10 Best Kindle & CreateSpace Formatting Services

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When an author has finished writing a story, the next step is to prepare the content in a suitable format that meets the industry standards. The formatting process ensures that a book is published in the correct and appropriate style. A professional book formatter knows the best font, indentation, letter spacing, word spacing, paragraphing, and margin to use on a specific book in order to please its readers.

It is important to note that even minor errors in a book can derail readers' interest. Correct formatting and design will help in making your work more readable and understandable to the readers.

Finding a good book formatting service is now easier than ever. There are dozens of freelancers available to help you with your book formatting project. They give high-quality service, so you can rest assured that you are receiving good value for your money. Therefore, an author should not attempt to format a book without the assistance of a professional book formatter, such as the ones listed below.

1. Design & Format Your Book for Kindle Print, CreateSpace by Goran


Goran (around86) is a Croatian indie author, branding expert, graphic designer, and book specialist with more than 15 years of experience in printing and digital publishing.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Basic formatting.
  • Standard: Custom tailored formatting.
  • Premium: AIO package plus various bonuses.

Check out Goran's service here

2. Kindle/CreateSpace eBook Formatting by Nazirahmed3


Nazirahmed3 is a software engineer and graphic designer with extensive knowledge of book formatting and publishing. He's formatted and designed thousands of books for a variety of platforms.

Service Highlights

Nazirahmed3 will do Kindle, CreateSpace and paperback book formatting. He can deliver your eBook at the best quality, error-free, and ready for publication.

Check out Nazirahmed3's service here

3. Format Your Children's Book for Kindle Print or CreateSpace by Manuel


Manuel (manuelgarfio) is an indie writer with many books published on Amazon. He is an expert on CreateSpace and Kindle direct publishing, including cover and interior design for eBooks and Paperbacks.

Service Highlights

Manuel will format up to 35 children's book pages. ($15 every 10 extra pages)

Check out Manuel's service here

4. Format Your Book into CreateSpace by Ose


Ose (ose_solutions) is a graphic designer who specializes in book interior design. He is well-versed in CreateSpace and KDP paperback formatting and is familiar with their submission procedures.

Service Highlights

Ose will convert your manuscript to a PDF document that is ready for upload, error-free, and 100% accepted by Amazon CreateSpace and KDP Paperback.

Check out Ose's service here

5. eBook/Paperback Formatting for Amazon & Kindle by Waqas


Waqas (mwaqash) has four years of experience formatting eBooks and Paperbacks.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 100 pages.
  • Standard: Up to 200 pages.
  • Premium: Up to 300 pages.

Check out Waqas' service here

6. Kindle Book Formatting for Amazon KDP by Rohit


From eBook formatting and design to complex print layouts and editing, you can count on Rohit Solanki's competent service.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 50 pages.
  • Standard: 100 pages.
  • Premium: 150 pages.

Check out Rohit's service here

7. Manual eBook Formatting by Gigsterready


Gigsterready provides a service for any author who needs help with Kindle book formatting.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Kindle, CreateSpace – 80 pages and 10 images.
  • Standard: Kindle, Print, Simple formatting – 130 pages and 10 images.
  • Premium: Elegant style, Kindle or Print – 80 pages and up to 10 images.

Check out Gigsterready's service here

8. Kindle, CreateSpace, KDP, Paperback eBook Formatting by eBook_experts


eBook_experts is a certified book designer, book formatter and self-publishing expert who has worked with many writers and self-published authors.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 50 pages (up to 12K words).
  • Standard: 150 pages (up to 36K word).
  • Premium: 250 pages (up to 60K words).

Check out eBook_experts' service here

9. Format Your Book for Kindle and CreateSpace Using Vellum by Silviacta


Silviacta has over 15 years of experience as a professional computer user. She wants to assist you in creating beautiful products.

Service Highlights

Silviacta provides a excellent service for formatting your Word Document into an attractive eBook. Your final book will be exported in the format of your choice using Vellum.

Check out Silviacta's service here

10. Kindle eBook Formatting, Createspace, Paperback, Amazon KDP by Ozair


Ozair (ozair_solutions) has been a freelancer since 2018, offering excellent eBook formatting and layout design services.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Conversion to kindle eBook or paperback – up to 50 pages.
  • Standard: Formatting and conversion to Kindle/Paperback up to 120 pages with 10 images.
  • Premium: Formatting up to 220 pages with 30 images.

Check out Ozair's service here

Reasons to Use a Professional Book Formatting Service

Let's take a look at why you should use a book formatting service.

They Are Experts

You may have written great content, but every publishing house has its own set of criteria for accepting and publishing content from self-publishing authors. Even a wonderful content can be prevented from being published if it does not meet the requirements of some publishing platforms. If you use a capable book formatting service, they will ensure that your manuscript follows the guidelines and that your book is published without an issue.

Avoid Typical Formatting Errors

There are several formatting problems that an author may overlook. And a book formatting expert is more knowledgeable about how to present your book on the screen optimally, avoiding the most typical formatting issues in book publication.

They Share Common Goals With You

They will offer suggestions and ideas for improving the overall quality of your book. At the same time, they are receptive and will follow your instructions.

An Investment in Terms of Future Publications

Consider the possibility of your book becoming a best-seller. You would almost certainly require additional assistance for your next book. If you already have good relationships with a book formatting service provider, chances are, your next book will be successful as well.

Ensure Consistency In Your Formatting

Not all documents are formatted in the same way. Furthermore, these documents are expected to follow the standard hierarchical flow. Knowing which formatting guidelines to use on which document can be difficult, which is why you should hire a professional book formatter to do the job.

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