced interior designer who would like to provide you with a great interior design that includes a plan, a 3D model, and a 3D rendering. She can also create the concept design, as well as the material and color scheme.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Small room/area 3D design with 1 rendering image.
  • Standard: Small room/area 3D design with 3 rendering images.
  • Premium: Small room/area 3D design with 5 rendering images.

Check out Amy's service here

10. Professional Interior Design for Your Space by Crystal


Crystal (@livingbright) is an award-winning, NKBA-trained designer specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and cabinetry. She creates high-quality renderings with CAD programs such as 20-20 design and Lumion. She has prior experience creating floor plans, layouts, renderings, and beautiful spaces, and she will develop realistic visualizations for your design project.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Design the interior with generic furniture, decor, and an overhead view for reference.
  • Standard: Detailed design and decor with items that can be purchased includes rendering and shopping list.
  • Premium: Design renderings, shopping list and animation walkthrough.

Check out Crystal's service here

11. Your Dream Interior Design with 3D Renderings by Mihaela


Mihaela (@decodedeco) works as a professional interior designer. She is the founder of ‘Decode Deco' and is a design enthusiast. She believes that your living space should best reflect your personality and fulfill all of your needs.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 small-sized room design (bathroom, hallway, dressing room).
  • Standard: 1 medium-sized room design (bedroom, kid’s room, kitchen, and dining room).
  • Premium: 1 large-sized room design (living room, hotel rooms, small commercial space).

Check out Mihaela's service here

12. Room Interior Design with IKEA Products by Evan


Evan (@evanchristian) has more than a decade of experience in the field of interior design. He specializes in interior design for new or renovated homes and apartments using furniture from the IKEA online store around the world.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 3D floor plan + shopping list (selected IKEA furniture and decorations).
  • Standard: Basic package + 1 picture of 3D perspective.
  • Premium: Basic package + 2 pictures of 3D perspective + furniture & decoration installation instructions in metric and imperial units.

Check out Evan's service here

Why Do You Need a 3D Interior Designer?

Even if you've decided on the majority of your decor, a professional interior designer can come up with fresh ideas and solutions to any lingering issues. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a 3D interior designer for your renovation project:

Expertise and Skills

In order to create the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement possible, a skilled designer will approach your room from a design perspective, assessing elements such as lines, light, color, texture, shape, and pattern. The designer can help you decide where it should go and how the rest of the furniture in the room should be rearranged to blend with the change.

3D Renderings Are More Accurate

Through the use of 3D rendering software, everything is precisely measured. The software tool for 3D designers is robust, allowing for the import of CAD plans or models from CAD software, precise measurement, and real-world camera settings. Take a look at the sample models above to see how good 3D renders can now compete with photographs of the real thing.

Easy to Personalize

Using professional design services does not imply giving up control over the interior design of your home. The role of the 3D design professional is to bring your vision to life. A designer can ask you specific questions to help you create a finished space that is tailored to your needs.

Can Spot Potential Issues

With 3D rendering, you have the opportunity to have all decision-makers review the design prior to construction. This allows quality control personnel and people involved in the project's construction to spot potential issues and design flaws early on.

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