10 Best Music Production Services

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Music production typically begins with a rough outline of your song. Many producers only need to listen a simple version of the song with a guitar or piano background to get an idea of how to develop and present your music and assist you in producing a professional track. If you don't have any instrumental backing, don't worry because a skilled music producer will usually be able to supply musicians and create a background track for you.

Once a producer has a rough sketch of your song and an idea of how you want it to sound, he or she will either hire session musicians or use software to create a backing track or a mixture of the two. This version will then be available for evaluation. As this is not the final product, you can make changes if something does not seem to be going in the right direction. You may determine if it's the rhythm you want to hear and advise the producer on any adjustments you think are necessary. After all, you're the client.

Every music producer has a unique set of skills and a unique style of doing things. It's pointless to go to a producer and expect a standard job; it's a creative process that is often incredibly intuitive. Even if they have essentially crafted an entire track or album, a music producer is accustomed to being a ‘ghost' producer. Whether you want a single song or an album produced, utilizing a music production service is a good option if you want a high-quality and professional sound.

1. Music Production by Pieterpym


Pieterpym is a UK-based professional DJ and music producer. He has nearly two decades of expertise creating original music and remixes for popular performers, television, and films.

Service Highlights

Complete package – Full length song production.

Check out Pieterpym's service here

2. Music Producer, Ghost Production by Wileywest


Wileywest is a professional music producer who has worked with labels such as FSOE (Armada), Black Hole Recordings, Enhanced Music, and Arcadium.

Service Highlights

One full track – any style, Mixed & Mastered. ‘MP3 + Wav' + Stems + FL Studio Project + Your Vocals + Midi.

Check out Wileywest's service here

3. Music Producer, Ghost Production by Lanauestudi


Lanauestudi is a musician who plays various instruments (guitar, bass, piano, singer). He is also a sound engineer, arranger, composer, and founder of a professional recording studio called ‘Lanauestudi.'

Service Highlights

Lanauestudi will create your song using live instruments. The basic package includes drums, bass or double bass, guitar, keyboards/piano, and small percussion (shaker, tambourine). If you require additional instruments, such as sax, fiddle, congas, and so on, there will be an additional cost.

Check out Lanauestudi's service here

4. Music Production, Instrumentals, Hip Hop Beats by Beartrap


Beartrap is a record label A&R music producer and member of the EDM duo “Duck & Bear.” He is passionate about what he does and has over 5 years of experience in music production.

Service Highlights

Beartrap will produce high music/beats/instrumentals based on your specifications. You can either choose a non-exclusive beat from his catalog or order a custom beat with or without exclusive rights.

Check out Beartrap's service here

5. Exclusive Music Production for You in Any Genre by Vladislav


Vladislav (degtyarenkov) has ten years of experience as a music producer. He works with content creators, businesses, and various music artists. His music is trusted by over 700 clients all over the world — Moonshot Cosmetics, Oriflame, Midea Group Corporation, Golbon, Luxoft, IQOS, and others are among them.

Service Highlights

Music production on steroids – Industry level music production + mixing + stems + streaming ready.

Check out Vladislav's service here

6. Music and Song Production by Konstantin


Konstantin (konstantinkokor) is a violinist, composer, and producer with a Master's degree in music. He also plays the electric guitar in addition to the violin.

Service Highlights

Konstantin will produce a song or music piece for you, including mixing and mastering. Send him a track with your voice or a strumming guitar or keyboard, and he'll deliver a professional-sounding track.

Check out Konstantin's service here

7. Pop Music Producer & Ghost Production by Yofan


Yofan (yofanardian) has almost a decade of experience in Music Production and Audio Post-Production. With his knowledge of the most advanced sound production tools, he can assist you in improving the quality of your recording.

Service Highlights

Yofan is a music composer, producer, and post-production expert. He can quickly transform a musical concept into exclusive quality production, supplying the necessary elements to create value and meaning.

Check out Yofan's service here

8. Produce Promotional Music for Your Product or Service by Yifei & Jonny


Yifei and Jonny are part of ‘Cloud Road Music,' a two-person New Zealand-based studio that provides professional music services. They have extensive experience producing music in a variety of genres.

Service Highlights

Yifei and Jonny will research the best type of music for your target audience and create custom promotional backing music for your product, company, or service based on the end market. All of the tracks are available in a lossless format.

Check out Yifei & Jonny's service here

9. Exclusive Music for Your Commercial or Product Video by Syman_Corazza


Syman_Corazza is an Austrian musician and producer. He has worked with various artists and film producers and gained extensive experience producing music for a variety of purposes.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 30 seconds – Perfect for promotional materials such as social media or TV adverts.
  • Standard: Up to 60 seconds – Ideal for longer adverts, trailers and background music.
  • Premium: Up to 120 episodes – Full-length music of industry standard.

Check out Syman_Corazza's service here

10. Music Producer & Professional Ghost Production by Ofive


Ofive (ofiveok) is a brand dedicated to assisting artists in achieving success in the music industry. They have experienced music producers who can provide a high-quality service at a reasonable price.

Service Highlights

One Full and Professional Track: Mixed & Mastered – MP3 + Wav + Stems + Ableton Live Project + MIDI

Check out Ofive's service here

A Music Producer's Role

If you have a musical tendency or can sing or play musical instruments and wish to pursue a profession in music, you must be able to amaze your audience. To get a professional result that will impress a potential record label or promotion, you will need to hire a good music producer.

Most people do not have the time or money to learn how to create, mix, and arrange a song professionally. This is when the services of a professional music producer or a production studio come into play.

A professional music producer creates music for film and television production companies, advertising agencies, bands, musicians, vocalists, and anybody else wishing to generate a high-quality musical output for broadcast or distribution.

Music production is an essential component of everything from TV commercials and radio jingles to a garage band demo or a budding vocalist or musician. Music producers also assist many budding music sensations in launching their careers and establishing themselves properly in the music industry. In many situations, they serve as a platform for musicians to showcase their abilities.

A synthesizer is a powerful tool in the hands of today's creators. Many traditional genres of music are mixing cutting-edge synthesizers and modern techniques to create a distinct, memorable sound that will set the band apart.

So, what services can a music producer provide?

A skilled producer will take your idea and turn it into an intriguing song while also providing creative feedback and a tuned ear for what more can be added to make it distinct and captivating. They will also suggest ideas and minor tweaks to your music that will give it a deep, atmospheric, energetic, distant, or soulful vibe – whatever fits your idea, song, overall tone, and aim.

The music producer employs a variety of components that influence mood and timbre, such as ambiance, the usage of synthesizers, repetition, phrases, effects, movement, dynamism, and diverse instrumentation on chord progressions.

The music producer can also remix current songs, transforming them into something much newer and fresher, or convert the recording into a different genre to reach a new audience.

Experienced music producers will highlight the best aspects of a vocal or musical performance. Multiple takes will ensure that just the best parts are used to improve flow, power, emotion, and overall performance, while also ensuring that the vocal track is immaculate enough for the lyrics to leave lasting footprints in the listener's minds.

Music has evolved into a highly competitive industry. There are countless players in the market nowadays who provide competitive professional music production services. So, if you are a singer or musician looking to advance your music career, you should seek the services of a good music production studio or an independent music producer.

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