15 Best Cartoonist Services

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Cartoons, by simple definition, are simple sketches or drawings with exaggerated features that are usually published as satirical or humorous content in newspapers, magazines, or periodicals. The majority of cartoons convey their messages using a combination of words and drawings, while others use only drawings. A cartoonist is a type of artist who specializes in drawing cartoons.

A freelance cartoonist, on the other hand, typically provides a broader range of services. They are frequently hired to illustrate stories, ideas, and information and simplify specific instructions. You're probably looking for a new avatar, an attractive logo, a cartoon version of yourself, or you just want to tell funny stories with adorable cartoon characters. Hiring a talented artist can assist you with this. The following is a list of some of the most highly rated freelance cartoonists who are available for hire online.

1. Cartoon Portrait Drawing by Deni Kasapovic


Deni Kasapovic (@denikasapovic) is a portrait artist who is passionate about drawing and has been drawing cartoon portraits since 2014. He also sings lead for the Croatian band ‘One Possible Option.'

Service Highlights

Head illustration in black and white (900×900 resolution). You can also choose to add color, head & shoulders, etc., for some extra fees.

Check out Deni's service here

2. Avatar Bighead Cartoon Caricature in 24 Hours by Ramli


Ramli (@ramlirahmansyah) is a freelance cartoonist whose primary service is the creation of cartoon faces or vector art.

Service Highlights

Ramli will draw cool bighead cartoon portraits and avatars based on your photo.

Check out Ramli's service here

3. Cartoon Chibi Version of You or Anything by Tessa Creative Art


Tessa Creative Art (@tessacreative) is a group of creative artists based in Canada who have been drawing, illustrating, and designing for more than 15 years.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Simple DOT eye character.
  • Standard: Big eyes, features and details.
  • Premium: Big eyes, features and details, including license.

Check out Tessa Creative Art's service here

4. Super Detailed Cartoon Album Cover Art by Shaheen


Shaheen (@shaheengraphic) is part of a group of professional graphic designers who specialize in music-related artwork, such as mixtape covers and album covers.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Half-body artwork.
  • Standard: Full body artwork.
  • Premium: Custom artwork.

Check out Shaheen's service here

5. Your Photo Cartoon by Azumaken


Azumaken is a vector artist with more than five years of experience who primarily draws cartoon vectors.

Service Highlights

Azumaken will draw a headshot of 1 person (full color) cartoon in an A4-sized PNG or JPG.

Check out Azumaken's service here

6. Beautiful Portrait (Disney Cartoon Style) by Eryanto


Eryanto (@eryonta) is a talented Indonesian illustrator, comic artist, and character designer who specializes in children's books.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 Person.
  • Standard: 2 Persons.
  • Premium: 3 Persons.

Check out Eryanto's service here

7. A Terrific Cartoon for Your Blog, Site, eBook by Gadtoons


Gadtoons is an artist from Argentina who has been drawing cartoons, illustrations, comics, and more for more than eight years.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Upper body character.
  • Standard: Full body character.
  • Premium: 2 full-body characters.

Check out Gadtoons's service here

8. Custom Cartoon Clipart in a Comic Art Style by Ash


Ash Jackson (@ashtmjakcson) is a New England-based artist who draws caricatures for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, and other special events.

Service Highlights

Ash will use his talent to create a custom comic-style drawing or clipart of whatever you want.

Check out Ash Jackson's service here

9. Hand-Draw or Illustrate a Cartoon for You by Oleg


Oleg (@legkravets) enjoys making beautiful things. His sources of inspiration are music and visual aesthetics.

Service Highlights

Oleg will illustrate anything you want with his hand-drawn style cartoons. And he's really good at drawing cartoons in a minimalistic style.

Check out Oleg's service here

10. Custom Cartoon and Mascot Character by Bruxstudio


Bruxstudio provides professional illustration and graphic design services to clients worldwide. Cartoon illustration, logo design, mascot design, and t-shirt design are some of the services offered.

Service Highlights

Bruxstudio will create high-quality custom cartoon and mascot characters for your brand, business, video games, and other projects you may have in plan.

Check out Bruxstudio's service here

11. Draw Any Object as a Cartoon or Cartoon Character by Alyssa


Alyssa (@alyssaerin) is a talented cartoonist and illustrator from Michigan, United States. She has a YouTube channel where she showcases her art, illustration, and animation skills on a weekly basis.

Service Highlights

Alyssa can turn any item or product into a cute and cheerful character. Her cartoons will be unique, high-quality, and suitable for a variety of uses, including greeting cards, website mascots, school graphics, product designs, online marketing, and so much more.

Check out Alyssa's service here

12. Draw a Cartoon Animal for You by Santiago


Santiago (@santiagobg) is an aspiring Mexican cartoonist who enjoys drawing animal characters.

Service Highlights

Santiago will draw your favorite animal in any pose, situation, or idea you have in mind.

Check out Santiago's service here

13. Cute Cartoon Illustration by Azante


Azante is a brilliant Latvian illustrator who can draw a variety of illustrations and character designs for enjoyment or commercial purposes.

Service Highlights

Azante will create an eye-catching cartoon illustration in any style you want.

Check out Azante's service here

14. Draw Cartoon Caricature Headshot Avatar from Photo by Hansvexel


Hansvexel is a vector artist and cartoonist who has been freelancing online since 2017.

Service Highlights

Hansvexel can create vector art and cartoons based on your photos.

Check out Hansvexel's service here

15. Professional Cartoon Caricature from Photo by Gregory


Gregory (@gregoryvanoy) has been a professional caricature artist for over 15 years, and his service includes hand-drawn digital caricatures and cartoon portraits.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Draw one head, neck, and shoulder lines in color.
  • Standard: Draw one head and the full body or waist up in color (single color background).
  • Premium: Draw one person in color with a full head and body (you can choose the background theme).

Check out Gregory's service here

How to Commission a Cartoon Artist Online

Hiring a freelance cartoonist to draw a picture for you can be a daunting task, even more so if this is your first time. You want to ensure that the individual you hire is a highly capable professional. If the drawing is for a critical project that cannot afford any mistakes, you should hire only experienced artists. A professional artist would provide you with an exceptional service that is tailored to your specifications.

Common Services That a Freelance Cartoonist Provide

A freelance cartoonist's services vary according to the client's requirements. However, some of the services they provide include the following:

  •   Character mascots or logos.
  •   Art concept for mobile games, apps, animation, and videos.
  •   Storyboarding art.
  •   Editorial cartooning or political caricatures.
  •   Advertising illustrations.

Process of Commissioning a Cartoonist

If you're considering hiring cartoonists, there are a few factors to consider. A cartoonist would need to understand a few details about the project for which they have been hired. These include the following:

Brief Description of the Concept

A cartoonist's first concern is with the concept. In other words, they'd like to learn about your vision and goals. Knowing this enables them to better understand your needs and how to proceed with the project. Your insights into your vision will act as a guide for the cartoonist. This will assist the freelance artist in bringing your concept to life.

Thus, when hiring a cartoonist, it is critical to convey the project's concept in a clear manner. Give them a sense of what you would expect. With the proper and detailed information, a cartoonist can provide you with precisely what you require.


Another critical piece of information you must provide the cartoonist is the project's deadline. You must inform them of the anticipated completion date of the job. This is important because it benefits both you and the artist. The artist would then be able to determine whether or not they can complete the work by the deadline. This will avoid unnecessary delays if you require the work to be completed quickly.

Reference Materials

Finally, it would be helpful if you could provide some reference materials to the cartoonist. This would serve as a guide and provide the artist with a visual representation of what you want the artwork to look like.

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