12 Best Logo Design and Branding Services

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Your logo is essentially the “face” of your business, and it's the first thing that comes into contact with your target market. It's the first impression that's thrown at your clients, and you have to be good at it if you want to win them. Your logo will appear on your website and all business stationery, banners, business cards, and advertising media. And it is solely your responsibility to ensure that it is appropriately represented.

The logo of any business reflects the company's values as well as its quality standards. You can combine a business tagline with a logo to highlight the company's vision. A good and creative design is crucial because it provides a complete and professional look that will leave a lasting impression on the audience's mind. It will also help boost the image of your company.

The importance of design in enhancing a brand's identity cannot be overstated. That is why a professionally designed logo is always recommended. Even some small alterations to an old logo can give it a fresh new look. When developing a brand logo, it is preferable to reach out to a competent individual or service capable of carrying out such a task. Please refer to the list below.

1. Clean, Minimal Logo Design by Vasil


Vasil (@pujovski) is a professional graphic designer from Macedonia who specializes in creating clean and timeless brand identities that will propel your business forward.

Service Highlights

Vasil can design a fantastic logo for your company. His style will be simple, clean, elegant, and, most importantly, timeless.

Check out Vasil's service here

2. Modern Logo Design and Branding Package by Guy Lejowa


Guy Lejowa (@guylejowa) is a well-established web and graphic designer with over five years of experience who wants to use his skills to help others.

Service Highlights

Guylejowa will create a logo for your company that will make it memorable and professional.

Check out Guy Lejowa's service here

3. Full Branding Kit for Your Business (Incl. Logo) by Leanne


Leanne (@leanneroux785) works as a full-time graphic designer and watercolor artist in sunny South Africa. She is well-versed in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Audition.

Service Highlights

Leanne will design a branding package to help your marketing get off to a good start. Depending on the package you choose, she'll start with the logo and then move on to the social media kit and stationery options.

Check out Leanne's service here

4. Mascot Logo Design for Your Brand by Aditya


Aditya Pranata (@diditpranata) is a professional illustrator from Indonesia who specializes in mascot and character design.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Mascot (half body) without shadow and highlight.
  • Standard: Mascot (half body) with shadow, highlight and flat color.
  • Premium: Mascot with amazing gradient color and detail.

Check out Aditya's service here

5. Logo Design and Branding by Zoran


Zoran (@zoranfiver) has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and over ten years of experience in branding and visual identity design.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Logo design.
  • Standard: Logo + Social Media Kit.
  • Premium: Logo + Full Branding.

Check out Zoran's service here

6. Professional Logo Design and Brand Identity for Your Business by Petra


Petra (@donutpigdesign) has over 8 years of experience as a logo and brand identity designer, which she hopes is reflected in her work.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 2 initial logo concepts.
  • Standard: Logo + social media kit (covers and profile pictures).
  • Premium: 3 initial logo concepts + social media kit + stationery.

Check out Petra's service here

7. Cute and Simple Cartoon Logo Design for Your Brand by Sarah


Sarah (@sarahchey) is a professional illustrator from Malaysia who enjoys simple and cute art styles.

Service Highlights

Sarah will design a simple and cute cartoon logo for your brand.

Check out Sarah's service here

8. Business Logo and Complete Branding Identity by Gary


Gary (@gary513) has over six years of experience in creating visually appealing brands and logos. A good logo, in his opinion, must be simple, clean, memorable, timeless, eye-catching, and versatile.

Service Highlights

As an experienced brand designer, Gary513 will assist you in creating your company's logo and branding. He will design it from the ground up, ensuring that your logo looks great and unique from others.

Check out Gary's service here

9. Minimalist Logo Design That Will Help You Build Your Brand Identity by Anabella


Anabella (@anabellamadeo) and her husband, who is also a designer and marketer, have been operating their own boutique design studio in Italy since 2008, serving clients from all over the world.

Service Highlights

As a graphic designer with a background in marketing and advertising, Anabella will produce logo designs that work for your brand.

Check out Anabella's service here

10. Logo and Brand Identity & Brand Guidelines by Balakrishnan


Balakrishnan B (@bbalakrish) is a certified art director with over 12 years of experience in branding, graphic design, and web design on an international scale.

Service Highlights

Balakrishnan offers a premium quality logo with a brand identity package.

Check out Balakrishnan's service here

11. Creative and Unique Brand Identity by Hipinspire


Hipinspire is an established graphic design studio based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 3 unique logo concepts.
  • Standard: 3 logo concepts + stationary.
  • Premium: Full brand identity design.

Check out Hipinspire's service here

12. Modern Logo Design and Brand Style Guide by Brand Launcher


Brand Launcher (@sbbandara) is a design studio comprised of professional graphic designers with 5 years of experience creating brand logos.

Service Highlights

Brand Launcher will create a unique and memorable logo for your company, as well as a brand style guide.

Check out Brand Launcher's service here

Why Is Brand Identity Critical to Your Success?

A brand identity is the visual representation of your company's overall look and feel. It is the use of your logo in conjunction with complementary colors, fonts, imagery, and graphical elements. And your logo will almost always coexist with other aspects of your brand. 

An identity will consist of a variety of marketing pieces that will be used at various customer touchpoints. Previously, these items were only available in print, such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and presentation folders, to name a few. In today's digital world, brand identities may include social media kits, slideshow templates, and email signatures, among other things.

Building a brand identity enables you to communicate a consistent message throughout all marketing materials. Every piece should be consistent in terms of style and design elements, resulting in a unified branding package. 

Brand identity also assists you in differentiating your company from the competition and positioning your brand appropriately. Creating a professional, creative identity design can help you stand out in your market for potential customers.

What Should Your Brand Identity Look Like?

The visuals should be guided by your brand's identity rather than the other way around. Because brands evolve over time, establish the fundamentals of your brand strategy:

  • What is your company's mission statement?
  • What are your company's core values?
  • What are the benefits of the brand to its customers?
  • What buyer personas are you focusing on?

These questions will help you see your brand as a character.

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