10 Best Background Removal Services

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Taking pictures is a great way to keep memories alive. Pictures can also be used for decorative purposes and showcase beauty. However, certain factors such as dust, water droplets, harsh lighting, and various other factors can detract from the beauty of a photograph. It's even worse if such flaws divert the viewer's attention away from the picture. This is where the significance of background removal becomes apparent.

Background removal is the process of removing the background from a photograph. It could be extraneous details surrounding your image that you want to change. If you have a favorite photo in your collection and want to remove the background and replace it with a different environment, you can use the background removal technique to do so.

Background removal removes any dust, dirt, marks, or other flaws from the background. This provides you with a blank canvas that you can easily manipulate and use for a variety of purposes, such as product images, catalogs, advertisements, and so on. It is recommended to outsource this task to experts in the field to ensure that every image is professionally edited. Not only does it save time, but it also produces better results than expected. Please take a look at the services listed below.

1. Background Removal and Photo Editing by Salvatore


Salvatore (@salvatorejcs) has excellent Photoshop editing skills and over 15 years of hands-on experience in the field.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: One basic photo editing or background removal (transparent) + 5 revisions + 24 hrs Delivery + Average support.
  • Standard: One advanced photo editing + Unlimited revisions + 24 hrs delivery + PSD file + Priority support.
  • Premium: One super advanced photo editing + Unlimited revisions + 24 hrs delivery + PSD file + VIP support + High resolution + Commercial use.

Check out Salvatore's service here

2. Remove or Change Any Background Professionally by Dimuthun


Dimuthun (@dimuthun) works as a full-time photo editor and has 14 years of Photoshop experience.

Service Highlights

  • Transparent background / Background removal.
  • Background modification.
  • Photo merging.
  • Object removal/addition
  • Product retouching.

Check out Dimuthun's service here

3. Bulk Photo Editing & Background Removal Using Photoshop by Zaiyan


Zaiyan (@zaiyan_khan) is an experienced graphic designer who enjoys working with individuals and businesses on projects of varying complexity.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 20 images background removal.
  • Standard: 100+ images (single person or product images).
  • Premium: 400+ images (single person or product images).

Check out Zaiyan's service here

4. Professional Photo Editing and Background Removal by Aldodel


Aldodel (@aldodel) has 15 years of experience as a graphic designer. He is a Photoshop expert who can create materials for websites, advertising, animations, poster design, and other projects.

Service Highlights

  • Product retouching, background removal, color change, and so on.
  • Skin retouching, rejuvenation, color change, wrinkle removal, body slimming, white teeth, face swap, and so on.
  • Real estate: Image enhancement, color adjustment, brightness, adding and removing objects.

Check out Aldodel's service here

5. Background Removal and Product Photo Enhancement by Alex


Alex (@alextes) is a professional photographer, photo editor, and graphic designer with extensive experience and expertise in the fields of photography, commercial images, retouching, and design.

Service Highlights

  • Simple: 1 image background removal + simple enhancement.
  • Standard: 1 complex image background removal + minor enhancement.
  • Premium: 1 extremely complicated image background removal + enhancement.

Check out Alex's service here

6. Background Removal with Transparency by Amena


Amena (@amena_photo) has six years of experience in high-quality photo editing. She has completed many projects for clients all over the world.

Service Highlights

  • Simple: 20 images.
  • Standard: 100 images.
  • Premium: 200 images.

Check out Amena's service here

7. Bulk Photo Background Removal & Photoshop Editing by Mahedi


Mahedi (@picbuzz) is a computer science graduate who also works as a graphic designer and digital marketer. He has seven years of experience in the image editing service.

Service Highlights

Mahedi and his team will remove the background from your photos and replace them with a white or transparent PNG background.

  • Simple: 10 images.
  • Standard: 50 images.
  • Premium: 100 images.

Check out Mahedi's service here

8. Professionally Remove Background of 1 Image by Sachin81


Sachin81 (@sachin81) has a B.A. in Graphics Design and has worked in the industry for over 12 years. For seven years, he was a senior designer at a well-known Sri Lankan agency. His expertise and creativity were greatly expanded as a result of the experience.

Service Highlights

Sachin81 will professionally remove the background of 1 photo using Photoshop and make it transparent, change the color, or add a new background of your choice.

Check out Sachin81's service here

9. Add or Remove People, Objects, Background Using Photoshop by Nihal


Nihal (@nyretouch) is a photo editor with a lot of experience. She spent nearly 20 years working as a drum scanner operator in a newspaper firm and is now available to assist you with your photo editing needs.

Service Highlights

Nihal can help you remove objects, people, animals, and anything else from your image. She has the ability to remove and replace the background, as well as add new elements to the photograph.

Check out Nihal's service here

10. Add or Remove Background or Objects by Craig


Craig (@craigthomas83) is a British photographer and videographer who is represented by Bridgeman Images in the United States. He has worked with high-end firms and clientele for over 15 years and has a broad spectrum of expertise shooting overseas.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Cut out people or objects from an image and place them on a background image.
  • Standard: Cut out multiple images onto a background.
  • Premium: Remove someone/something from an image and rebuild the background.

Check out Craig's service here

The Importance of Background Removal in Photography

Here are a few reasons why background removal is so useful in photography.

Removal of unnecessary elements.

It doesn't matter how skilled a photographer is; mistakes are bound to occur without his or her knowledge. These flaws usually become apparent during the post-processing stage, where imperfections are much more visible. Unnecessary elements may appear in the image and may cause a distraction, necessitating their removal.

Effects can be added with ease.

Adding common effects, such as shadows and reflections, necessitates what is called a “blank canvas”. There will be a plethora of options for improving a photograph. And these enhancements are easier to implement if the apparent flaws in the background have already been removed.

Perfect for e-Commerce.

Nowadays, photos mean a lot to everyone. People are now accustomed to doing their shopping online, where product photos are the only way to inspect items. The majority of e-commerce platforms require photos to be free of any background, or to have a neutral or transparent background.

The background can be swapped.

An unwanted item or object may have accidentally entered the frame. This may not correspond to the image's theme or the desired visual. As a result, background removal becomes critical.

Add elements to the photo.

It is sometimes necessary to include an interesting element in the photograph. This may make a significant difference in the visual and can be accomplished using the background removal technique. It enables you to add additional features, giving the images the desired visual.

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