9 Best Book Cover Animation Services

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With so many books to choose from, the cover serves as the first “sales pitch.” If it is not visually appealing, it will most likely be ignored in favor of something more interesting. Indie publishers gradually realize the importance of a great book cover. However, because many self-publishing authors start on a shoestring budget, homemade, do-it-yourself book covers continue to be popular. Although there are many different types of book covers, you may need to use a gimmicky technique to catch readers' attention. You want your cover to stand out, which is why you should consider using an animated book cover.

Animated book covers have become increasingly popular over the years. With the advent of platforms like The Nook and Kindle, an increasing number of people are opting for electronic versions of their favorite books and novels. In contrast to plain paper book covers, which appear to be very basic, animated book covers can capture people's attention more effectively. They can also generate more social media engagement with the potential to go viral when compared to traditional book covers. Animated book covers are made with GIFs, which is why there is beautiful motion in them. Therefore, if you'd like to have an animated book cover designed for you, please see the list below:

1. Animated Book Cover by A.J. Flowers


A.J. Flowers (@ajflowers) lives in Detroit and works as a fantasy author, book blogger, and automotive engineer. She is passionate about her writing, her work, and, most importantly, her faith and family. When she's not writing or designing, you can find her playing video games and saving the world from annihilation.

Service Highlights

Users on Facebook and Instagram are more likely to respond to moving images, so make sure your book cover has an appealing animation to draw them in.

AJ will create an animated book cover or teaser for you. You only need to give her one image to get her started on animating it.

Check out A.J. Flowers' service here

2. Animated Book Cover with Showstopping Effects by Authorkf


Authorkf is a freelancer from the United States who has been offering her services on Fiverr since 2015. She specializes in what she loves to do the most: animating book covers.

Service Highlights

She can animate your already completed book cover or artwork by adding simple yet dazzling effects. All you need to do is to submit a high-resolution copy of your book cover and any ideas you have for animation (don't worry, she can come up with something great if you don't have any).

Check out Authorkf's service here

3. Motion Graphics for Book Covers or Artwork by Ferdinand


Ferdinand Lima (@ferdinandlima10) has a Graphic Design degree and four years of experience in the field. He excels in animation, video editing, art direction, social media, photography, and a variety of other disciplines.

Service Highlights

Ferdinand will create motion graphics for book covers, event flyers or music artwork with amazing effects and transitions.

Check out Ferdinand's service here

4. Animate Your Image into an Amazing GIF by Motion Man


Motion Man (@motion_man) has over four years of experience in the fields of animation, motion graphics, and video editing, and he considers himself an expert in those areas.

Service Highlights

Motion Man will animate your images or artwork into an amazing GIF or video. Images can be vector art, static book covers, logos, or photos.

Check out Motion Man's service here

5. Animated Fiction Book Cover by Embers25


Embers25 has more than nine years of writing experience, and her services are primarily focused on writing and books, with prices designed to assist those who are just getting started.

Service Highlights

Embers25 will animate your fiction book cover. She only needs a static book cover to begin manipulating areas of the cover (such as adding flowing motions to the water or sky) and adding cool overlaying effects like weather, fire, and more.

Check out Embers25's service here

6. Animate Your Book Cover or Banner by Aurora


Aurora (@aurora17_) is a skilled freelance graphic designer who specializes in logos, vector art, and book cover design.

Service Highlights

Aurora will animate your book cover by adding objects, sound, and filters. It is possible to create text with a motion effect, but you must submit a version of the book cover without any title or text.

Check out Aurora's service here

7. Transform Your Image or Art into a Beautiful GIF or Video by Nour


Nour (@seoladies) is a freelance editor and a talented animator based in Rabat, Morocco. She has almost a decade of experience editing and animating video commercials for national television and some of Morocco's most well-known companies, including Veolia, AWF, BMCE bank, and Carreem.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 to 2 layers of animation – No effects.
  • Standard: 3 to 4 layers of animation – 1 to 2 effects.
  • Premium: 5 to 6 layers of animation – Full effects.

Check out Nour's service here

8. Animated Book Cover to Promote Sales by C.L. Enuton


C.L. Enuton (@gooberella) is the creator of the Fur Angel Series. A fiction fantasy dog book series.

Service Highlights

Use an animated GIF or video to bring your book cover to life. Allow your book cover to speak for itself and sell itself. Your character may be able to tell you about your book and where you can purchase it. It's a unique and fun way to promote your book.

Check out C.L. Enuton's service here

9. Animated Book Cover for Book Marketing by Marketing Maven


Marketing Maven (@marketingmavenm) is an online freelancer who specializes in graphic design and book formatting.

Service Highlights

Marketing Maven will turn your static book cover into a stunning animated book cover.

Check out Marketingmavenm's service here

The Benefits of Using an Animated Book Cover

GIF animations enable you to add sparkles and other special effects to the covers of your ebooks. You can also use them to attract people's attention through marketing. Now that you're familiar with what an animated book cover is and how it works, let's discuss why you should incorporate it into your work.

A Powerful Marketing Tool

The cover of a paper or ebook is the most effective marketing tool available. The majority of people, particularly impulse buyers, are more likely to purchase books with stunning and attractive book covers. Some people are unconcerned with the content of a book. They'd choose solely on the basis of the cover design, if it's appealing.

Animated book covers are eye-catching and can draw people's attention effectively. Moreover, it can also help you in increasing the sales of your book. Unlike a static ebook cover, it can influence buyers' decisions about whether or not to purchase your book.

Helps You Stand Out

Thousands, if not millions of authors are looking for ways to increase the popularity of their ebooks today. The competition is fierce, and you'll need something distinctive to help you stand out. This is where animated book covers become useful.

A book cover that is animated can help you stand out. You can attract people's attention with moving GIFs on the cover. While the majority of authors use static graphics for their book covers, using an animated cover helps differentiate your book.

Less Expensive

While animated book covers are slightly more expensive than standard book covers, they offer the best return on investment. Additionally, they are less expensive than book trailers. Therefore, if you're looking for a cost-effective way to market your book, it's best to consider animated book covers.

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