15 Best Character Voice-over Services

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Everyone must have heard a voice-over at some point in their lives. From SpongeBob's voice to the voice that sells you a new gadget or snack food on television, voice-overs are an effective way to elicit emotion or convey important information to an audience. Indeed, without voice-over, the media would lack impact, and the entertainment industry would suffer greatly. Every day, the importance of voice-over can be seen in various methods.

One of the more common applications for voice-over is to give an animated character a voice or personality. Think of Shrek or any other well-known Disney character. Behind the scenes, each character has a talent with a microphone that voices the character in a unique manner. And that voice-over performer has had extensive training, a wealth of experience, confidence, and versatility.

Suppose you've just finished the script for your new project, complete with perfect visuals and an intriguing protagonist. In that case, all you need now is someone capable of voicing that character effectively. Refer to the list of voice-over services below to find a suitable VO artist to bring that fictitious character to life.

1. Female Character Voice by Talethia


Talethia (@talethia) has been doing voice over professionally for a number of years and excels at delivering a youthful, friendly, and upbeat message. She understands the subtle differences between a television commercial and a radio commercial, and she'll make your narration sound fantastic without detracting from the imagery.

Service Highlights

Talethia will record a professional female character voice-over for a fee of $25 per 75 words. This service comes with a commercial license.

Check out Talethia's service here

2. High-Quality Cartoon Character Voices by Simon Hill


Simon (@simonhillvo) can meet your needs and bring your project to life with his voice—whether it's a corporate video, advertising spot, product demo, animation, documentary, or anything else. He has over 15 years of experience in this field and has worked on a variety of television shows.

Service Highlights

Simon will provide you with high-quality cartoon voice-overs without the high costs of hiring a professional voice talent.

Check out Simon's service here

3. Professional Male Voice Acting, Character Acting & Impersonation by Cormac


Cormac (@cormacbren) is a professional voice actor with hundreds of voice-over projects under his belt. His portfolio includes YouTube videos with millions of views, a mobile video game, an audiobook on audible, and a Nintendo Switch game that will be released soon.

Service Highlights

Cormac can do voice-overs and impersonations for almost any project you have in mind. From commercials, promotions, narrations, and trailers to impressions, impersonations, goofy accents, realistic accents, old to young, and serious voice acting for video games, animations, or movies, he's got you covered.

Check out Cormac's service here

4. Character Voice for Games, Cartoons, and Anime by TJ Lovett


TJ Lovett (@tjlovettvo) has been a voice-over artist and vocalist on stage and in studios for about 20 years. She holds a BA in Creative Technology and is a member of the National Thespian Society. This means she has the technical training, advanced acting, and singing experience to provide you with studio quality voice overs.

Service Highlights

TJ specializes in playable character roles with multiple response options, mobile games and apps, NPCs, ADR, and animations. All recordings are made in a professional home studio with a soundproof booth. All orders are of broadcast quality, have been edited, mastered, and are ready to use.

Check out TJ's service here

5. Male Character Voice Actor for Your Project by Talen Winchester


Talen Winchester (@talenwinchester) is a voice actor who wants to help you finish your project, whether it's giving your epic hero a voice or teaching someone through eLearning. You might want a short story read aloud or the villain in your video game elevated to new heights.

Service Highlights

Talen will provide voice acting services for you, whether it's for a fan dub, a video game project, a personal message, or anything else you can think of.

Check out Talen's service here

6. Professional Character Voice Over by Timmy


Timmy (@funnyguytimmy) is a voice actor from Austin, Texas. He's been doing voice overs for about eight years and has done everything from E3 announcements to national commercials.

Service Highlights

Allow Timmy to bring out the best in your project or character, whether it's voice-over work for games, shows, animations, or cartoons.

Check out Timmy's service here

7. Female Character Voice-over in English by Alicia


Alicia (@jetsetsound) is a highly experienced voice-over artist, video narrator, and vocalist from the United States. Everything about voice talent is her passion, and she's been doing it professionally for many years.

Service Highlights

Alicia will be your professional female voice-over actor in English for your video game character.

Check out Alicia's service here

8. Voice Your Animation or Video Game Character by Marco Guzman


Marco Guzman (@swytch36) is a musician, voice actor, and video editor. He enjoys making character voices for animations, video games, anime, and other media. He is excited to collaborate with you on bringing your characters to life.

Service Highlights

Marco will provide a wide variety of voices to bring your character to life. He can even take on multiple roles if necessary. He enjoys the challenge of creating voices that do not sound like a person.

