15 Best Fashion Illustration Services

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Fashion design is essentially the skill of applying design to body shapes to create fashionable clothing. To be successful in the world of fashion and design, you must have good and creative illustrations. These are the ones that offer you a general concept of what the finished result will look like. A fashion designer who can create amazing fashion illustrations and turn them into fantastic clothing pieces will probably be the next big trend in the industry.

The importance of fashion illustration cannot be underestimated. Designers can better visualize their concepts with the help of illustrations. On paper, any flaws or issues in the design are easier to spot and mitigate. Fashion illustrations will assist you in organizing the designs in your head, as raw as they are, in order to build a collection that will have a favorable sales influence in the fashion industry.

Illustrations highlight important details that require more concentration and attention. They serve as the foundation for the overall planning and approach to designing a particular garment or accessory. Fashion illustration necessitates the use of skilled hands, without which the drawing could not be shown in its best light. Hence, if you need help with your illustration project, you can have it outsourced to one of the services listed below.

1. Fashion Illustrations and Sketches by Samira


Samira (@samiramakroum) is a fashion illustrator who can design high-quality illustrations for your projects. Suitable for presentation, printing or posting on websites, social media, and other platforms.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Color illustration of 1 figure. 
  • Standard: Color illustration of 2 figures (front and back).
  • Premium: 3 figures or 3 sides (front, back, and side view) in color.

Check out Samira's service here

2. Fashion Illustrations, Portraits & Sketches by Ikornati


Ikornati (@ikornati) is a talented Ukrainian fashion illustrator who makes commercial designs for brands, personal portraits, illustrations, book covers, and other similar projects.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Stylized fashion portrait or illustration of one person with an abstract background. 
  • Standard: Stylized fashion illustration of one person with a semi-detailed background.
  • Premium: Stylized fashion illustration of 1 person with details and a colored background.

Check out Ikornati's service here

3. Professional Fashion Illustration by Lacrymosa


Lacrymosa (@lacrymosa) is a professional illustrator and graphic designer living in Georgia. She has several years of expertise as an illustrator and has worked with many publishing organizations, advertising businesses, fashion brands, music labels, and so on.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: One side illustration, in color. 
  • Standard: Color illustrations on both sides (front and back).
  • Premium: Three color illustrations on each side (front, back, and side) plus her best effort as a fashion designer.

Check out Lacrymosa's service here

4. Unique Fashion Illustration by Alexandra


Alexandra (@bigartlab) is a graphic designer and illustrator from Moldova. She has taken a variety of art and design courses, ranging from dance to fine art, painting, and ceramics.

Service Highlights

Alexandra will draw whatever picture you provide her. Simply tell her which aspects you want to include in the artwork, and she will draw them for you. You'll get a unique hand-drawn illustration of a high-quality image perfect for the web, mobile phones, or printing at any size you like.

Check out Alexandra's service here

5. Fashion Illustrations and Sketches by Valentina


Valentina (@valentinae4) is a highly talented self-taught fashion illustrator who specializes in illustrations for both online and offline projects. She enjoys using traditional materials and modern techniques in her work and sometimes combines the two.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Fashion illustration in black and white.
  • Standard: Fashion illustration with color.
  • Premium: Fashion illustration with color and background.

Check out Valentina's service here

6. Fashion Illustration or Sketch and Design Collections by JaymoDesigns


JaymoDesigns (@jaymodesigns) is a skilled freelance artist that wants to provide you her skills, desire, and enthusiasm to finish your fashion illustration project quickly and with excellent quality.

Service Highlights

JaymoDesigns will create a professional, unique, and highly creative fashion illustration based on your specifications. Either digitally or by hand sketching.

Check out JaymoDesigns's service here

7. Unique Fashion Illustration Styles by Brownhair


Brownhair (@brownhair) is a passionate illustrator and graphic designer with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator ACA certifications. She wishes to apply her creativity, knowledge, and imagination to all of the designs she is working on, until she meets the demands and expectations of her clients.

Service Highlights

Brownhair enjoys making art and illustrations and would love to work on your project. She will draw any photo you submit and add whatever features and details you require. You will receive a unique hand-drawn illustration in a high-quality picture format.

Check out Brownhair's service here

8. Technical Fashion Sketches – Flat Drawings by Ivana


Ivana (@yvannna) is a professional fashion and textile designer from Serbia.

Service Highlights

Ivana offers accurate and proportional technical drawings of your fashion sketches or from a photo of an existing garment. Available packages are as follow:

  • Basic: Technical drawing of a garment, black outline, just the front.
  • Standard: Technical drawing, black and white, front and back view.
  • Premium: Technical drawing in solid color, front and back view.

