10 Best Freelance Book Cover Designers

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The cover of a book makes the first impression on potential readers, determining their attention span and even purchase decisions. A decent book cover is an important marketing tool, but if done poorly, it can lead to direct sales loss. This is why a well-designed book cover is crucial for a writer, as it can significantly impact the book's success or failure.

The overall feel of the book is determined by the design of the book cover. It informs readers about what they may encounter within its pages. Every design element on the cover should pique the reader's interest and influence their decision to pick up and read the book.

You cannot entrust the design of your book cover to an inexperienced designer. When it comes to creating a great book cover, you should seek the help of a professional designer. The services listed below may assist you in finding the ideal cover designer for your upcoming book.

1. eBook Cover or Book Cover Design by Nirkri


Nirkri has over 20 years of experience as a web designer and creative graphic designer. Book cover design is one of his most successful services (in 2D and 3D).

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) eBook Cover: eCover + 1 Custom Character & Custom Background + Effects + 3D
  • (Standard) eBook + Print Front Back Spine: Basic Pack + Print Front Back Spine + Extra 1 Character (Tot 2 Chars)
  • (Premium) eBook + Print + Social Media + PSD: All Previous Packs + Audio ACX + Pro Title + Social Media Banner + Print PSD Source file

Check out Nirkri's service here

2. Professional Book Cover or eBook Cover Design by Lesia


Lesia (@germancreative) is a book cover designer who also maintains an indie author blog. She understands how to transform your thoughts into clean artwork that your readers will be proud to share with their friends.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Design creative front-side e-book cover. One licensed stock image is included.
  • (Standard) Design front, back, and spine. Two licensed stock images are included.
  • (Premium) Design cover with three stock images (including the source file).

Check out Lesia's service here

3. Create Urban Book Cover Design, Fantasy or Fiction by SheerGenius


SheerGenius has over 13 years of experience as a graphic and web designer, marketer, and serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about design, being creative, and making a positive impact on his clients' businesses.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Only one stock photo, layered text, one background, eBook (front only).
  • (Standard) Attention-grabbing design, up to 3 stock images, fancy text, layered background, front-back spine.
  • (Premium) Everything from previous packages, plus unlimited stock photos, including fast turnaround & book mock-up.

Check out SheerGenius's service here

4. Paperback or eBook Cover Design by Sam


Sam (@sam_designs1) is proficient at graphic design, having worked on book covers for three years (Kindle, Paperback, ACX, and eBooks). He is a Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign expert.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Front/eBook cover+source file+JPG, PSD Unlimited revisions.
  • (Standard) Paperback/Print-ready book cover with source file+JPG, PDF, PSD Unlimited revisions.
  • (Premium) Full paperback, eBook design +3D presentation+all files with unlimited revisions.

Check out Sam's service here

5. Create Book Cover in My Original Style by Andrew


Andrew (@dankovychart) is a talented Ukrainian artist and illustrator. He creates illustrations, book covers, music album covers, concept art, t-shirt print art, and so on. Science fiction and horror are two of his favorite creative subjects.

Service Highlights

Andrew will create book covers in his distinctive art style. It could be about anything and in any genre, but he prefers science fiction and horror. He can design a cover for your book, novel, or even a music album.

Check out Andrew's service here

6. Beautiful Book Cover Design by Kozakura


Kozakura is a Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign expert. Book covers, book formatting, posters, flyers, social media design, logo & business card design, illustration, and 3D mockups are among the services she offers.

Service Highlights

Kozakura will design your book's cover and layout. Please let her know if you have a specific art style in mind (and please provide some samples). Otherwise, it will be completed in her art style.

Check out Kozakura's service here

7. Unique Book Cover Design by Rose


Rose (@rose_miller) has five years of experience in graphic design and illustration. She is a branding expert who specializes in book cover design.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) A full book cover design ready for print + Kindle cover + professional stock photos.
  • (Standard) A full book cover design ready for print + stock photos + Kindle cover + Source file with fonts.
  • (Premium) A full book cover design ready for print + stock photos + Kindle + Source file + full 3d presentation.

Check out Rose's service here

8. Professional Book Cover Design by Shashika


Shashika (@shashika2) is a professional graphic designer with years of experience in that field. She is dedicated to providing her clients with the best work possible.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) eBook Cover + 3D Mockup
  • (Standard) eBook Cover + Paperback Cover + Stock images + 3D mockup
  • (Premium) eBook Cover + Paperback Cover + Stock images + 3D mockup + Source file

Check out Shashika's service here

9. Book Cover Design, Format & eBook Conversion by Rica


Rica (@ricacabrex) is a graphic designer who specializes in book covers, layouts, and eBooks. She has ten years of experience working in the self-publishing industry and has collaborated with a large number of independent authors.

Service Highlights

All book cover designs will be created from scratch and crafted in accordance with your ideas/visions.

Check out Rica's service here

10. Unique Book Cover Design by Marko


Marko (@marmarko78) has 20 years of experience working for daily newspapers and magazines as well as freelancing. He used to work as an Art Director for major daily newspapers many years ago. He has had a lot of success as an independent contractor on graphic design projects.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Design unique eBook Cover + 3D mockup for marketing.
  • (Standard) Unique Paperbook or Hardbook Cover Design + eBook + 3D mockup for marketing.
  • (Premium) One-stop premium service for authors: Print & eBook & Audio Cover + 3D for marketing+ Social media kit.

Check out Marko's service here

As humans, we possess an aesthetic sense. We are compelled to make judgments about everything based on its outward physical appearance. When you are standing outside a retail establishment, for example, you infer the establishment's credibility based on its exterior appearance. If the exterior appears dirty or shabby, it projects a negative image of the business and its proprietor. You are much less likely to enter such a store with the intention of making a purchase.

Similarly, for your book, regardless of how well-written the book is on the inside, readers will always be hesitant to pick it up if the cover does not impress them.

The Benefits of Hiring a Graphic Designer to Create Your Book Cover

Several advantages of working with a professional graphic designer include the following:

Professional graphic designers are well aware of marketing requirements.

Book cover designers who work with a variety of authors are well-versed in marketing strategies. They understand how to design a book cover that maximizes the book's profitability.

Graphic designers offer sound advice.

While you're writing the book, you may come up with a cover design concept. When you convey that concept to the designer, he or she may conclude that it is not feasible for potential readers. Additionally, they provide constructive feedback, and through collaborative brainstorming, you can arrive at the ideal book cover concept.

A graphic designer will create a cover for your book that accurately reflects its content.

Professional book cover designers are constantly attempting to decipher the author's motivations for writing the book. They then develop concepts for the book's cover. Their work will always reflect the reasons of the author. Furthermore, they are willing to revise their designs until you are completely satisfied with your book's cover.

The importance of hiring a professional graphic designer cannot be overstated when it comes to marketing success.

As the author or publisher of a book, your primary objective should be to obtain a book cover design that distinguishes the book from the competition and immediately captures the attention of potential readers. The benefit of hiring a professional graphic designer is that they can create a book cover that entices readers to purchase your book and distinguishes it from comparable titles.


Creating a book cover is a significant undertaking. You should avoid hiring anyone who lacks graphic design skills. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced writer, a well-designed book cover is critical to the success of your book.

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