12 Best Custom Explainer Video Services

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An explainer video is a concise and engaging video that usually lasts two to three minutes. They can be longer or shorter in length, depending on the subject or how much time you believe is required to convey your message. Explainer videos are light and entertaining, and they deliver information in a friendly manner. Sometimes, a short video is all that is needed to persuade someone to buy your product or service.

No matter what you are selling, there are probably hundreds of other companies peddling the same stuff to the same potential customers. An excellent explainer video can help you stand out from the crowd by emphasizing your unique perspective on the product. Customers will remember your brand rather than your competitors if your video is eye-catching and powerful.

Whether you use the video in advertising, on a website, in customer emails, or on a video platform like YouTube, audiences will almost certainly be unable to take their eyes off the screen until the video ends. It encourages viewers to focus on what your brand is saying. And the message conveyed typically increases sales and leads.

So, are you ready to reap the benefits of explainer videos for your business? The services listed below can assist you in creating an explainer video that will help you win new clients.

1. Animated Explainer Video or Sale Video by Ricky8001


Ricky8001 is a full-time freelancer animator who has made over 3000 videos in the last 6 years. He's always eager to assist you with anything related to explainer videos.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 30 Seconds Video 80 Words.
  • Standard: 60 Seconds Video 160 Words.
  • Premium: 90 Seconds Video 240 Words.

Check out Ricky8001's service here

2. Customized Animated Video or Explainer Video by Guy Manzur


Guy Manzur (guyman20) is a video marketer and animator. His marketing and video services are used by small businesses and large corporations such as Samsung, Sony, Lyft, and others.

Service Highlights

Guy Manzur creates a completely personalized animated explainer for you. Whether you prefer a more traditional style of animation, a linear animation, or an isometric 3D video, contact him to discuss your needs.

Check out Guy's service here

3. Fully Customized 2D Animated Explainer Video by Bogdan Zah


Bogdan Zah (bogdanzah) is a Romanian animator specializing in 2D and whiteboard animation. He has been in business since 2012.

Service Highlights

Bogdan will provide a custom professional 2D animation explainer video with unique characters. No templates or pre-made animated animations are used. Your video will be created using Adobe After Effects.

Check out Bogdan's service here

4. Custom Explainer Video Animation by Albertanimation


Albertanimation is a group of over 30 animators who work full-time, seven days a week. They have over ten years of experience and have worked with a diverse clientele, including broadcast networks and animation studios.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 0 – 15 seconds – A low budget type of animation. Simple and limited revisions.
  • Standard: 1 min – A perfect explainer video for start-up businesses. It includes storyboards, a voice over, and other features.
  • Premium: 1 min – Perfect for corporations. High quality design, minimalist and clean elements.

Check out Albertanimation's service here

5. 2D Animation or Animated Explainer Video by Damith


Damith (megdmwick) is a seasoned animator from Sri Lanka who has completed thousands of animated video projects since 2014.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: White color backgrounds and mostly text-based video.
  • Standard: Standard characters, basic graphics and 2-tone simple backgrounds.
  • Premium: Premium graphics, characters & stunning cartoon backgrounds.

Check out Damith's service here

6. Custom Explainer Videos by Raj2016


Raj2016 is part of a team of 9 professional motion graphics designers with 8 years of experience. They specialize in explainer videos, character animation videos, and whiteboard animation videos.

Service Highlights

Raj2016 and his team will create explainer videos that are professional, engaging, and creative, with unlimited revisions.

Check out Raj2016's service here

7. Custom 2D Animated Explainer Video by Rajat


Rajat (officialrajat) specializes in producing informative, entertaining, and professional explainer videos. He is proficient in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 30 Seconds.
  • Standard: Up to 60 Seconds.
  • Premium: Up to 90 Seconds.

Check out Rajat's service here

8. Animated Sales or Explainer Video Creation by Danielpaliz31


Danielpaliz31 is a talented animator from Ecuador who enjoys creating whiteboard and explainer videos.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 30 Seconds Video or 75 Words.
  • Standard: 60 Seconds Video or 150 Words.
  • Premium: 90 Seconds Video or 225 Words.

Check out Danielpaliz31's service here

9. Animated Explainer Video in English or German by Skotiskoti


Skotiskoti is made up of six hardworking Turkish freelancers who specialize in website creation, explainer videos, and SEO services.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 0-30 Seconds Video.
  • Standard: 31-60 Seconds Video.
  • Premium: 61-90 Seconds Video.

Check out Skotiskoti's service here

10. Animated Explainer Video or Sale Video by Sam Lopez


Sam Lopez (samlopez) is a professional animator and brand strategist. He has created over a thousand 2D animated explainer videos for companies in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, South America, Australia, and other countries.

Service Highlights

Each package includes a customized explainer video with a voice over and music.

  • Basic: 75 words.
  • Standard: 150 words.
  • Premium: 150 words + script creation.

Check out Sam's service here

11. Customized App Explainer Video by Joe Keane


Joe Keane (joekeane) is a full-time video production professional from Canada with ten years of working experience in the industry. He loves to create unique projects using Adobe After Effects with Element 3D and he's really good at it.

Service Highlights

Joe creates a unique, fully customized app promo video using the colors, text, devices, and backgrounds of your choice.

Check out Joe's service here

12. Animated Explainer Video Creation by Animaester


Animaester is a former engineer turned animator from Milan, Italy. He began animating as a hobby and has been doing it full-time since 2019.

Service Highlights

Each package comes with a 1080P video, a script, a voiceover, and unlimited revisions.

  • Basic: 0-30 Sec Video.
  • Standard: 31-60 Sec Video.
  • Premium: 61-90 Sec Video.

Check out Animaester's service here

Why Explainer Videos Are Ideal for Your Business

Explainer videos are some of the best and most effective marketing tools available. These types of videos have grown in popularity in recent years as more and more businesses seek ways to stay ahead of the competition. The videos will provide numerous benefits for your company, including the following:

Increases Brand Awareness

A video is an excellent way to introduce your business to potential customers. You can keep things consistent by creating your video content to match your branding. Video helps to keep users engaged and distinguishes you from the competition.

Effectively Communicate Your Message

When people see and hear someone explain a product or service, they gain a better understanding of it. An explainer video allows you to connect with your potential customers more effectively by explaining what your company can do for them and why they should choose you over competitors.

Videos Are More Interesting

Text is less engaging than video content. Explainer videos allow you to effectively capture and engage your audience's attention. It is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression on customers who are unfamiliar with your company.

Increases Conversion Rates

A decent explainer video enables you to explain how specific features can solve the issues that your potential customers are facing. An explainer video can highlight how potential customers can benefit from choosing your brand through interesting visuals, demonstrations, and statistics.

It's Simple to Share

Since more than 70% of internet users watch video online, it makes sense to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Video is an excellent way to promote your brand because of its high viral potential.

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