9 Best Real Estate Cold Calling Services

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When you own a real estate business, you understand how valuable time is. You cannot simply construct a model or display a house and wait for prospective customers to contact you. Coordination and interaction are necessary components of real estate success, followed by communication.

Success in real estate is contingent upon the competency of the real estate agents on your team. These agents must possess exceptional communication skills in order to persuade people to purchase a property. Agents generate leads for potential customers and eventual buyers in this manner. This is a difficult job, but it pays off handsomely when the customer purchases the property.

A real estate agent's job can be overwhelming due to the amount of time management required. Hiring real estate virtual assistants is a simple way to distribute your workload and manage your tasks more effectively. Another way to manage a hectic schedule is to enlist the assistance of a reputable real estate call center for cold calling services. Does that strike you as intriguing? The following are services that deal with real estate cold calling and could significantly improve your real estate business.

1. Real Estate Cold Calls by Freedo21


Freedo21 is a real estate cold caller with over ten years of experience and multiple closed deals.

Service Highlights

Freedo21 will contact prospective homeowners who are willing to sell their homes and inquire about any outstanding mortgages, major repairs, timeline for selling, or other pertinent information. After that, she will forward the leads to you.

Check out Freedo21's service here

2. Virtual Assistant Making Phone Calls by Katlyn


Katlyn has five years of phone call experience gained while working in marketing departments, remote call centers, and administrative positions with professional companies.

Service Highlights

Katlyn will make any type of call that you require. Cold calling, telemarketing, appointment setting, real estate, and customer service are just a few examples.

Check out Katlyn's service here

3. Accent Free Real Estate Cold Calls That Convert by Alex


Alex has created and implemented sales and marketing strategies for more than 500 businesses. With over 8 years of professional experience, you should hire him if you want to develop, optimize, or scale your sales functions.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Top Real Estate Cold Calls in Town: 250 cold calls to get your foot in the door with sellers looking to list or sell their property.
  • (Standard) Top Real Estate Calls in the City: 500 cold calls to get your foot in the door with sellers looking to list or sell their property.
  • (Premium) Top Real Estate Calls in the State: 1000+ cold calls to get your foot in the door with sellers looking to list or sell their property.

Check out Mangoalex's service here

4. Real Estate Cold Calls by Swright25


Swright25 values patience, consistency, hard work, clever work, and serenity. He believes that there is no such thing as a law of attraction because nothing occurs in the absence of action.

Service Highlights

  • Will reach out to potential homeowners who are looking to sell their houses.
  • Build a custom rapport for each prospect.
  • Uses different scripts to approach prospects depending on the nature of the lead.

Check out Swright25's service here

5. Real Estate Cold Calls & Lead Generation by Jeff


Jeff has spent years cold calling. He enjoys the challenge of ‘cold calling' people. He is more than willing to pursue any calls you wish to pursue in the most effective manner possible.

Service Highlights

Jeff will cold call businesses in the United States and Canada with your script.

Check out Jeff's service here

6. Real Estate Cold Calls & Lead Generation by Mel


Mel holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has over two decades of experience addressing the needs of her clients. She is available for proofreading and editing, transcription, making phone calls, singer-songwriter work, and voice-overs, among other services.

Service Highlights

Real Estate cold calls to individuals within the United States. But must provide and confirm a name and number for the caller ID. This service starts with 50 cold calls.

Check out Mel's service here

7. Real Estate Cold Calls & Appointment Setting by Stdsvcs


Stdsvcs works with a diverse range of clients worldwide, from entrepreneurs and professionals to small businesses, providing the highest quality services with unmatched customer service, ensuring that clients save both money and time without sacrificing quality.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Bronze Cold Calling: 50 numbers.
  • (Standard) Silver Cold Calling: 100 numbers.
  • (Premium) Gold Cold Calling: 500 numbers

Check out Stdsvcs's service here

8. 100 Real Estate Calls In 48hrs by Margret


Margret Watson is a professional Insurance Underwriter with extensive experience in customer service and management.

Service Highlights

Calls will be made to gain interest in using your real estate service. May also set telephone or face-to-face appointments if contacts so desire. This service includes the collection of contact information for future communication or follow-up purposes.

Check out Margret Watson's service here

9. Real Estate Calls by Hannah


Hannah is a cold-calling specialist with over five years of experience cold-calling and setting appointments in the real estate industry. She has experience with collections, foreclosures, tax deeds, manufacturing, and business-to-business sales, among other things. She is fluent in English and Spanish and is tenacious and determined on the phone to secure the sales/appointments you require and desire.

Service Highlights

Hannah will do real estate cold calls and telemarketing. Apart from the cold calling service, she has developed calling scripts for a variety of businesses and is well versed in tailoring them to your specific needs and objectives.

Check out Hannah's service here

The Benefits of Outsourcing Real State Cold Calling

Reduces operating costs: As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that operating expenses do not exceed profits. Outsourcing cold calling to a real estate call center is less expensive than building your own expert cold calling team in the real estate business.

Professional and trained staff: Call center staff is trained to interact with customers in a professional yet courteous manner. They are aware of the importance of providing accurate information. This way, you avoid having to deal with potential clients over the phone.

You are constantly online: By utilizing a real estate call center, your customers will have the ability to communicate with your representatives at any time, whenever they want or whenever they are available. Because your clients may be in different time zones, the majority of real estate call centers operate 24 hours a day. As a result, you are not required to answer their calls at inconvenient times.

Multitasking: When you hire real estate virtual assistants for your business, you can assign them a variety of additional tasks. You can enlist their assistance in setting tasks, managing emails, and scheduling property visits.

Increased productivity and fewer errors: The majority of staff working as real estate virtual assistants possess the necessary skills for dealing with customers. The level of service your clients receive directly affects their opinion of your business. As a result, outsourcing a trustworthy team to assist your clients with cold calling is critical to your business's success. A single blunder on the phone can permanently alienate your clients.


Outsourcing your cold calling to an experienced and skilled team is a critical component of running a successful real estate business. It will assist you in managing everything more effectively and increasing customer satisfaction with your services.

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