10 Best Audio Mixing and Mastering Services Online

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When people listen to music, the sound is the first thing they notice. A song with an unpleasant or awkward sound may dissuade listeners from continuing to listen to the song. Some listeners will skip from song to song if they believe the sound quality is poor. Others may never even listen to the song's lyrics. All they care about is the rhythmic sound. That is why some songs have terrible lyrics but are still popular. It's great to have great lyrics in a song, but they're flawed without an exceptional sound. This is why audio mixing and mastering are so important.

The first stage is recording, which is where musicians perform the music. When the music has been recorded, the file will be saved until it is time to mix the audio. To mix audio tracks, an analog mixing console or digital audio workstation is required. Mastering is the final stage of audio production and will require a mastering engineer. To achieve a “holistic” sound, the mastering engineer will make the final subtle adjustments to the mixes. Finally, the audio will be converted to a pre-master format and subjected to quality control.

If you're looking to polish your music after recording a demo, you should consider hiring an audio mixing and mastering professional. Almost all well-known musicians hire professionals to assist them with mastering their songs. Here is a list of online audio mixing and mastering professionals that we recommend.

1. Mix and Master Your Records (Grammy Nominated Engineer) by Beau Vallis


Beau Vallis (@beauvallis) is a singer-songwriter, record producer, and audio engineer from the United States. He is best known for his single “Love Stand Still” with Kelly Rowland. He's also a Grammy-nominated mixer for ‘Album of the Year' Pharrell: GIRL.

Service Highlights

Mix and master your track using the same pro gear and the same top quality he used for his big clients.

Check out Beau Vallis's service here

2. Mix and Master Your Song with Analog Gear by Roman


Roman (@erafoos) is a Universal Music full-time mixing and mastering engineer (Poland). He's been mixing music since 2007, and he's done a lot of it. He is capable of working with a wide range of musical genres, including Pop, Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, R & B, Folk, Reggae, and others.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 song. Up to 3 stems (tracks) 6 minutes max.
  • Standard: 1 song. Up to 15 stems (tracks) 6 minutes max.
  • Premium: 1 song. Up to 40 stems (tracks) 6 minutes max.

Check out Roman's service here

3. Mix and Master Your Song to Industry Standards by Ivan


Ivan (@blindsightmix) has been mixing and mastering for over 15 years and is extremely enthusiastic about it. Thousands of projects have given him invaluable experience and a quick workflow, and he can assist you with this crucial stage of audio production.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Professional mastering.
  • Standard: Mixing (up to 10 tracks/stems) + mastering.
  • Premium: Mixing (up to 50 tracks/stems) + mastering.

Check out Ivan's service here

4. Mix and Master Your Song by Shordeli


Shordeli is a mix engineer and producer who specializes in mastering and mixing. He has extensive real-world experience as an artist and in the industry, and he would be delighted to collaborate with you on your next project.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Digital Analog Mix and Master of up to 5 stems ex. beat, vocal, 3 bg vocal, etc.
  • Standard: Digital & Analog Mix and Master of up to 20 stems.
  • Premium: Digital & Analog Mix and Master of up to 50 stems.

Check out Shordeli's service here

5. Mix and Master Your Song by Justin


Justin (@jumeproductions) is a music producer and songwriter with a bachelor's degree. He's also a BMG-signed producer, one of the world's largest music publishers.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: High-quality mastering only. Get your final mixdown, loud, wide, deep, and crisp.
  • Standard: High-quality radio-ready mix and master. You can send this straight to record labels.
  • Premium: Ultra high-quality mix and master + unlimited revisions.

Check out Justin's service here

6. Mix & Master Your Audio & Song to the Industry Standard Quality by Shochi


Shochi Shams (@shochishams), aka Eshara works as a professional music producer and audio engineer on a full-time basis. He has years of experience producing music and will ensure that your songs have the best possible sound.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 10 Files/ Stems.
  • Standard: Up to 20 Files/ Stems.
  • Premium: Up to 30 Files/ Stems.

Check out Shochi's service here

7. Mix & Master Your Song (AES Gold Medal Winning Engineer) by Kyle


Kyle (@kholland65) has a bachelor's and master's degree in audio engineering and has worked on sessions and projects with Grammy-winning producers. He's also a two-time AES recording competition gold and bronze medalist.

Service Highlights

A song's mix can make or break it. Don't settle for a cheap mix with poor results. Kyle can take your song to the next level by mixing and mastering it professionally. He works with music of all genres.

Check out Kyle's service here

8. Mix and Master Your Song (German Audio Engineer) by Furkan


Furkan Gülüs (@kagenmusic) is a full-time mixing engineer at ‘Kagenstudios,' a Munich, Germany-based music studio. He earned a bachelor's degree in Sound and Music Production.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 4 Stems (Tracks). Digital Mixing with Effects, Vocal Processing, Basic Master.
  • Standard: Up to 15 Stems (Tracks) Digital & Analog Mixing, Full Effects, Vocal Processing, Full Master.
  • Premium: Up to 50 stems (Tracks). Extra time and care into your project. So it can reach its fullest potential.

Check out Furkan's service here

9. Mixing and Mastering Your Song by Charles


Charles “Dgunz” Alison (@melrhyinst) works for Universal Music Nigeria as a mixing and mastering engineer. He's been mixing music since 2007, and is capable of working with a wide range of musical genres. He is ready to mix and master your songs to industry standards.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Professional Mixing up to 4 stem files.
  • Standard: Professional Mixing and Mastering only up to 12 stem files.
  • Premium: Professional Mixing and Mastering only up to 24 stem files.

Check out Melrhyinst's service here

10. Mixing and Mastering for Your Audio by Anky


Anky (@anky09) is a sound engineer, music producer, and video editor with years of mixing and mastering experience.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Send your song for final mastering.
  • Standard: Mixing + Mastering (up to 8 stems).
  • Premium: Mixing + Mastering for more than 8 stems + Free vocal tuning.

Check out Anky's service here

Reasons To Hire a Professional Mixing and Mastering Expert

Sound Quality: Audio mastering dramatically helps in the enhancement of your song recording quality. Mastering is a critical step in the process of polishing the audio quality, as it leads to greater musical complexity.

Encourages People to Listen: A poor sound in your music may deter listeners. If the audio quality is superb, believe me when I say that the majority of people will want to listen to the entire song.

Tone and Frequency: The audio engineer can use effects and tools to adjust the frequency and tone of the entire track during mastering. The engineer will also correct issues with the track's balancing in order to have a fully refined end-product.

Transitions: Transitions are an essential component of any song: from the bridge to the chorus and everything in between, transitions make up a significant portion of the song – and mastering is what allows the song to have smooth transitions.

Whether you're a new or established artist, audio mixing and mastering can help you polish your song's sound quality. It enhances and elevates your track's sound.

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