12 Best Audio-Video Transcription Services

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The practice of creating transcripts from audio and video content has been around for a long time. Transcription is the method of converting an audio or video file into text. It entails listening to every spoken word and writing down the word exactly as it is spoken in a document. It is a vital process for making audio or video content easier to understand for a large portion of modern society.

Transcription, on the other hand, has a much broader and more critical purpose than simply decoding your favorite podcasts or videos. In addition to creating a written record of a video or audio presentation, transcription also helps to clean up and clarify what is said. Some people may have hearing impairments or cognitive disabilities that require information to be written down in order for them to absorb it. That's how valuable transcription is.

Many video creators and audio speakers now use transcription software to transcribe their content. This is good progress and better in terms of converting speed. However, not all speakers have the same accents, so a machine-generated transcript will never be completely accurate (at least for now). Therefore, it's preferable to hire human transcribers or transcriptionists who listen minute by minute as they type to ensure a sensible and accurate transcript. Please see the list of transcription services below.

1. Quality Transcripts for Any English Audio or Video by Prexie


Prexie (@transexpert) has been providing transcription services since 2011. She regards a client's trust as highly valuable. She serves because she wants to help and be a part of her clients' successes.

Service Highlights

Prexie will transcribe up to 10 minutes of clear audio from up to four speakers. Each transcript will be formatted correctly. Grammar and punctuation rules are strictly enforced.

Check out Prexie's service here

2. Audio or Video Files Transcription by Madeleine


Madeleine (@madeleine01) is from the Midwest of the United States and enjoys proofreading, editing, and transcription. She has been providing these services as a freelancer since 2012.

Service Highlights

Madeleine will provide you with a high-quality transcript. She does not rely on inaccurate auto-transcripts and will transcribe from scratch. She has nearly a decade of experience transcribing interviews, conference calls, marketing videos, webinars, podcasts, dictations for books, and other types of recordings.

Check out Madeleine's service here

3. Accurate Audio or Video File Transcription by Martha


Martha's (@adnanjilani90) ten years of transcription experience has helped her develop exceptional listening and research skills, which show high accuracy and well-organized text in her work.

Service Highlights

Martha will transcribe up to 10 minutes of audio/video with no more than 5 speakers. She is a native English speaker with a firm grasp of multiple accents, and she looks forward to providing you with high-quality, accurate transcripts.

Check out Martha's service here

4. Proper Audio and Video Transcription by Alys


Alys (@alysmcdonough) is an Australian professional transcriber who has been providing transcription service since 2014.

Service Highlights

The package rates listed here are only for clear, easy-to-understand audio — with a maximum of two speakers.

  • Basic: Transcribe up to 8 min of audio/video.
  • Standard: Transcribe up to 16 min of audio/video.
  • Premium: Transcribe up to 50 min of audio/video.

Check out Alys' service here

5. Transcribe Any of Your Audio or Video by Ian


Ian (@ianffadriquela) earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of the Philippines, the country's top university. He enjoys writing, transcription, and design.

Service Highlights

Ian offers transcription services for $5 for up to 15 minutes of audio or video.

His relevant experience includes transcribing technology and product reviews, medical interviews, education and business seminars, the stock market, sales, and marketing.

Check out Ian's service here

6. Quality Audio and Video Transcription by Shaine


Shaine (@taffelet) is a full-time freelancer with many years of experience in business development, data entry, meeting and presentation transcription, and other areas. She always maintains a high standard in the quality of her work.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Transcribe, proofread and format up to 5 minutes of clear audio or video in 1 day.
  • Standard: Transcribe, proofread and format up to 30 minutes of clear audio/video in 3 days.
  • Premium: Transcribe, proofread and format up to 60 minutes of clear audio/video in 5 days.

Check out Shaine's service here

7. Quality Transcription for Audio, Video Files and Podcasts by Duran


Duran (@duranwilliams) works as a professional transcriber. He is a diligent worker who enjoys assisting clients in completing their tasks on time.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Fast transcription 30 minutes or less done to your liking.
  • Standard: Transcription over 31 minutes up to 1 hour.
  • Premium: Transcription for over 1 hour and 1 minute to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Check out Duran's service here

8. Accurately Transcribe Audio and Video Transcription by Tahnee


Tahnee (@tahnee_chung) has over ten years of sales, marketing, and customer service experience. She has an excellent command of the English language. She is most passionate about two things: reading and designing.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Transcribe clear audio or video files, such as interviews or YouTube videos.
  • Standard: Transcribe clear audio or video files: interviews, YouTube videos, Podcasts.
  • Premium: Transcribe long audio or video files ranging from 61 to 120 minutes.

Check out Tahnee's service here

9. Video or Audio Transcription Services by Kenny


Kenny (@mondegreen) provides a professional and accurate transcription service to meet your needs. He's a versatile worker who can cover a wide range of topics and formats.

Service Highlights

Kenny provides a reliable and high-quality transcription service for audio and video files such as:

  • Interviews.
  • Lectures.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Webinars and Podcasts.
  • Adverts, sales, or training videos.

Check out Kenny's service here

10. Audio and Do Video Transcription by Trans_Queen


Transcribing is Trans_Queen's main business. This is what she has been doing for a living on various platforms for the past 8 years. She is fully prepared to complete each task accurately and on time.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: High-quality transcription of 15 minutes of audio or video in less than 24 hours.
  • Standard: 50-minute transcription with professional formatting and speaker identification.
  • Premium: A 70-minute transcription of exceptional quality. Speaker identification and professional formatting.

Check out Trans_Queen's service here

11. Audio & Video Transcription Services by Evanego


Evanego Transcription (@evanego) is your go-to provider of transcription services. With hundreds of happy customers and thousands of audio or video hours transcribed by their professional team of transcribers.

Service Highlights

Evanego offers high-quality transcription for all types of recordings, such as interviews, speeches, discussions, podcasts, videos, focus groups, meetings, sermons, webinars, and more. Their prices are fixed for good audio/video files, regardless of the number of speakers or the subject or accent.

Check out Evanego's service here

12. Interview Transcription from Audios or Videos by Ibn e Shah


Ibn e Shah (@ibneshah12) is a graduate student who specializes in audio and video transcription. He is a full-time freelancer with over two years of experience. He is also flexible with his rates and can work within the time frame provided by the client.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 30 min audio or video transcription.
  • Standard: 70 min audio or video transcription.
  • Premium: 100 min audio or video transcription.

Check out Ibn e Shah's service here

Audio and Video Transcription Advantages

There are numerous benefits to having your video or audio content transcribed, including:

Retains Every Detail

When you convert voice from an audio/video to text, you get the benefit of having all of the original information right at your fingertips. Every bit of conservation or key interview statement will always have the full context in the text-based transcript.

Improved Comprehension

Viewers whose first language is not English will benefit greatly from transcriptions because they will be able to read along as they listen. They can go over the content again later to make sure they understand it and haven't missed anything important.

Ideal for Noise-sensitive Environments

Viewers can enjoy videos on mute in quiet environments such as a library, office, or train with transcription. When a person is on a noisy train or a crowded street, captions will relay the speech when the sound is muffled.

Translation Becomes Easier

Transcribing is always the first step in the translation process. You can use the same transcription document to create as many different foreign language versions as you need once you have the time codes in place for subtitles. It will assist you in reaching a larger audience all over the world.

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