10 Best GoPro Video Editing Services

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When the GoPro action camera first became available, it ushered in a video revolution for both sports and video enthusiasts looking for a unique perspective on the action. If you've just gotten a GoPro and aren't the most experienced video user, editing your footage can be daunting. Hiring a professional video editor who is trained and highly skilled at creating top-quality and engaging video content is a way to get around this stumbling block.

Video editing is, at its core, a form of art. And without a doubt, the most critical aspect of video production is editing. Editing – the art of arranging pictures, dialog, and sounds – determines a finished product's ability to communicate a story initially envisioned by its videographer to its intended viewers. Days, weeks, or even months of footage must be analyzed, interpreted, and organized before it can be condensed into a story lasting only a fraction of the time it took to record.

One of the first advantages of working with a professional is that you can expect high-quality results. Typically, an online video editing service provider will have proof of their work. They have a portfolio that contains examples of their previous work. You can see what kind of editing services they provide and at what price by looking at their portfolio. Without further ado, let's look at some of the most effective GoPro video editing services in the list below.

1. Professional GoPro Video Editing by Riana


Riana (@nonordinary) enjoys her work as a video editor and has a lot of experience in the field.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Less than one minute video.
  • Standard: One minute video.
  • Premium: Up to one minute and a half.

Check out Riana's service here

2. GoPro Video Editing by Mehran


Mehran (@mehran1995) works as a video editor for a living. He has three years of video editing experience and is well-equipped to meet your video editing needs.

Service Highlights

Mehran will edit your videos and turn them into amazing videos that will transport you back to the same journey every time you watch them. He'll take the best parts of your videos and transform them into stunning masterpieces by adding stunning cinematic effects and transitions, as well as soulful royalty-free background music.

Check out Mehran's service here

3. Edit Video from Your GoPro or Other Source by Bell


Bell (@nuttanicha) is a Business English student in Bangkok, Thailand. She specializes in video editing, which includes everything from holiday and wedding collages to 360-degree video edits, animated titles, and fun effects.

Service Highlights

Bell will edit your phone, drone, GoPro, or other camera footage into a nice edit with the music of your choice. Not just some randomly chosen theme. Her videos are manually edited using professional software (Final Cut Pro). She'll color grade, stabilize, and add transitions as necessary. 

Check out Bell's service here

4. GoPro Video Clips Editing by Kevin


Kevin (@kevinnoorlander) has a lot of experience making videos that are entirely shot with a GoPro. He knows how to get the most out of GoPro footage by enhancing the quality, colors, and effects.

Service Highlights

Kevin will create an excellent video from your GoPro (or other brands) footage. Your video will look fantastic on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

Check out Kevin's service here

5. GoPro Travel Video Editing by Robin


Robin (@robindietric207) is a media designer in training based in Germany. He produces documentary-style travel films onboard cruise ships and works on live TV shows all over Europe.

Service Highlights

Robin will edit your raw GoPro or other action camera footage into a cinematic travel video with music of your choice.

Check out Robin's service here

6. Professionally Edit Your GoPro or Drone Video by Elevate


Elevate (@elevatestudios) is a design studio based in the London area. They are a group of top-tier writers, planners, photographers, digital designers, and animators in the industry.

Service Highlights

Elevate can assist people who do not have time to edit their videos. They make a story out of your footage that will transport you back to your adventure and entice your viewers to join you on your experience. They'll incorporate some lovely royalty-free music as well as some trendy cinematic transitions.

Check out Elevate's service here

7. GoPro Video Editing & Color Correction by Kasperi


Kasperi (@kasperi_l) has been writing for many years. He has developed an excellent eye for proofreading and editing text over the years as he has practiced and perfected his talent. He's also an expert at video editing, to the point where he can provide it as a service.

Service Highlights

Kasperi will edit and enhance your GoPro footage so that it looks great and fits the mood of the situation. He'll cut, edit, and color grade your video to create a professional-looking, cinematic edit — whether you want your sports POV footage to look gnarlier or your family vacation shots to look brighter.

Check out Kasperi's service here

8. Professional GoPro Video Editing by Juan Veliz


Juan Veliz (@juan_veliz) is a professional video editor who has worked in advertising, television production, and social media videos.

Service Highlights

Juan Veliz will edit and create masterpieces out of your videos. He'll take the best parts of your videos and transform them into incredible works of art by adding VFX, transitions, and royalty-free background music.

Check out Juan's service here

9. Memorable Travel Video Editing for GoPro by Julia


Julia (@julialastorina) has been working as a video editor since 2017. She used to travel a lot, which inspired her to begin editing. She enjoys what she does, and it isn't just a job for her; it is also a passion.

Service Highlights

Julia will provide you with a professional video editing service so that you can have a video of your trip that you will cherish forever. Her goal is to add tremendous value to your project while also telling a compelling story to your audience.

Check out Julia's service here

10. Professional Editing for GoPro Video by Migs


Migs (@migskipper) is a self-taught video editor with over two years of experience editing various types of videos. He often uses Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, and some basic Adobe After Effects during the editing process.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 5 minutes of standard video editing.
  • Standard: Up to 8 minutes of high-quality video editing.
  • Premium: Up to 10 minutes of advanced video editing.

Check out Migs' service here

Why Use a Vacation Video Editing Service? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons:

You’re probably wondering why you should hire a professional travel video editor. Read on to discover five reasons why you should use one.

They Can Edit Any Type of Media.

A good video editor will be able to work with any type of media. This includes audio files, images, text, and even video clips. If you’re looking for a more advanced option, you might consider hiring a video editor who specializes in animation if you want to add basic VFX.

They Have Experience with Different Types of Videos.

One reason you should hire a professional editor is that they have experience editing different types of videos. Some editors, for example, focus on making travel videos, while others make business related videos.

They Know How to Create Compelling Stories.

Another reason you should hire a pro is because they understand how to tell compelling stories with visuals. This skill will help you create more effective videos.

They Can Help You Find Creative Ways to ‘Storify' Your Moments.

A good video editor knows how to make your story come to life through visual storytelling. They also know how to use editing techniques to highlight key points in your footage.

They Can Help You Save Time and Money.

If you’ve ever tried to edit your own video, you know how difficult it can be. It takes time to learn the basics of video editing software and then even more time to master the skills needed to produce high-quality videos.

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