10 Best Email Template Design Services

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Have you ever received emails that used a template that matched the theme of a business’s website? These visually appealing emails are created using custom email templates. And the best part is that they are incredibly effective at capturing people’s attention. 

Custom email templates are one of the most important advancements used by businesses for brand promotion and communication. It will have a significant impact on your brand and will help to improve customer relationships and revenue in the future. When used correctly, custom-built email templates can help you stay on top of the game.

If you’re looking to have your own custom email template, the services listed below can assist you in creating an awesome email template design.

1. Responsive Email Template Design by Emailcoder


Emailcoder is a professional email designer with over five years of experience. He is an expert at creating HTML emails from scratch. The template will be tested across all major browsers to ensure that your message is readable by all recipients.

Service Highlights

  • Bespoke email design.
  • Email design as a tabular coded HTML file.
  • Email campaign setup on your email marketing tools (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc.)
  • 5 Revisions for free.
  • Compatible with all major ESPs such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, etc.

Check out Emailcoder's service here

2. Professional Html Email Template Design or Newsletter by Sushant


As a professional newsletter template designer, Sushant has created over a thousand newsletter templates for clients around the world. He believes that making your newsletter visually appealing is vital.

Service Highlights

Sushant will design a unique and responsive HTML email template for your newsletter. You can re-use this template by adding variations in the future (template code will be provided in .txt file). The template will work with all email service providers (MailChimp, MailUp, Gmail, Constant Contact, MailJet, Klaviyo, AWeber, etc.)

Check out Sushant's service here

3. Multi-purpose Marketing Email Templates HTML by Zedkode


Zedkode primarily focuses on the development of e-commerce websites for businesses and entrepreneurs. He has completed over 600 projects and received over 500 positive client testimonials.

Service Highlights

An exclusive gig that will provide you with a responsive newsletter template that stands out from the competition.

Check out Zedkode's service here

4. Professional HTML Email Template Design by Daniel


Daniel (Daniel_lopez_a) is an industrial engineer with vast Web development experience (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress). He also has some experience in SEM Optimization and Data Entry and Analysis.

Service Highlights

Daniel will design a responsive HTML email template for your newsletter, and it will work with all service providers.

Check out Daniel's service here

5. Convert PSD, PDF, PNG, JPEG to HTML Email Template by Rockstardesigne


Rockstardesigne's primary skill is email template design, email newsletter design, and responsive email template. He is an expert in a variety of email marketing software and is up to date on the latest trends in email marketing template design.

Service Highlights

Convert your PSD, png, jpg, PDF, AI, XD, Figma, Zeplin, Sketch file to a responsive HTML email template. This template will render perfectly with all mainstream email clients.

Check out Rockstardesigne's service here

6. Creative & Responsive Email Template Design by Ubaid


Ubaid (@ubaidchohan) is a brand and professional UI/UX designer.

Service Highlights

Ubaid will design and code marketing email templates. All templates have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they work with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, he provides template setup for services such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Active Campaign, and Constant Contact.

Check out Ubaid's service here

7. Create Custom Email Templates for Woocommerce by Shahid


Shahid (@shahidbahader) is passionate about developing e-commerce websites using WordPress. Besides this, he is capable of migrating, backing up, and cloning WordPress websites from one domain to another.

Service Highlights

Shahid will design and implement custom email templates that are tailored to your business and website theme.

Check out Shahid's service here

8. Design an Editable Email Template & Newsletter by Salim


Salim (@salimreza432) is an email marketing expert who places a high premium on customer satisfaction and offers unlimited revisions for his work.

Service Highlights

Salim will create an editable and responsive MailChimp email template. You can also request a custom graphic for your email template.

Check out Salim's service here

9. Mailchimp Email Template Newsletter Design Within 8 Hours by Abdul


Abdul (@abdulkayum97) is committed to providing his clients with only the highest quality work. He maintains the highest quality standards and strictly adheres to client specifications.

Service Highlights

Abdul will create an eye-catching MailChimp email template that is editable and reusable. He will also provide you with a video tutorial on how to edit the template.

Check out Abdul's service here

10. Design Responsive Mailchimp Email Template by Shaheen


Shaheen (@milkyway1315) is a web developer and email marketer who specializes in e-commerce. He enjoys creating email templates and strives to complete projects on time and with the highest possible quality.

Service Highlights

Shaheen will create a high-quality, responsive MailChimp template that complements your website and brand. He is also capable of redesigning the Mailchimp template.

Check out Shaheen's service here

The Advantages of Custom Email Templates

Here are some few benefits of custom email templates:

Likely To Arrive in the Inbox

When you send emails using a custom-designed template, there is a much lower chance that they will end up in the spam or junk folder. Because these types of emails contain email-client friendly codes, they are likely to have arrived directly in your customer's inbox.

Custom Email Templates Boost a Company's Image

When your custom email template matches your brand's or company's theme, it creates a favorable impression in the minds of your customers. If they have already visited your website and are familiar with your company or brand, your company's email will leave a lasting impression on them. It will help them recognize you as a brand, which in turn increases their trust in the product or service you are providing.

Custom Email Templates Maximize Email Viewing

We usually don't read emails all the way to the end because some of the content does not appear on our screen. And this should never happen with your business's emails. Decent custom email template designs are supposed to make the most of the user's screen in order to convey your message more effectively.

Custom Email Templates for Better User Experience

Custom email templates give you complete control over the aspect of the user experience. And it allows you to make a significant impact on your target audience.

Sometimes when you send custom emails to your clients, you never got a response. It could be because the email loses its natural alignment when delivered via Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and so on. The email template seems to be no longer functional in this state. Custom email templates must be tested and coded for performance so that you can use them with confidence.


When you use custom email templates, you can convey your message more effectively. Your emails are part of your branding, and they help to reinforce the company's image. They also provide the best on-screen experience on mobile phones as well as computers. You're relieved that your emails aren't ending up in spam folders. They practically go where they are supposed to go and stay there until your clients read them.

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