9 Best Book Layout and Design Services

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A large percentage of writers understand the importance of a good cover when self-publishing a book. It draws a potential reader's attention and informs them about what to expect from your story in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Unfortunately, the interior of the book does not always receive the same level of thought or attention.

The process of creating the interior of a book, known as “typesetting,” is the art of book layout design. It includes all of the decisions that affect how readers interact with your printed book's content, such as fonts, spacing, chapter heading styling, margins, and so on. A book layout designer will handle all of these details for you and create a print format that meets readers' expectations in your genre.

The interior design of a book can make or break a reader's enjoyment of it, whether it is read on paper or an e-reader. Book layouts are one-of-a-kind and never one-size-fits-all. Furthermore, the design must be tailored to the style and genre of the book. Therefore, if you need a competent book layout designer, please see the list below.

1. Format & Layout Your Book to Print-Ready by Eswari


Eswari (@eswarikamireddy) is an expert at formatting books, e-books, and manuscripts for platforms like CreateSpace and Kindle. She can also edit images and design books using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Service Highlights

Eswari will design a book layout and organize the images within it for you. She can also design a cover based on your idea or assist you in coming up with one if you don't have one.

Check out Eswari's service here

2. Amazing Book Layout & Formatting + Bonus by Bilal


Bilal (@creative_bilal) is a highly skilled graphic designer. He is ecstatic about his job and will do everything he can to complete it.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 10 pages book design + Creative layout + Front & Back cover design + Formatting.
  • Standard: 25 pages book design + Amazing layout + Front & Back cover design + Formatting.
  • Premium: 50 pages book design + Best complex layout + Front & Back cover design + Formatting.

Check out Bilal's service here

3. Layout Your Children Books & Textbooks in Amazon KDP & IngramSpark by Zela


Zela (@zelaluyolilelu) is an illustrator and graphic designer. She enjoys watercolor painting and creating digital hand-drawn illustrations. She enjoys her work and strives to produce high-quality pieces.

Service Highlights

Zela will design and layout your book in a ready-to-print PDF file (ex: Amazon KDP requirements). She can send the initial layout of the interior pages within 1-2 days.

Check out Zela's service here

4. Typeset, Layout, Format Interior Your Book or Novel for Print Publish by Radwan


Radwan (@tigaboys) has worked as a layout designer since 2008 and is a proficient user of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Service Highlights

Tigaboys will do typesetting and book layout formatting for CreateSpace, IngramSpark, blurb, etc. Available packages are as follow:

  • Basic: Up to ~35,000 words.
  • Standard: 40,000 to ~60,000 words.
  • Premium: 65,000 to ~110,000 words.

Check out Radwan's service here

5. Journal, Book, Planner or Magazine Layout Design by Catanna


Catanna is the owner and operator of a creative studio specializing in Prepress, print, and web design in Zagreb, Croatia. Her main passions are graphic design, illustration, and photography.

Service Highlights

Catanna will create an eye-catching layout for your book, journal, planner, or magazine. She will select a suitable font, column width, margin width, and the ideal amount of space between sentences and paragraphs.

Check out Catanna's service here

6. Layout Design, Interior Formatting by Anna


A graphic and book designer based in Russia, Anna (@annazubritskaya) is a talented individual with exceptional creative ideas and more than 15 years of experience.

Service Highlights

Anna will create the layout and format of your book (e.g., Headers, Footers, Table of Content, and titles of Chapters). She has a great selection of fonts that your readers will adore.

Check out Anna's service here

7. Typeset, Format, Layout & Design Your Book with InDesign by Deepak


Deepak (@weformat) is a skilled and knowledgeable book designer who has worked on book and eBook layouts and formatting for several years.

Service Highlights

Deepak will use InDesign to format and layout books for Amazon paperbacks, hardbacks, and Kindle eBooks.

Check out Deepak's service here

8. Flawlessly Format, Typeset & Layout Your Book or Journals by Samia


Samia (@samasif) is a book layout specialist who works as a graphic designer. She has the ability to turn your work into beautifully formatted books. She can also make you beautifully designed journals.

Service Highlights

Samia will design your book layout in a professional manner that is appropriate for the genre or category it is intended for. She uses advanced software, such as Adobe InDesign, to do the formatting.

Check out Samia's service here

9. Layout Your Book Ready for KDP Or IngramSpark by Honeypino


Honeypino is a talented designer who can help you create a professional book layout design that is both attractive and easy to read.

Service Highlights

Honeypino will use Adobe InDesign to design the interior of your book and then send you a print-ready PDF. You can suggest a design or, if you're unsure, she can take care of it for you and surprise you with her expertise.

Check out Honeypino's service here

Guide to Book Layout

You must be familiar with several book layouts and design rules regardless of the type of book you intend to self-publish. Your book will appear cluttered and disorganized if you do not include these. As a result, before planning the layout and design of your book, you must first consider these critical factors.

The Blank Space: Book’s margins are the blank or white space that surrounds the body of text on each page. Each page has a top margin, a bottom margin, an inner margin, and an outer margin. Margin usage is an important aspect of book layout and design. You can create a visually appealing page if you understand how to use your margins properly.

The Margins: Because the number of pages heavily influences printing costs, some authors try to reduce the number of printed pages by reducing margins and line spacing. As a result, the layout becomes clogged and the reading experience becomes rather unpleasant. A perfectly balanced page layout will include an adequate amount of white space to counterbalance the book's text and images.

The Line Width: Line width is another factor to consider when positioning text. You may have noticed that some books have text blocks divided into two or more columns rather than a single block of text. The width (line width) of each text block should be large enough for the reader to keep track of the words they read.

The Typography: There are numerous fonts to choose from. However, the best type of font is one that is both readable and visually appealing. The typography you select is determined by the kind of book you intend to create. It is not necessary to use the same font throughout your book. This means that a single typeface must be used consistently across all chapters of the book. Titles, heads, feet, break-out boxes, and sidebars, on the other hand, may all be in a different font.

The Images: All photographs, illustrations, and images in your book must contribute to the overall appearance of the book. This means that they must be properly incorporated into the book's layout in order for the pages to appear appealing and well-designed. Again, striking a balance between all of the elements of the book is critical. As a result, your book's visuals must strike a balance between typography, text placement, and other page elements.

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