10 Best Arabic Calligraphy Services

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Arabic calligraphy is a form of calligraphy and handwriting based on the Arabic alphabet, and is a highly valued and respected art form in the Middle East. The reason for Arabic calligraphy's popularity is its symmetry. The Arabic lettering and script – with their perfect balance of dots, edges, curves, and points, appear to be harmonious. It also fosters creativity and originality due to its versatility in a wide variety of shapes, forms, and designs.

Even though Arabic calligraphy is steeped in tradition, it still serves as a source of inspiration for contemporary art. Numerous contemporary calligraphers have developed their own styles and techniques based on classic Arabic calligraphy. They may reinvent the traditional Arabic letters and mediums and incorporate calligraphy into jewelry, apparel, and digital designs.

After over 14 centuries of development in various regions around the world, the letters, style, and script of Arabic calligraphy continue to evolve to the present day. The services listed below can assist you in creating your own personalized Arabic calligraphy as your personal art collection or reservation of faith.

1. Custom Arabic Calligraphy Design by Nabila


Nabila (nabilaamed) is a Moroccan calligrapher and freelance graphic designer. She speaks Arabic, French, and English and considers herself autonomous, flexible, and creative, with good communication and organisational skills.

Service Highlights

Nabila provides high-quality Arabic calligraphy with unlimited revisions until the client is completely satisfied.

Check out Nabila's service here

2. Arabic Calligraphy and Typography Logo Design by Ibrahim


Ibrahim (ibrahim_khidr) is a graphic designer from Egypt with over six years of experience. His hobbies and passions are typography and calligraphy.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 calligraphy concept (single word only).
  • Standard: 1 calligraphy concepts (double words).
  • Premium: 2 calligraphy concepts (double words).

Check out Ibrahim's service here

3. Custom Shaped Arabic Calligraphy Art by Lonely_life


Lonely_life is an enthusiastic designer, artist, calligrapher, and engineer from Pakistan.

Service Highlights

Lonely_life will make awesome and unique Arabic calligraphy for your name or any text provided, especially in Arabic and Urdu.

Check out Lonely_life's service here

4. Professional Arabic Logo or Calligraphy by Cryptic_Dexter


Cryptic_Dexter is a proficient graphic designer who enjoys creating brand identities for businesses of all sizes.

Service Highlights

Cryptic_Dexter will create a custom, modern, and professional-looking Arabic, Kufi or calligraphy design.

Check out Cryptic_Dexter's service here

5. Arabic Calligraphy Design by Adel


Adel (adelmohamady) is a skilled illustrator from Kuwait. His interest in the art of Arabic calligraphy led him to become a specialist in the field.

Service Highlights

Adel offers unique and artistic designs in Arabic calligraphy in vector file format.

Check out Adel's service here

6. Arabic Calligraphy with My Writing Style by Ben Wahid


Ben Wahid (benwahid) began learning calligraphy at the age of seven. Ben's primary focus over the last ten years has been to create modern and free-style Arabic calligraphy and apply them to a wide range of creative fields, including logos, posters, book covers, movie titles, and more.

Service Highlights

Ben Wahid will produce your message in a variety of designs, using free-style Arabic calligraphy.

Check out Ben Wahid's service here

7. Write Your Name in Arabic Calligraphy by Alimhn


Alimhn has 21 years of experience in Arabic calligraphy. He can design and write in any shape using Arabic calligraphy by hand.

Service Highlights

Alimhn offers a unique composition for your name written in Arabic calligraphy, and you can select any font type and shape, such as a circle, rectangle, pear, heart, and so on.

Check out Alimhn's service here

8. Arabic Calligraphy Painting by Barkat Ali


Barkat Ali (barkatbabajo) has been a concept artist and illustrator at a digital gaming company in Pakistan since 2010.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Simple font-based calligraphy.
  • Standard: Simple Arabic calligraphy painting.
  • Premium: Custom Arabic calligraphy painting with a complete background.

Check out Barkat Ali's service here

9. Professional Arabic Calligraphy by Mariarosie


Mariarosie is a graphic designer who appreciates the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. She offers a wide range of design services to clients all over the world.

Service Highlights

Mariarosie provides a one-of-a-kind, creative, and custom-designed Arabic calligraphy.

Check out Mariarosie's service here

10. Custom Arabic Calligraphy by Moncef


Moncef (monosdesign) is a graphic designer and web developer based in Morocco. He owns and operates a graphic design firm.

Service Highlights

Moncef can provide you with a unique Arabic calligraphy or logo that encapsulates the Arabic touch.

Check out Moncef's service here

Five Popular Arabic Calligraphy Scripts

This post will discuss the history of Arabic writing and other Arabic-based alphabets such as Persian, Hausa, Pashto, and Urdu.


Riq'a is the most widely used Arabic script in the modern era. It is characterized by short horizontal stems, a rounded shape, and a dense structure. The Arabic alphabet's first letter, Alif, is never written with barbed heads. Riq'a was the preferred script of the Ottoman calligraphers, who continued to refine it, resulting in its current popularity.


Naskh, like Kufi, was one of the first scripts used for Arabic calligraphy. It is one of the few scripts deemed suitable for use with the Quran. The Naskh script is easy to read and write. These characteristics have aided the script's spread, from calligraphers' rooms to the general public. Naskh is composed of short horizontal stems. The curves are deep, the letter spacing is adequate, and the vertical depth and height are almost equal.


Diwani was created in the late 15th century by Ibrahim Munif, a calligrapher of Persian and Turkish ancestry. Diwani's most distinguishing feature is its ornamental variety.


Taliq is usually referred to as Nastaliq. It is commonly used to write Persian and Urdu, both of which have orthographies based on the Arabic alphabet.


Kufi is a script with a lot of angles. Its square shape gives it a distinct appearance. It came into existence shortly after the establishment of Basrah and Kufat, two cities in the modern Middle East.

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