10 Best Book Trailer Designers

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Numerous promotional methods exist in book marketing. Social media, media interviews, book signings, book tours, press releases, and speaking engagements are all part of the process. These are straightforward tactics that rely on the communication skills possessed by the majority of writers. A book trailer is a different breed of animal. It requires a range of abilities and resources, namely compressing the story to its most enticing aspects.

If you're unfamiliar with the term “book trailers”, they're brief videos akin to movie trailers that are designed to stimulate viewers' attention. These short multi-media productions, typically lasting less than two minutes and frequently as little as thirty seconds, have the ability to provide potential readers with significantly more information by combining images, graphics, written words, spoken words, and even music to establish the tone and describe the content of a book.

Books remain one of the most actively sought-after and frequently purchased goods on the internet. As a result, there are millions of people searching the internet for information regarding books. How do you differentiate yourself from the crowd? How do you ensure that your message is visible to potential readers in all of the places they expect to find it?

A book trailer enables you to exert control over and effectively express your message. A well-crafted film preview generates excitement and persuades people to purchase a ticket. Similarly, a professionally-produced book trailer will assist you in engaging your audience and increasing interest in your book. The following is a list of online book trailer designers:

1. HD Book Trailer by Ravinder


Ravinder is an experienced designer and editor with a focus on video editing. He enjoys reading in his spare time, especially mysteries, mystical, paranormal, and crime novels.

Service Highlights

Ravinder18 will produce a one-of-a-kind and high-quality book trailer that will undoubtedly have a positive impact.

Check out Ravinder's service here

2. Amazing Book Trailer by Xpressvideos


Xpressvideos is a professional designer, video editor, and producer. The provider has created videos for a variety of books and for a number of writers who have already achieved Amazon's bestseller status.

Service Highlights

Xpressvideos will create an incredible video trailer for your book that is appropriate for social media marketing.

Check out Xpressvideos's service here

3. Stylish Book Trailer for Your Novel by Rach


Rach (@rachelbostwick) has over 20 years of experience with Photoshop and has been creating online book trailers for several years.

Service Highlights

Rach can produce an eye-catching, professional trailer to pique readers' interest in your book. She will assist you in creating a work of art that you can share with the world.

Check out Rach's service here

4. Cinematic Book Trailer Promo Teaser Video by Redxdesigner


Redxdesigner is a graphic designer and engineer who enjoys gaming and creating YouTube videos.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Text only teaser version in 1080p resolution. 30 seconds running time.
  • Standard: 1080p resolution with 5 revisions and logo in the end. 40 seconds running time.
  • Premium: 1080p resolution, high-end video clips with unlimited revisions. 60 seconds running time.

Check out Redxdesigner's service here

5. Book Trailer Creation by Globalvideos


Globalvideos is a professional team of video producers, editors, and graphic designers based in Greece. They collaborate with talented voice-over artists to handle your video projects.

Service Highlights

Globalvideos will develop a fantastic book trailer that will draw attention to your novel.

Check out Globalvideos's service here

6. Epic Book Trailer Promo by Shaquinox


Shaquinox is an experienced Indonesian freelance video editor who has been crafting book trailers since 2016.

Service Highlights

You will receive a standard book trailer with 5 sentences, plus cover title text and a one-time free revision.

Check out Shaquinox's service here

7. Science Fiction Book Trailer by Videofx01


Videofx01 is a freelance graphic artist who strives to deliver high-quality work on schedule.

Service Highlights

Videofx01 will create an outstanding 1080p Sci-fi book trailer with your own content and cover.

Check out Videofx01's service here

8. Unique and Eye Catching Book Promotion Video by Bookcover765


Bookcover765 is a group of highly skilled promotional and explainer video makers. Their objective is to create effective promotional videos, commercials, and explainer videos that garner attention and generate interest.

Service Highlights

Bookcover765 will produce an eye-catching book trailer based on the dimensions of your book cover. This implies that the cover of your book will not be stretched.

Check out Bookcover765's service here

9. Book Trailer Video by Bogman


Bogman is enthusiastic about assisting others, and computers serve as the conduit through which he connects with their hearts.

Service Highlights

Bogman can captivate your audience with a 32-90 second outstanding book trailer clip. The book trailer begins with a brief introduction, followed by your finest 5-star reviews, and concludes with the viewer scanning two pages of the book.

Check out Bogman's service here

10. Unique 3D Book Promo or Trailer Video by Farzena1


Farzena1 is a creative individual who is fascinated by video editing. She can provide a variety of video editing services at a reasonable cost. She also has experience in color grading and audio cleanup.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Standard book promotion in 720px
  • Standard: 1080px Full HD 30 seconds video, custom background, font color and express delivery.
  • Premium: Book trailer with unlimited revisions. Comes with 3 different styles and 3D mock-up.

Check out Farzena1's service here

How a Book Trailer Can Assist in the Sale of Your Book

Advertising that incorporates video has a greater attraction. The majority of shoppers believe videos to be beneficial when making shopping decisions, and some claim that visuals are the most influencing aspect in their selections. Thus, an enticing book trailer will enable you to interact with more of your followers and persuade them to click through and make a purchase.

You'll gain access to audiences you wouldn't have otherwise. Today, a large portion of the purchasing process occurs online. Book trailers are easily shareable on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, potentially exposing your book to an unlimited audience. You can use your Goodreads author page to showcase your book trailer and generate buzz. Plus, you can send a link to your video to your email list as a new approach to communicate with your readers.

Potential customers will be captivated. The choice to buy a book is made in a matter of seconds. A brief, memorable book trailer with an interesting teaser can captivate potential purchasers and pique their interest in your book.

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