9 Best Floor Plan Drawing Services

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The most critical stage in planning a house and then decorating it is creating a floor plan. Anyone who intends to build a house will spend a significant budget on it, and the plans will be meticulously designed and calculated. Floor plans provide homeowners with critical information about the structure, layout, and other elements of their home. Not only can a floor plan inform homeowners about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house, but it may also convey information about the size and position of these rooms.

Besides that, floor plans are a language used in architecture and construction to connect with spaces and gain an overview of the structure as a whole. The floor plan depicts the complete structure from a bird's eye view. It is a scaled-down representation of a room, house, or building as drawn by an architect. It depicts the interaction between rooms, furniture, and spaces and dimension lines denoting the lengths of objects in real life.

Furthermore, it serves as a vital link between the architect, the builder, and the client. It includes a technical examination of the structure and the precise calculative measurements that must be taken on-site, and information about the end user's area specifications. Floor plans have a wealth of advantages, including bringing clarity to all aspects of the layout in remodeling projects, ensuring technical accuracy in construction projects, and allowing for viewing a property in its immediate surroundings. The following list is for anyone who needs a specialist who can design a proper floor plan.

1. Architectural Floor Plan in AutoCAD 2D by Mithila_Orna


Mithila_Orna is a Bangladeshi architect. She has eight years of expertise in creating architectural blueprints using AutoCAD.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 600 sq.ft (56 m2)
  • Standard: Up to 2152 sq.ft (200 m2)
  • Premium: Up to 2690 sq.ft (250 m2)

Check out Mithila_Orna's service here

2. Floor Plan, Elevations, Roof Plan or Sections by Jochesxp


Jochesxp is a civil engineer with 14 years of experience working on various engineering projects involving structure, architecture, hydraulics, and road construction.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 2D Floor Plan or elevation with an area up to 10 m2 (110 sqft).
  • Standard: 2D Floor Plan or elevation with an area from 11 m2 to 190 m2 (111 sqft to 2000 sqft).
  • Premium: 2D Floor Plan or elevation with an area from 91 m2 to 280 m2 (2001 sqft to 3000 sqft).

Check out Jochesxp's service here

3. Floor Plan in AutoCAD by Bassil


Bassil (bassilmoaid) is an Egyptian architect specializing in 3D/2D modeling and rendering.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Draw your floor plan with all details.
  • Standard: Floor plan with a layered system, furniture, and all the details.
  • Premium: Floor plan with all details + full presentation.

Check out Bassil's service here

4. Architectural Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections by B&Y Architects


B&Y Architects (by_architects) is a group of professional architects capable of interior and exterior design and drafting and BIM (Revit) modeling. They've been involved in a number of remodeling and interior design projects throughout the world.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Floor plan area of up to 50 m2 (600 ft2).
  • Standard: Floor plan area of up to 150 m2 (1600 ft2).
  • Premium: Floor plan area of up to 250 m2 (2600 ft2).

Check out B&Y Architects's service here

5. Architectural Floor Plan, Elevations, etc in CAD by Eduardo


Eduardo Arlés (eduardoarles) is a civil engineer from Venezuela with over six years of experience working with AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Area up to 200 sq. ft.
  • Standard: Area up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • Premium: Area up to 4000 sq. ft. or more.

Check out Eduardo's service here

6. 2D Floor Plan in AutoCAD by Faizan


Faizan (architectstar) works as a civil draughtsman. He excelled at AutoCAD architectural plans, floor plans, sections, elevations, and all other types of drawings.

Service Highlights

If you need a floor plan for your home, draw a sketch and email it to Faizan, and he will create a proper floor plan for you.

Check out Faizan's service here

7. Redraw Floor Plan for Real Estate Agents, Property Manager, etc. by Jack


Jack (jack_vn) specializes in producing high-quality 2D/3D floor plans, virtual staging, and furnishings for real estate agents, property managers, and developers.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 2D floor plan without furniture/texture.
  • Standard: 2D floor plan with furniture/texture.
  • Premium: Detailed 2D floor plan with furniture/texture.

Check out Jack's service here

8. 2D Floor Plan in AutoCAD and Photoshop by Zozan


Zozan (zozanerdogan) is a Turkish architect with more than five years of professional experience. She has a special interest in graphic design.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Simple apartment size floor plan (1-3 rooms) in black and white.
  • Standard: Floor plan (1-3 rooms) with color.
  • Premium: Render a 2D floor plan (1-3 rooms) or a Site Plan for you with furniture, with color & texture.

Check out Zozan's service here

9. Floor Plan or Blueprint for Permits or Remodeling by Insight_Design


Insight_Design is an experienced architect with a passion for providing detailed and professional solutions to any architectural issues.

Service Highlights

Get high-quality professional architectural services for permits, renovations, and bespoke home design, etc.

Check out Insight_Design's service here

Benefits of Preparing A Floor Plan

Floor plans enable visual communication: The advantage of floor plans is that they provide the ideal medium for communicating the architect's vision to the end-user. It delivers a sense of accomplishment and an almost real space experience with true proportions and measurements.

As a reference: The on-site workers use a floor plan to make the spaces more precise in terms of area. It also works as a vital tool for the end-user to verify the size and space requirements before settling on the site.

Smoothen the construction process: A floor plan is used on-site to guide construction and communicate with workers. In addition, it enables workers to refer to the dimensions and material checklist, making it easier for them to order materials in advance.

There is less room for on-site issues: A floor plan properly illustrates all of the particular dimensions and column placement with exact measurements, resulting in a perfect blueprint for the design. It lowers the number of on-site errors and simplifies the adjustments that must be made before the design can be implemented.

Facilitates the interior design: Floor plans assist in the efficient planning of interior sections prior to construction. They can also be used to organize furniture in their surroundings or identify available open spaces for free circulation.

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