10 Best Photo Restoration Services

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Photographs serve as portals to the past. Nothing can resurrect memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, photos can become dull with age or become creased as a result of mishandling or improper storage. The photograph that was taken to preserve a moment in time becomes lifeless and loses much of its unique quality. One of the disadvantages of older photographic technology is that the chemicals used to develop the photographs continue to react to light long after the photo has been created. Over time, photographs become discolored or fade, and many of the image's details are lost.

The good news is that the fading and discoloration are reversible. Indeed, with the enhancement technique, you can make the restored image even better than the original. For example, if your original photograph was in black and white, you can have it colorized to bring those dull, outdated images to life. Another option is to have undesirable elements or images removed from a photograph, leaving you with a picture that you can't wait to share with your friends and family.

The best part about restoring your photographs is that none of the available procedures will jeopardize your originals. Your photos will be converted to a digital format. So, changes are only made to the digital image while your original photograph remains intact. You can even do your own photo restoration for standard photos. However, if you are attempting to restore a photograph that requires a great deal of patience and meticulous work, it is best to hire a professional. Please refer to the list of photo restoration services below.

1. Restore, Repair, Fix Damaged Photo by Gabriel


Gabriel (nemoxx) considers himself fortunate because his hobby doubles as his profession. He has thousands of hours of experience doing photo restoration in his career.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Fixing minor issues, where 1/5 of the image or equivalent needs work.
  • Standard: Photo restoration, where 1/3 of the image or equivalent needs work.
  • Premium: Photo restoration, where 1/2 of the image or equivalent needs work.

Check out Gabriel's service here

2. Damaged Photo Restoration by Ricardoc


Ricardoc has been digitally restoring, retouching, and editing photos for over a decade.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1/5th of the image needs repair.
  • Standard: 1/3rd of the image needs repair.
  • Premium: 1/2 of the image needs repair.

Check out Ricardoc's service here

3. Restore, Retouch, Repair & Colorize Your Old Photo by Yokhowi


Yokhowi is an Indonesian 2D artist with eight years of experience in the mobile gaming industry. He is proficient in Photoshop and other graphics software.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Minor issues (1-10% damage level) – no coloring.
  • Standard: Small to medium damage level (10-30%) – standard coloring.
  • Premium: Medium to high damage level (30-75%) – quality coloring.

Check out Yokhowi's service here

4. Restore Old Photos, Fix, and Colorize by GreenEyesDesign


GreenEyesDesign has over three years of experience as a graphic designer. He is also an SEO service provider who works with both small and large businesses.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Spots & Scratches removal.
  • Standard: Missing parts + Spots & Scratches removal.
  • Premium: Missing parts + Spots & Scratches removal + Colorization.

Check out GreenEyesDesign's service here

5. Restore and Colorize Your Old Photos by Graphzr


Graphzr is an experienced graphic designer from Romania who strives to give his clients his best work and attention.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Add realistic colors to the image.
  • Standard: Fix small image imperfections (cracks, tears, dust, etc.) + colorization.
  • Premium: Fix badly damaged or blurry photos, sharpen and enlarge image + colorization.

Check out Graphzr's service here

6. Restore, Repair and Retouch Your Old and Damaged Photos by Victor


Victor (vicv1979) is an information technology professional who enjoys being creative in his spare time. He has been editing and restoring photographs and creating digital artworks for over 15 years.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Retouching, color correction and up-scaling.
  • Standard: Restoring partly damaged photo, removing dust, scratches or cracks.
  • Premium: Restoring heavily damaged photo and recreating missing parts.

Check out Victor's service here

7. Restore Your Old and Damaged Photos Using Photoshop by Kseniyahova


Kseniyahova is a dedicated and creative photo editor from Belarus. She has over four years of Photoshop experience and knows how to improve the look of your photos.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1-10% damage – light scratches removal, small damaged areas, blemishes removal.
  • Standard: 10-30% damage – medium scrapes retouching, missing parts fixing.
  • Premium: 30%-70% damage – deeply damaged photos restoration, ruined edges fixing, coloring.

Check out Kseniyahova's service here

8. Professionally Restore Old Photos by Pixtech


Pixtech is a graphic designer with over eight years of experience in the field. He was a senior designer at a well-known Indian agency.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Small damage repair.
  • Standard: Medium damage repair.
  • Premium: Advanced damage repair.

Check out Pixtech's service here

9. Colorize, Restore, Retouch, Repair Your Old Photo by Jalotpi


Jalotpi illustrates, edits, and manipulates photographs as a hobby and as a profession.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Restore one photo.
  • Standard: Restore a photo + colorization.
  • Premium: Heavily damaged photo restoration.

Check out Jalotpi's service here

10. Professionally Restore Retouch or Colorize Photos by Nataly


Nataly (nataly3) is a retoucher, photo editor, and graphic designer with over seven years of post-production experience. She works as a designer on branding projects ranging from print to digital.

Service Highlights

Nataly will professionally retouch and fix an old, damaged photograph. Restore it to its original state – or better.

Check out Nataly's service here

The Benefits of Photo Restoration

Everybody has an album filled with old but valuable photographs. You can leave a legacy for future generations by restoring those old photographs back to their glory. Several advantages of photo restoration are listed below.

Restores Damaged Photos

Thanks to today's advanced image editing tools, faded, torn, and creased photographs can now be repaired and improved. And by entrusting your old photographs to a professional restorer, you can rest assured that they will be preserved.

Adds Color to Black and White Photos

Professional photographers can transform your photographs into full-color works of art. Professional restoration and editing techniques can enhance the clarity and sharpness of the images and add natural shades.

Enlarges Small Photographs

Some old photographs are too small to view in detail, and they could be the last copies that exist. Not only does restoration enhance the image, but it also allows for the enlargement of the restored photograph, which can then be printed and framed on the wall.

Ease of Sharing

You can have your old photographs converted to digital copies, eliminating the risk of being damaged. Digital copies simplify storage and allow for easy sharing with family and friends. It is possible to back up an entire photo collection on reliable external drives or cloud-based storage.

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