10 Best eCommerce Product Photography Services

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Without a doubt, product images are the most persuasive content in an eCommerce store. Humans are, in general, visual creatures who act in response to what they see. Humans recall approximately 80% of what they observe. What's more, over 90% of online shoppers make purchases based on what they see. This demonstrates just how vital product images are in an eCommerce store.

As the owner of an eCommerce website, you want your customers to have a positive shopping experience. You must provide them with as many details as possible. They may not touch, smell, or feel the product physically, but the product images will tell them everything they need to know.

While high-quality product photography will boost your sales, low-quality product images may deter potential customers from making an online purchase from your store. So, if you're looking for a good product photography service, take a look at the recommendations below.

1. Professional Product Photography Photos by Dwain


Dwain (@dcoufal) has been a professional photographer for over a decade, specializing in everything from weddings and families to commercials, nature, and photojournalism. He has a studio with all of the necessary specialized equipment to properly handle your product.

Service Highlights

Every product is photographed to produce the most marketable images for your commercial use. The photos will meet Amazon's product photo requirements.

Check out Dwain's service here

2. Shoot Incredible Amazon Product Photography, Lifestyle Image by Ann


Ann (@ann_model) works as a full-time photographer, videographer, and model. She specializes in Etsy, Shopify, dropshipping, eBay, and Amazon product photography. Her goal is for all of her clients to be completely satisfied with her work.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) 1 professional pure white background image.
  • (Standard) 3 professional pure white images, 3 lifestyle images (only product without model).
  • (Premium) 5 professional pure white images, 5 lifestyle images with model.

Check out Ann's service here

3. Shoot High Quality Product Photography by AielloPhoto


AielloPhoto is a full-time creative photography team equipped with professional equipment that specializes in producing high-quality images of your products. They have a diverse range of experience, from weddings to commercials.

Service Highlights

  • Awesome HD white background photos for use on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, Spotify, your own website, etc.
  • Lifestyle photos to match the environment your product/desire is targeting.

Check out AielloPhoto's service here

4. Shoot Professional Product Photography for Amazon, eBay by Daya Sena


Daya Sena (@mzone_d) will photograph and edit virtually any product you sell online. These high-quality images are ideal for use in all forms of marketing, including print and online promotions.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) 3 photos with 100% white-background.
  • (Standard) 5 photos with 100% white-background & info-Graphics, Close Ups.
  • (Premium) 7 photos, 100% white-background, Photoshop touch-ups, Product Info-graph on the images.

Check out Daya Sena's service here

5. Create Professional Product Photography in My Studio by Tatiana


Tatiana (@tatianavolchik) is a product photographer with over 12 years of experience who specializes in a variety of styles of photography.

Service Highlights

  • Images will be taken in high definition (HD and will meet Amazon requirements.
  • All packages include basic retouching and resizing to make your product sharp and stand out.

Check out Tatiana's service here

6. Shoot Amazon Product Photography in China by Jiahe


Jiahe (@jiahe530) is a small team of creative photographers and digital professionals based in China with over 15 years of experience serving Amazon FBA, eBay, ETSY, Facebook, Shopify, Aliexpress, Instagram, and Pinterest sellers.

Service Highlights

The studio is ideal for sellers who source their products from China, as it is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Jiahe will photograph crisp, clean products against a pure white (RGB255) background with natural shadows or reflections.

Check out Jiahe's service here

7. Produce Product Photography That Sells by Robert


Robert Cordero (@corderocomm) has been photographing items for Amazon, eBay, and Shopify since the year 2000. He works full-time as a photographer and also does graphic design so that customers can begin selling their goods online right away.

Service Highlights

  • Photograph highly complex products, metallic or reflective, glass, or with intricate edges.
  • Photograph your product in-use, in a lifestyle setting, with a male/female model of any age (including babies & children).
  • Basic retouching is included to make sure your product looks fantastic.
  • Photos will exceed Amazon's image standards.

Check out Robert's service here

8. Shoot Amazon Product Photography, Lifestyle & Infographics in USA by Adnan


Adnan (@photo_service) works for the ‘Product Captures Photography' agency as the lead photographer. He specializes in product photography and marketing for Amazon. The studio is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Service Highlights

This is a fantastic service for those who sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other online marketplaces. The studio will create stunning high-resolution photos that will help your listing stand out to potential buyers.

Check out Adnan's service here

9. Lifestyle Product Photography for Etsy, Amazon, Instagram (Spain) by Maria


Maria (@mmariaalvarez) is a Spanish photographer who specializes in creating soulful visual content for businesses and brands. She enjoys getting involved in each project she works on, adapting to the needs and goals of each client and product.

Service Highlights

  • High-end photos for e-Commerce, Social Media, Amazon Listing, Ad Campaign, Website, etc.
  • Images will be taken with professional high-end SLRs and equipment.
  • The photos will be professionally edited with a unique touch using Adobe Photoshop.

Check out Maria's service here

10. Shoot Professional Product Photography in UK (Amazon Ready) by TK Digital Studio


TK Digital Studio (@tkdigitalstudio) began its operations in 2013. Their mission is to provide their clients with exceptional images and videos. They've sold thousands of product images to hundreds of clients across a variety of industries, with a particular emphasis on Amazon product photography. The studio is located in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) 3 product images on a 100% white background.
  • (Standard) 7 Amazon photos, simple and clean.
  • (Premium) 7 Amazon photos, complex and theme.

Check out TK Digital Studio's service here

The importance of product photography in eCommerce

The value of effective product photography cannot be overstated, as it has a plethora of benefits. That is why you should make an effort to hire a professional photography service for your online store's product images. This brief article will discuss the critical nature of product images in an online store.

To Increase Sales

As previously stated, more than 90% of online shoppers base their purchasing decisions on what they see. Having attractive product images can help persuade online shoppers to make a purchase. Many buyers will skip over the product details of a product they intend to purchase entirely once they see a beautifully photographed product image.

Additionally, effective product images can assist you in luring customers away from your competitors. If your eCommerce store's product images are more appealing than those of competitors, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

In your online store, you should only use high-quality product images. Ascertain that the photographs are sufficiently large and visually appealing (a 360° view is a plus). All of these actions will contribute to the growth of your eCommerce store's sales.

It Adds Clarity to Product Descriptions

You don't even need to spend much time on product details with good product photography. This is because a strong product image would speak for itself. Additionally, it would demonstrate to customers what you were unable to include in the product descriptions. Additionally (if possible), ensure that your customers have the ability to view the images in 360°. They would be able to view all of the product's necessary components with a 360° view. After all, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. As a result, having the appropriate product images would complement the product descriptions.

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