Check out Ivana's service here

9. Fashion Illustrations, Sketches, Portraits, Editorials by Ilona


Ilona (@ilonachu) is a Russian artist and illustrator who specializes in fashion and beauty illustrations. She will gladly assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

Service Highlights

Ilona can provide you the following services:

  • Fashion sketches and illustrations for social media and commercial use.
  • Portraits with a fashion twist.
  • Runway illustrations.
  • Illustration of wedding fashion.

Check out Ilona's service here

10. Unique Fashion Illustrations by Ksenia


Ksenia (@kseniageller) is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Milan, Italy. She does not develop her art in a traditional way, preferring to create something more distinctive and eye-catching so that your brand can stand out and feel more personal.

Service Highlights

Ksenia provides unique and high-quality illustrations created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You are free to choose the colors, background, and poses.

Check out Ksenia's service here

11. Professional Fashion Illustrations & Sketches by Alena


Alena Zakhvatkina (@fashion_artist) attended the School of Arts for eight years and the Ural State Architectural and Artistic University for five. While at university, she sketched illustrations of females and costumes as a hobby. She realized after graduating that she wanted to pursue a profession in art and fashion. So the concept of doing fashion illustrations emerged, and since 2019, she's been drawing illustrations for clients worldwide.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 black and white simple sketch.
  • Standard: Color illustration with 1 person with a background.
  • Premium: Complex fashion illustrations.

Check out Alena's service here

12. Fashion Illustrations, Portrait and Sketches by Maral


Maral (@marika_fashion) is a freelance illustrator and Fashion Studies student in Italy. She is obsessed with fashion and has made it her full-time profession. She draws in both digital and hand-drawn formats, each with her own distinct flair.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Illustration of one person, head to waist.
  • Standard: Full body illustration of one person.
  • Premium: One person illustration + background.

Check out Maral's service here

13. Fashion Illustration, Sketch or Design Collection by Alisha


Alisha (@alishamuha) works as a full-time fashion illustrator in Tokyo. She has a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and has worked in the arts for over 11 years. Her painting style and approach will showcase the uniqueness of your brand and set it apart from the competition.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Stylization and line drawing.
  • Standard: Stylization and line drawing with background and color.
  • Premium: Commercial illustration.

Check out Alisha's service here

14. Pro Fashion Illustration and Design by Nastaran


Nastaran (@nastaranhash238) is a fashion designer with a Master's of Fashion from IED and five years of experience in fashion design and illustration.

Service Highlights

Nastaran creates illustrations by hand, using Adobe Illustrator or a combination of the two. Before starting, she will have a discussion with you in which she will inquire about everything you are looking for, including the theme, purpose of use, and so on. If necessary, she will supply you with additional frames, as well as flat images outlining the accessories and details, and she will finally consult with you before sending the final project.

Check out Nastaran's service here

15. Fashion Illustrations or Sketches by Kate


Kate (@katenastas) is an Italian-based Russian fashion illustrator. After graduating from university, she began drawing illustrations and discovered a great affinity for them. She prefers to work traditionally, using paper, ink, and watercolors.

Service Highlights

Kate will draw fashionable, attractive fashion illustrations based on your specifications. She draws by hand using various techniques, then scans it and edits it in Photoshop to give it an amazing, professional appearance.

Check out Kate's service here

The Pros of Utilizing a Freelance Fashion Illustrator

Many businesses are already utilizing talented fashion illustrators with outstanding results. Here are some of the most notable advantages of hiring a competent freelance fashion illustrator.

(Potentially) High-Quality Work

Good fashion artists have most likely been in the industry for many years. They've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for a wide range of businesses. This offers them an advantage over other illustrators with fewer years of experience because they have a greater breadth of expertise. In addition, good fashion illustrators are naturally motivated to produce high-quality work. To stay in business, they rely on repeat customers. Every project they work on puts their reputation at stake, especially in this information age where anyone can easily leave a negative review online.

Flexible Work Schedules

The majority of fashion freelancers are hired for short-term projects and are paid on a per-assignment basis. There are no regular working hours. The lack of a set schedule allows for flexible working hours and on-the-spot assistance at all hours.


Established and experienced freelance fashion illustrators have worked in various company structures on tight deadlines and with people with different personalities. They can work both independently and in groups. They can quickly adapt to your unique needs and get things started right away.

Quick Turnaround

The ideal freelancers are not only motivated to produce high-quality work to gain your trust and repeat business, but they are also highly motivated to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner. They are constantly striving to exceed your expectations by delivering high-quality work. As a result, this will pave the way for more business from you or other companies.

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