10 Best Ghost Mannequin Services

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Product images are critical to your online store's success. And if you work in the fashion retail industry, you're probably aware of how vital it is to have high-quality images of your apparel. Customers require visual confirmation of a product's shape, which flat or folded displays do not provide. While it is necessary to show the products being worn in your product photography, hiring models are expensive, and mannequins can be distracting.

Ghost mannequin effect, also known as invisible mannequin imagery, is widely used by brands and retailers to show their products through a 3D, hollow man effect. This effect is produced by removing various types of mannequins from the image to create a ghostly appearance. Mannequins allow your clothing products to retain their shape, resulting in more professional, consistent and versatile product photos.

Invisible mannequin effect is particularly suitable for clothing such as blazers, jeans, jackets, and shirts because it allows customers to imagine themselves wearing the garments. Ghost mannequin services have grown in popularity in recent years and have become an essential part of the online clothing business. Many brands and retailers around the world prefer to shoot all of their clothing in this manner. If you are a business owner interested in using the ghost mannequin technique to showcase your products, please see the services listed below.

1. Ghost Mannequin Creation by Mithu Saha


Mithu Saha (mithusaha) Mithu is a professional image editor who has been providing various graphics services since 2014.

Service Highlights

Mithu will do invisible mannequin, neck joint and 3D ghost mannequin photo editing for 10 images. 

Check out Mithu's service here

2. Neck Joint, Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing by Magicthe24h


Magicthe24h is a Photoshop expert with six years of freelance experience. Currently, he has completed over 15k orders and has over 10k satisfied customers.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 5 images – background removal & neck joint.
  • Standard: 10 images – background removal, retouch, shape, clean up, neck joint.
  • Premium: 10 images – all from previous packages + shape enhancement.

Check out Magicthe24h's service here

3. Ghost Mannequin or Dummy Retouch by Reza


Reza (bdkarim24) is a graphic designer who offers high-quality image editing services at reasonable prices.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 5 images.
  • Standard: 50 images.
  • Premium: 100 images.

Check out Reza's service here

4. Neck Join, Ghost Mannequin Image Editing by Anthony


Anthony (anthony_shawon) is an expert in the field of e-commerce image editing. He edits images for e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. He specialized in background removal, retouching, and ghost mannequins photo editing.

Service Highlights

Anthony will manipulate your clothes to make ghost mannequins for e-commerce sites. For $5, he can make 10 ghost mannequins.

Check out Anthony's service here

5. Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Using Photoshop by Wayas Ali


Wayas Ali (cloudforest124) uses Adobe Photoshop to edit all types of product images for the online marketplace. He has been working in this field for the past eight years.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Mannequin/cut out/neck joint/invisible image editing.
  • Standard: Mannequin/neck joint/manipulation/invisible image editing.
  • Premium: Mannequin/neck joint/ ghost mannequin/liquify/ retouch/ invisible image editing.

Check out Wayas Ali's service here

6. Ghost Mannequin Services by Mazedul


Md. Mazedul (md_mazedul) is a skilled graphic designer who specializes in photo editing. He works hard to ensure that his customers are satisfied and that his work is of high quality.

Service Highlights

Mazedul will do ghost mannequin and neck joint photo editing (up to 10 images).

Check out Mazedul's service here

7. Ghost Mannequin & 3D Mannequin Effect by Hoan


Hoan (lehuuhoan) is a Vietnam-based professional real estate photo editor and e-commerce product image editor with over eight years of experience.

Service Highlights

Hoan will create dynamic, realistic, and eye-catching apparel representations to highlight their style, fit, and texture. He has done many complicated tasks for Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint services with success.

Check out Hoan's service here

8. Shoot and Edit Ghost Mannequin Photography by Daya Sena


Daya Sena (mzone_d) is a New York-based product photographer. He has been a product photographer since 2006, with a focus on garment, clothing, and apparel photography.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 photo • 100% white-background.
  • Standard: 2 photos • 100% white-background • Photoshop touch-ups.
  • Premium: 10 photos • 100% white-background • Photoshop touch-ups.

Check out Daya's service here

9. Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint by RetouchingHome


RetouchingHome (@retouchinghome) is a professional graphic designer with extensive knowledge of photo editing. He has over ten years of image editing and illustration experience.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 10 images.
  • Standard: 50 images.
  • Premium: 100 images.

Check out RetouchingHome's service here

10. Ghost Mannequin & 3D Mannequin Effect by Anhpt18


Anhpt18 is a graphic designer from Vietnam with a focus on photo editing and she has more than 9 years of experience in this line of work.

Service Highlights

If you want your image to be ready in 24 hours or less with an appealing 3D effect, send your photos to Anhpt18, and she will make it happen.

Check out Anhpt18's service here

Reasons To Utilize “Ghost” or Invisible Mannequin Imagery

The majority of e-commerce sites use models to display clothing because it gives the customer an idea of how the cloth will look when worn. However, using mannequins to display clothing on online platforms is not recommended due to their unappealing appearance.

A ghost mannequin is a proper way to display clothing images online. During the editing process, photo editors remove the original mannequin, giving the appearance of the clothing being worn and hollow. This hollow nature can add depth to the image of the clothes, allowing the viewer to understand their many features, such as fabric type, color, fit, and so on. This improves the image and allows the customer to buy suitable clothing based on their preferences.

A ghost mannequin service typically includes a variety of other processes in addition to removal, such as merging images, changing the background, changing the color of the fabric, and so on. Here are some of the benefits of using a ghost mannequin:

  • It is a low-cost technique that provides a consistent look for all clothing products displayed on an e-commerce site or online catalog.
  • Customers will not be distracted by the model or the background.
  • Online shoppers can visualize the product and imagine how it will look on them.
  • The mannequin gives the clothing item a human-like shape without the expense of an actual model.
  • A traditional model requires more editing of their body and face to remove flaws, whereas editing photos of ghost mannequins take much less time.
  • The technique removes many of the unwanted elements, such as the mannequin and the background.
  • Ghost mannequin images are adaptable and can be used on a variety of e-commerce platforms.

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