10 Best Garden Design Services

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When you decide that your home requires a makeover, you should not immediately start tearing everything down and renovating it. This is expensive. Sometimes all it takes to give your house a new look is to add a beautiful garden design right on your front lawn.

Gardens enhance the beauty and charm of our way of life. The tranquil peace and serenity act as a balm against the stress and frantic pace of the modern world. Garden designs are more important than ever before for both homeowners and home builders.

If you invest time and money in good garden design, you will most likely see it returned to you when the time comes to sell it. The average percentage increase in value that landscaping brings can range from 5 to 12 percent, depending on whether you've had a professional touch – which is recommended – and the property's overall value.

A good garden designer will open a magical box of creativity and imagination. So, if you're considering redesigning your garden, and want to ensure you get top-notch results, consider hiring an expert garden designer to take the hassle out of the process. Please see the following services:

1. Landscape, Backyard, Garden Design with 3D Realistic Views by Uthpala


Uthpala (@uthpalamadhusha) is a landscape architect with five years of experience in design. He is a full-time employee of a design firm.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Basic conceptual garden design, with sketches.
  • Standard: Unique small-scale garden design.
  • Premium: Medium scale landscape project with unique design and 3D visuals.

Check out Uthpala's service here

2. Landscape, Garden Design by Dazzlee


Dazzlee (@dazzlee) is a landscape architecture and urban design firm that has been in operation since 2010. They can design anything from large-scale urban spaces to backyards, including 2D plans and 3D visualization.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: High-quality renders, suitable for small-scale sites.
  • Standard: High-quality renderings, a 2D site plan and plant suggestions.
  • Premium: Extensive design details such as 3D renderings, site plans, and 3D animation.

Check out Dazzlee's service here

3. Garden, Backyard, Swimming Pool Design by Buwaneka


Buwaneka (@buwanekajay) is a landscape architect with three years of experience in the field. He will provide architectural and landscape designs and 2D plans, and high-quality 3D renderings for any architectural and landscape project that you wish to undertake.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Design a very small-scale garden or backyard with realistic images.
  • Standard: Design a medium-scale garden or landscape and render 3D realistic images.
  • Premium: Design a large-scale garden or landscape and render 3D realistic images.

Check out Buwaneka's service here

4. Garden, Backyard, Patio, Terrace Design in Realistic 3D by Arosha


Arosha (@designstormorg) is capable of designing outdoor spaces based on your preferences. He has over five years of landscape architecture experience and can assist you in creating a proper landscape design.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Small space design with 3D visuals and 3D layout.
  • Standard: Front yard or backyard design with HQ 3D visualization and a 3D design layout.
  • Premium: Complete residential landscape design & any design projects with 3D visualization and a 3D design layout.

Check out Arosha's service here

5. Garden, Backyard Design 3D by Chathuri


Chathuri Shashiprabha (@dissagihan) is passionate about architectural subjects such as planning, design, 3D visualization, and sketching. She has over five years of experience in the field of architectural design and visualization.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Design your garden or backyard (below 1200 sq.ft.) and render images.
  • Standard: Design your small-scale landscape (below 3000sq.ft.) and render images.
  • Premium: Design your medium scale landscape (below 7000 sq.ft.) and render images.

Check out Chathuri's service here

6. Garden, Backyard, Swimming Pool, Patio Design 3D by Ishara


Ishara (@ishdesilva) is an expert in all aspects of architectural and landscape design, including planning, 3D visualization, 2D planning, and sketching.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Design a small-scale back yard/front yard.
  • Standard: Design a medium scale garden, landscape and render HQ 3D images. 
  • Premium: Design a large-scale garden and a landscape with HQ 3D with lighting.

Check out Ishara's service here

7. Backyard, Garden, Patio, Landscape Design in 3D by Hashi


Hashi (@hashi27) is a licensed Landscape Architect and Urban Designer who is excited to work with you to create beautiful and functional designs and 3D renderings for your renovation project.

Service Highlights

  • Landscape Design on any scale.
  • 3D modeling (landscape/interior of a building).
  • 3D Visualizing (with images and walk-through videos).
  • Plans and Layouts.

Check out Hashi's service here

8. House Garden, Patio, Terrace Design in 3D by Bhanu


Bhanu (@b7customworks) provides architectural and landscapes architectural services. These services include design, 3D modeling and rendering, architectural walk-troughs, and animation. Additionally, he creates architectural renderings for students and other publications.

Service Highlights

  • Drawings in AutoCAD at the required scale.
  • 3D rendering of the landscape design with high-res JPEG images.
  • Landscape layout.
  • Detailed flora inventory.
  • New landscape details and techniques.

Check out Bhanu's service here

9. Landscape, Garden, Front/Back Yard with Realistic Renderings by Naveen


Naveen (@studio9plus) can assist you in visually communicating your projects and design concepts. He has over eight years of professional experience and an academic background in architecture, design, and 3D visualization. SketchUp is his preferred design, modeling, and drafting tool.

Service Highlights

Naveen will create realistic 3D rendered images of your garden, front yard, courtyard, back yard, terrace, roof terrace, park, or any other landscape. Additionally, he can create architectural drawings or construct your design.

Check out Naveen's service here

10. Landscape, Garden, Front/Back Yard Design by Thamila


Thamila (@design_cycle) is an architect specializing in landscape design. He is capable of creating both 2D and 3D landscape designs for your garden, back yard, front yard, patio, and park. He has over five years of experience working in this field.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Design your small-scale garden or backyard (below 1000sq.ft.) 
  • Standard: Design your medium-scale garden or backyard (below 3000sq.ft.) 
  • Premium: Design your large-scale landscape (below 5000sq.ft.)

Check out Thamila's service here

The Advantages of Having a Great Garden Design

Designing an ideal garden takes a significant amount of time, but the advantages are plenty. A great garden design can provide numerous benefits for a homeowner, such as:

Improves the Quality of Life

There's no denying that it can improve the quality of life, not only for the homeowner, but also for visitors, who will notice and appreciate the garden design. The quality of life can be measured individually, for example, by increased intimacy or privacy, or by the peace and tranquillity that a garden can provide.

It Is an Ideal Location for Family Activities

A garden can be an excellent location for a fun family activity. Each family member can choose a fun task or game to do together and devote time to it. In no time, a homeowner may be surprised at how beneficial this type of hobby can be for family bonding.

Increases the Property's Value

Garden design can also increase the resale value of the property. When a great plan is developed and implemented for garden design, it can significantly increase aesthetic appeal. If the homeowners want to sell the property in the future, they can get a good price because of a well-maintained and unique garden design.

It's a Great Place to Unwind

As a great stress reliever, it is possible to transform an ordinary landscape into a retreat for relaxation for every family member. A gorgeous landscape provides serenity and harmony since it surrounds one visually and attracts species such as butterflies, birds, and other lovely creatures.

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