12 Best Children’s Book Illustration Services

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Book illustration is a technique that is used in almost all print media to enhance the content of any piece of writing. Each piece of writing is accompanied by pertinent illustrations that contribute to the narrative power of the writing's theme. Book illustrations are highly sought after due to their ability to amplify the impact of the text through visually represented narrations. Oftentimes, illustrations can fully express the emotions conveyed by a cartoon character without the need for words.

Illustrations can enhance the readability of a book. It improves reader engagement and makes reading much more enjoyable. Moreover, illustrations enable the author to convey messages in a delightful way. One area where illustrations have been beneficial is children's books.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Children typically find the illustrations in books to be fascinating. Pictures have the ability to tell a story in ways that ordinary words can not. Without further ado, here are some of the best online children's book illustrators that you can hire online.

1. Custom Children's Book Illustrations by Mousam


Mousam (@illusstation) has a bachelor's degree in art and has spent the last three years working as a digital artist. Since he began this service, he has had many books published with his illustrations, and they have performed exceptionally well in the market.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: One single page flat color illustration.
  • Standard: One single page realistic or 3D style illustration.
  • Premium: One double spread realistic or 3D style illustration.

Check out Mousam's service here

2. Book Illustration, Cartoon, Front Cover for Children's Books by Milena


Milena (@milenavitorovic) is a talented illustrator from Serbia with a master's degree in painting from one of Europe's top ten art schools.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Line drawing with one character and a simple background in black and white. 
  • Standard: Two characters with a simple background in full color.
  • Premium: Three characters with more details in the background in full color.

Check out Milena's service here

3. Draw, Illustrate & Design Anything for Children's Books by Moran


Moran (@moran2599) is a creative illustrator and professional graphic artist who specializes in classical painting, oil, watercolor, acrylic, and artistic graphics.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Draw one character or object in color.
  • Standard: Draw 1 character with colors and background.
  • Premium: Draw 3 characters with colors and background.

Check out Moran's service here

4. Adorable Children's Book Illustration by Anastasia


Anastasia (@anastasiakhm812) is from Lviv, Ukraine, and she likes to draw cute animals and characters. Most of her works are devoted to children's illustrations, and she shines at watercolor and digital art.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 figure in full color (high resolution).
  • Standard: 2 figures in full color, include background.
  • Premium: 5 or more figures in full color, include background.

Check out Anastasia's service here

5. Affordable Children's Book Illustration by Badrus


Badrus Soleh (@badrussoleh) has been working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer since 2018. His primary area of expertise is digital painting (using Adobe Photoshop).

Service Highlights

Get an original and eye-catching hand-drawn illustration for a children’s book.

Check out Badrus Soleh's service here

6. Beautiful Children's Book Illustrations by Avoltha


Avoltha (@avoltha) is a small design studio run by a group of illustrators who spend countless hours designing and creating something new and exciting.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 full-body character or 2 half-bodies with a very simple background.
  • Standard: 2 full-body characters or 3 half-body characters with a simple background.
  • Premium: 3 or more full-body characters and a background with various objects.

Check out Avoltha's service here

7. Unique Children's Book Illustrations by Milan


Milan (@milan_designs) loves creating all kinds of illustrations and strives to produce something fresh and original every time he works.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: One character with background.
  • Standard: Two characters and background.
  • Premium: Up to 3 characters, with elements and background.

Check out Milan's service here

8. Illustration for Your Children's Books by Stefanie


Stefanie (@redrosecandyart) is a professional illustrator with over three years of experience. She enjoys illustrating storybooks, book covers, character design, and other related works.

Service Highlights

Stefanie will draw an illustration for your children's book, short stories, or book cover in her own unique art style based on your description.

Check out Stefanie's service here

9. Beautiful Illustrations for Children's Books by Katarina


Katarina (@katarina56) is a visual artist who graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts with a Master's degree in applied painting. She takes pride in being incredibly flexible and capable of providing high-end visual aesthetics.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Illustrations with 1 figure with color.
  • Standard: 2 figures with background and color.
  • Premium: 5 figures with background and color.

Check out Katarina's service here

10. Children's Book Illustration by Khoirun


Khoirun Nisa (@anakbulu) is an Indonesian illustrator based in Semarang. Drawing is one of her hobbies, and she turned out to be really good at it.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Coloring book – One page.
  • Standard: High-quality children's books cover.
  • Premium: High-quality children's books package (1-12 pages).

Check out Khoirun's service here

11. High-Resolution Children's Book Illustration by Aneeza


Aneeza (@aneezaashraf447) enjoys creating illustrations for children's books that are not only presentable but also appealing to children.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Single character illustration.
  • Standard: Single character with background illustration.
  • Premium: Multiple characters with background illustration.

Check out Aneeza's service here

12. Children's Book Illustrations in Watercolor by Ros


Ros (@luvbeautiful) is a seasoned illustrator from Ireland who specializes in creating children's picture books for aspiring and established authors as well as self-publishing entrepreneurs.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Initial concept in black and white. Up to two characters.
  • Standard: Full-color illustration. Up to two characters.
  • Premium: Full-color illustration with a background. Up to three characters.

Check out LuvBeautiful's service here

The Importance of Illustrations in Children's Books

Children can quickly become bored with books that contain only written words. Illustrations are the simplest way to capture their attention. It enables children to take a greater interest in the material they are reading. Additionally, it aids in the educational process for children. This is why authors frequently incorporate illustrations into their works. Illustrations are essential in children's books for the following reasons:

Illustrations Are Interesting Elements

The majority of children dislike storybooks that are entirely composed of words. However, a combination of words and illustrations adds depth to a storybook for children. It enables them to become acquainted with the book's characters and plot.

Simplify Concepts

Some concepts can be pretty complicated for children, and conveying them through words proves to be a challenge. This issue can be effectively solved through illustrations. The main reason authors of children's storybooks employ illustrations is to simplify their stories for easy comprehension.

Facilitates Education

Illustrations are also used to assist in the children's learning process. Children are introduced to things they are completely unfamiliar with, such as animals, fruits, and others, through illustrations. For instance, after teaching children the name of a fruit, showing them an image of the fruit will assist them in remembering it. The image would help them to distinguish the fruit from other types of fruits.

Motivation to Read

Even if children are not in the mood to read, contemplating the vibrant illustrations in a book can motivate them to do so. Then again, even when children do not fully comprehend what a book is about, they can still use their cognitive ability to figure out a particular illustration.

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