10 Best Product Illustration Services

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People process images faster than words. To put it another way, if you want to convey a statement or an important message, use an image to support it. In this case, an illustration will suffice to clarify what words cannot do. One of the great benefits of illustrations is that they can significantly improve the user experience of your product by visually explaining important features or new concepts.

An illustration will gain almost as much attention as a photo, so include it in a brochure you send out to generate buzz or to test the waters to determine the level of interest your brand will receive. It could even be the drawing you give to developers to assist them in deciding the best method for producing a product prototype.

Illustrators are heavily utilized in the advertising industry. Typically, the artist will create an appealing illustration of the product for the target audience. And anyone interested in the product is more likely to be drawn to the illustration than to the text-based description, which is why it should be eye-catching; otherwise, it will almost certainly create more confusion than benefits.

Talented illustrators understand how to make an enchanting visual impact through illustrations effectively, and the list below features some of the services offered by some of them.

1. Detailed Line Art for Your Product by Jasper Lim


Jasper Lim (@jasperlim) is a graphic designer with extensive experience creating logos, icons, graphics, and graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Service Highlights

Jasper will create beautiful line art for your product. You can include a logo, text, or label. He will provide you with high-quality JPEG and PNG files.

Check out Jasper's service here

2. Technical Illustration and Product Line Art by Aliosa


Aliosa (@aliosa) has a bachelor's degree in Art Education and has worked on over a thousand graphic design projects. Language and time zones are no obstacles because Aliosa speaks English fluently and effectively at all times.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 simple outline figure/object.
  • Standard: 1 medium outline figure/object.
  • Premium: 1 complex outline figure/object.

Check out Aliosa's service here

3. Illustrate Any Product Using Hand-drawing or Digital Sketch by Hajira


Hajira (@hajira30) has five years of experience designing sports apparel and leather garments. She is capable of developing creative and interesting product design solutions.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Black and White Pencil sketch.
  • Standard: Colored Illustration flat 2D.
  • Premium: Colored Illustration 3D.

Check out Hajira's service here

4. Product Design Concept Illustrations by Jordali


Jordali (@jordali) is a highly talented industrial designer from Mexico with innovative ideas and a solid commitment to quality work and design solutions.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Black and white quick sketch of your idea.
  • Standard: Colored sketch of your idea.
  • Premium: Professional colored sketch of your idea with detailed views.

Check out Jordali's service here

5. Turn Your Product into Doodle Art Illustration by Iulian Thomas


Iulian Thomas (@weedstation) is a professional illustrator who enjoys collaborating with people from all over the world and delivering high-quality work on time. He's been in the creative industry for over five years.

Service Highlights

Iulian will transform your wonderful product into doodle art. You will attract more views and attention from potential buyers if you post your doodled product on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms, or simply print it on your product box or business card. This also demonstrates that your brand has a creative side, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

Check out Iulian's service here

6. Line Art for Instruction Manual of Your Product by Charitha


Charitha (@charithaband87) specializes in line art, vector illustration, realistic vector art, and instructional design.

Service Highlights

Charitha will professionally convert your product's images into black and white line drawings for use in product catalogs, instruction manuals, or patents.

Check out Charitha's service here

7. Detailed Vector Line Art Illustration of a Product or Image by Yussuf


Yussuf (@yussuf_z) is an Adobe Illustrator expert who can create flat illustrations, isometric illustrations, line art, silhouettes, vector portraits, and product illustrations.

Service Highlights

Yussuf will create a vector illustration of your product based on the image you provide. At your request, he will provide AI, EPS, SVG, PDF (Vector File), PNG, and JPG files.

Check out Yussuf's service here

8. Detailed Vector Line Art of Your Product by Nazmul


Nazmul (@nazmul350) works as a freelance graphic designer full-time, specializing in logo design, vector or line art, and sketches.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Simple line art for mechanical diagrams, sketches, products, and so on.
  • Standard: More detailed line art and a print-ready file.
  • Premium: Highly detailed line art + 100% print-ready file + color adjustment.

Check out Nazmul's service here

9. Realistic Product and Object Illustrations by Tauseef


Tauseef (@toxictaz) is a very talented illustrator who enjoys creating highly detailed and realistic illustrations in various art mediums.

Service Highlights

Tauseef provides detailed and realistic hand-drawn ballpoint pen illustrations of products and objects based on the reference photos you provide. Vehicles, machinery, tools, and gadgets are all examples. You only need to send him a reference image and a brief description of what you want to be illustrated, and he'll get back to you.

Check out Tauseef's service here

10. Unique and Beautiful Product Illustration by Cindy


Cindy (@cindytnn) is an Indonesian freelance illustrator. She enjoys drawing and will always put forth her best effort in all of her projects.

Service Highlights

Cindy will create a unique and gorgeous digital illustration (in her own style) of any type of object, including furniture, beauty and fashion products, appliances, cutlery, and other items that can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

Check out Cindy's service here

The Different Types of Product Illustrations

Product illustrations can be created in a variety of ways, including:

Digital Illustration

The most common is computer illustration, which can sometimes be faster and has a more polished look. There are several different illustration software programs that are widely used. Some only work in three dimensions, while others are two-dimensional and serve as more precise drawing tools. The software can add various textures and effects to make the product appear more appealing.

Hand Drawing

Hand drawing can be done with pencils, paint, pen and ink, or any other art. The option depends on the product. For example, a soft and fuzzy stuffed animal can be illustrated using colored chalk. And before you do anything else, you must decide on your product's branding or personality. This will aid in determining the illustration style.

Technical Illustration

All of the details and working parts are drawn in perfect proportion and perspective for accurate interpretation. Consider it more like detailed drafting. If your product requires some assembly, technical illustration is a better choice if you want to create its instruction manual.

Product Animation

Animating the product is another step forward. Although it is an expensive process, 3D animation works wonders if you want to demonstrate a product. A good animator can accurately design a digital model of your product and explain how it would work in full motion.

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