10 Best Amazon Product Listing Services

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You were probably ecstatic about the prospect of starting your own business when you first started selling products on Amazon. However, you've probably realized that trying to manage everything on your own is not only exhausting, but also impractical. Outsourcing, on the other hand, could be the solution you're looking for. You can achieve balance and free up time to focus on the important things by outsourcing.

Product listing is most likely the first major task that should be delegated to an Amazon freelancer. The ideal candidate for this role must have extensive Amazon experience. They must understand the proper formula for creating an appealing product page that is chock-full of all the information a customer wants to see. Furthermore, product listing specialists are well-versed in the offers that will assist you in increasing your Best-Seller Rank and generating positive customer reviews.

There are many aspects of the Amazon business that require expertise. Hiring product listing experts, for example, will assist you in optimizing listings across multiple channels for SEO purposes. If you're looking to hire an Amazon freelancer, please see the list below.

1. Professional FBA Amazon Product Listing Description by Levi


Levi (@levinewman) is a multi-award-winning marketing copywriter who specializes in creating compelling sales, advertising, and brand copy. His goal is for each of his clients to achieve the success they deserve.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Title, 5 Bullet Points, and Basic Description (No SEO Keywords).
  • Standard: Title, 5 Bullet Points, Description, Keywords, Search Terms, and In-Depth Research.
  • Premium: A+ Amazon Enhanced Brand Content with Title, Bullets, Description, Keywords, Research, and CSVs.

Check out Levi's service here

2. Top Amazon Listing and SEO Product Descriptions by Alex


Alex (@alexvlaston) is part of a seven-year-experienced Amazon consulting team that includes real e-commerce writers and professionals. They currently have two Auto-Pilot accounts that have combined earnings of seven figures.

Service Highlights

Get comprehensive keyword research, SEO title, 5 benefit bullets, HTML description, search terms, and PPC strategy.

Check out Alex's service here

3. Killer SEO Amazon Listing Product Description FBA Optimization by Deryano


Deryano and his team have more than five years of experience writing product listing copy, optimizing listings, and designing images. Their goal is to assist you in achieving success on Amazon by creating SEO product listings that are both compelling and convert.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 Short Listing (NO Keywords) – Title, 5 Bullets, HTML description (NO SEO Optimization).
  • Standard: Irresistible SEO Listing – Title, 5 Bullets that Sell, HTML Description + Backend Search Terms.
  • Premium: All from previous packages + Full Keyword Research List for PPC to Dominate Competition.

Check out Deryano's service here

4. Amazon Product Listing Description by Subhan


Subhan (@ssj1236) is an Amazon seller with years of experience. As a professional copywriter, he is capable of creating persuasive, keyword-optimized content that will increase traffic, boost sales, and assist you in achieving success.

Service Highlights

Subhan will work with you to create exceptional Amazon product listings. He'll pay attention to even the smallest details. And not forgetting the SEO aspect of the listings.

Check out Subhan's service here

5. Amazon Product Listing That Sells by Kevin


Kevin (@fastadking) has been a professional copywriter since 1996. Thousands of sellers have been enthralled by his persuasive writing, which has resulted in numerous sales.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Write an Amazon title that sells.
  • Standard: Complete Amazon listing to 500 words with HTML, Modern SEO, backend keyword file.
  • Premium: 600-word listing with longer lower description for EBC. Text only.

Check out Kevin's service here

6. SEO Optimized Amazon Product Listing by Netperks


Netperks is an SEO optimization expert who can assist brand owners with launching their products on Amazon and writing product listings that convert.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Write your listing with persuasive sales copy.
  • Standard: SEO Copywriting your listing, plus comprehensive keyword report and competitor research.
  • Premium: SEO Copywriting your listing, plus Helium 10 keyword report, competitor research, and back-end search terms.

Check out Netperks's service here

7. Product Description Copy for Your Amazon Listings by Gustavo


Gustavo (@epicforyou) is a postgraduate engineer who has worked for a number of multinational corporations. He has extensive experience in marketing, business development, and technical consulting.

Service Highlights

Gustavo will write a unique and persuasive description for your product listing, complete with bullet points, relevant keywords, an SEO title, and an HTML version of the product description.

Check out Gustavo's service here

8. Great Amazon Product Listing by Jacob


Jacob (@copygraphers) is a copywriting expert who can help you sell more than your competitors. He checks all the boxes, and his premium-rated service will exceed your highest expectations, with a solid background in Amazon sales, online marketing, and copywriting.

Service Highlights

Jacob will create persuasive copy with effective SEO that turns one-time visitors into returning customers.

Check out Jacob's service here

9. Amazing Amazon Product Listing Page and Description by Faye


Faye (@babybabe5) is a native English speaker with more than ten years of Amazon experience. In 2017, she went full-time freelance so she could use her Amazon skills and knowledge to help others every day.

Service Highlights

Faye provides well-written, SEO-friendly item titles, bullet points, and product descriptions, with focus keywords (Search Terms) included.

Check out Faye's service here

10. Amazon Listing and Product Description by Bojan


Bojan (@bojansavikj) is a writer, copywriter, editor, and marketer with over ten years of experience. Writing has always been his passion. He enjoys writing app descriptions as well as SEO articles for apps and products. He also specializes in writing product descriptions, Amazon listings, and ASO keyword research.

Service Highlights

Get a professional product listing that is SEO-optimized and geared toward your target audience.

Check out Bojan's service here

Reasons Why You Should Hire Amazon Freelancers for Your Business

This post will go over three of the most compelling reasons for your company to hire Amazon freelancers.

Saves Time

A variety of tasks would require your presence and undivided attention. As a result, it may be impossible to complete the task entirely on your own. This is where the value of Amazon freelancers becomes clear. These freelancers will assist you in completing the tasks you require in a timely and accurate manner. This will free up your time for more important tasks.

Furthermore, the stress of attempting to do everything on your own can be crippling. You will be in charge of creating the website, uploading it to a live server, and writing product descriptions, among other things. These are demanding tasks that would put you under a lot of pressure. You won't have to worry about anything if you have Amazon freelancers because these guys are experts in their field and will work diligently behind your back.

Less Expensive

Freelancers are a great option for Amazon sellers who need extra help but don't have the budget to hire a full-time employee. You can pay for services once they are completed, allowing you to maintain a consistent cash flow without incurring the additional expense of a full-time employee.

They Are Experts

When it comes to Amazon tips and tricks to learn, and your freelancer is well-versed in them all. You'll learn a few seller strategies from the source while working closely together. Because they work on Amazon every day, they are frequently the first to discover new Amazon hacks to keep their clients ahead of the game.

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