10 Best Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

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An old photo or jewelry that has been heavily worn may lose its shine and luster over time. There are, however, ways to improve these images so that they look as dazzling as they did before. Retouching is the key. Contrast adjustments, metal cleanup, surface enhancement, reflection removal, color adjustments, and sharpening are all part of the retouching process.

As the name implies, photo retouching is a technique that allows you to “touch” different parts of a photograph with various tools to improve its overall appearance. It is essentially the art of manipulating an image to reveal details that have almost vanished. This technique enhances image clarity and brings it closer to what our eyes used to enjoy.

While retouching, you need to understand the type of metal used when retouching jewelry. Silver, platinum, white gold, and aluminum all have distinct colors. It is important to identify the correct metal and retouch it appropriately. Over-finishing may give the image an unfavorable artificial appearance. As a result, it is recommended to use a qualified professional to perform these subtle editing processes. Refer to the list of retouching services below.

1. High-End Professional Jewelry Image Retouch by Abutalebtc


Abutalebtc has more than six years of experience as a professional jewelry retoucher. He has worked with some of the best corporate design firms.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 image.
  • Standard: 5 images.
  • Premium: 20 images.

Check out Abutalebtc's service here

2. HD Quality Jewelry Images Retouching by Semoen


Semoen is an experienced image editor with a strong background in Photoshop.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 basic image retouch.
  • Standard: 10 basic image retouches.
  • Premium: 10 High-quality image retouches.

Check out Semoen's service here

3. Professional Jewelry Photo Retouching by Joya62


Joya62 has over 7 years of experience as an Adobe Photoshop expert. Past projects include e-commerce product photo editing, social media photo editing, retouching, and so on.

Service Highlights

Joya62 specializes in jewelry editing for eCommerce sites and will give your jewelry images a premium appearance.

Check out Joya62's service here

4. Jewelry Image Retouch by Farehalinu


Farehalinu is an Adobe Photoshop expert who specializes in image editing and retouching. She is well-versed in every tip and trick for her photo editing work.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: cutout, adding natural shadows and simple retouching.
  • Standard: basic + advanced retouching and color adjustments.
  • Premium: standard + professional retouching, color adjustments or recolors.

Check out Farehalinu's service here

5. Jewelry Retouching, Editing, Smoothing, Background Removing by Pawananipix


Pawananipix is a group of graphic designers and photo editors who have been providing various digital graphic services since 2014.

Service Highlights

Pawananipix offers high-quality retouching and unlimited revisions at no extra charge, and they are always eager to serve you in the long run.

Check out Pawananipix's service here

6. High-Quality Jewelry Retouch by Azmol


Azmol Huda (azmolhuda) is a trained graphic designer and retoucher with over six years of experience editing product images.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 2 images.
  • Standard: 5 images.
  • Premium: 10 images.

Check out Azmol's service here

7. Jewelry Retouch & High Glossy Polished Finish by Sanzida01


Sanzida01 is a dedicated and professional jewelry image editor. He has over ten years of experience in the jewelry and image retouching fields.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Background change, jewelry retouching – 4 images
  • Standard: Retouch any complex image, color correction – 5 images.
  • Premium: Retouch super complex images with a high gloss polished finish – 5 images.

Check out Sanzida01's service here

8. Jewelry Retouch and Editing by Joti


Joti (jotikunduss) is an image editing specialist with more than eight years of experience.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Background remove, simple & natural retouch, shadow & reflection – 1 image.
  • Standard: Include basic + advanced retouch, color adjustment / recolor – 5 images.
  • Premium: All from previous packages, professional retouch – 10 images.

Check out Joti's service here

9. Jewelry Retouching, Editing, Background Removal, Retouch, Smoothing by Fixelz


Fixelz is a world-class provider of in-house photo editing and design services. They can edit your jewelry photographs or e-commerce images to a high standard.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Background removal and normal retouching – 1 image.
  • Standard: Background removal and mid-level retouching – 5 images.
  • Premium: Background removal and high-end retouching – 10 images.

Check out Fixelz's service here

10. Jewelry and Product Photography Retouching by Jasdeep


Jasdeep Singh (jasdeepsingh567) has over three years of experience as a professional jewelry and product image retoucher. He has some amazing techniques that can give the images a realistic feel.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Normal retouching – 1 image.
  • Standard: Good quality retouching – 2 images.
  • Premium: Professional HD Quality retouching – 5 images.

Check out Jasdeep's service here

Benefits of Photo Retouching

When photographing jewelry, you notice that no matter how perfect the lighting or angle is, it cannot remove what the item already has – reflections, scratches, shadows, and so on. This is where photo retouching enters the scene. This product photo editing technique is so powerful that it can turn even a hastily taken photograph into a professional-looking masterpiece. Here are some of the advantages of photo retouching.

Distinctive Image

Images can help you differentiate your product from others, and if you use image correction techniques correctly, you stand to gain a lot in the process. With the proper use of various image editing techniques, you can easily establish a distinct editing style for your product.

Enhanced Image Quality

One of the most significant image editing benefits is that photo retouching techniques can make dull, dark, and raw images look more vibrant. They are given new life by employing proper brightness, contrast, and color measures. Image manipulation is commonly used by experts to add more color, energy, and brightness to images. The entire background of the image can be changed, giving the photo a completely different appearance.

Photos Can Be Reused

With photo retouching, you have the option of using images repeatedly for a variety of purposes. Professional photo editors can use sophisticated photo editing tools to create various image versions in a number of ways. For example, depending on the requirements, they can replace the existing background with a new background or pair it with other images.

Establish Credibility

Apart from the use of photo retouching in promotional materials, people typically judge businesses based on the image quality they see on websites, social platforms, and other commercials. This demonstrates the significance of using only high-quality images.

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