Check out Marco's service here

9. Anime Character or Villain Voice-over by Luna


Luna (@lunafreyava) is a voice actress and video editor, and she carries a lot of passion and creativity to her services.

Service Highlights

Luna will provide professional voice acting for your villain or original character, with a sexy, sultry voice.

Check out Luna's service here

10. Video Game Character Voices in 2 Days by Joy Hayward


Joy Hayward (@joyh97) is a law graduate and bilingual British/French voice actress. She has worked on thousands of projects all over the world for both large and small businesses. You may have heard her voice on the radio, TV, or in video games.

Service Highlights

Joy can do voice-overs in a variety of styles. Here are some examples:

  • Preppy Princess.
  • Bratty Schoolgirl.
  • Knife-wielding Warrior.
  • High Elf.
  • Flirty Barmaid.
  • Mysterious Mage.
  • Evil Queen.
  • AI/Robot.

She will record her work with a Rode NT1 microphone and the Audient ID44, then edit it to ensure a high-quality result.

Check out Joy's service here

11. Male Animation Voice over or Cartoon Video Game by Bobby


Bobby (@rgaglini) has been an actor and voice actor for the past 12 years. He fell in love with voice acting and honed his craft through work in Los Angeles, classes, and one-on-one coaching. He has his own home recording studio.

Service Highlights

Bobby can provide animation voice-overs for existing characters or collaborate with you to create an original sound for your project. He's previously worked on dozens of animations and video game pilots. His voice acting styles include funny, engaging, serious, exciting, natural, comedic, youthful, smart, deadpan, and others.

Check out Bobby's service here

12. Professional Male Character Voice Over by Joe


Joe (@dr_bonehead) is a seasoned VO actor who has provided multiple voices for a wide range of projects. Among his clients are Disney, Amazon, Spotify, Comcast, SHAPE America, and others.

Service Highlights

Joe will record a VO script in any voice for any project. His typical range of styles includes older child, young teen, and young adult, but he's open to any range or style you see fit.

Check out Joe's service here

13. Female Voiceover for Video Game or Animation by Dallyn


Dallyn (@dallynbrunck) is a voice actor with a long history of bringing characters to life. Dallyn can provide a youthful and upbeat sound as well as a calm and peaceful sound. She brings a hip, contemporary sass as a teen or young voice. Her voice conveys sincerity, warmth, and friendliness as a more mature woman, making her ideal for your project.

Service Highlights

Dallyn will lend her voice to a character in your project. She is a professional actor, and with her acting experience, she can bring your script to life in a way that will capture the listener's attention. She enjoys voicing everything from adorable babies and cute kids to scary witches.

Check out Dallyn's service here

14. Male Character Voice Acting with Many Character Voices by Chuck Brown


Chuck Brown (@provotalent) is a versatile American male VO artist based in the Midwest. He has been the voice of major brands such as Wendy's, Intel Extreme Masters, Red Roof Inn, Delta Airlines, and many others.

Service Highlights

Check is capable of producing a wide range of character voice-over styles for video games, commercials, cartoons, and animation. He is frequently hired to play military characters (generals and grunts), kings, game guides, and narrators.

Check out Chuck's service here

15. Female Video Game Characters in 24 Hours by Azsha


Azsha (@azshawhite) is a full-time voice-over artist who has received professional voice-over acting training. She has a background in television, radio, and other media.

Service Highlights

If you need animation or video game voices, Azsha not only has the experience, but she also plays video games and watches anime or animation regularly. She will ensure that your needs are met and that you receive high-quality content.

Check out Azsha's service here

The Importance of Voice Over Talents

There are some things that you simply must get right when creating a narrated video. While the video quality must be excellent, the audio is equally important because it aids in the delivery of your message and serves as the foundation for capturing your audience's attention.

Here are some of the reasons why hiring professionals is imperative for helping you work stand out from the crowd:

You want to get the right tone.

A competent voice-over actor will be able to deliver the appropriate tones and pauses as needed. The audience will simply switch off if the voice-over is uninspiring, dull, or lacks tone, and your video will likely fail.

You want to add depth and character to the story.

When you hire a professional voice actor, you can rest assured that your video is in good hands. This is because they can add character and personality to your video in a way that adds depth. Their engaging voice conveys wisdom and nuance in a way that only a trained voice could do.

You want to make your work a success.

The way your video makes your viewers feel is one of the most critical aspects of its success. It's all about portraying your character, and if the voice-over is good, the audience will not only want to keep watching, but they'll also be curious to learn more about your show.

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