10 Best Shopify Product Upload Services

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Shopify is an excellent online selling platform for small business owners, particularly those who are not technologically savvy. You can hire Shopify freelancers to assist you in managing every aspect of your store. They assist in the maintenance and updating of new products and their associated content.

Furthermore, they aid in customer service and inventory management. As a result, you can relieve yourself of some of the burden, and as a business owner, you can focus on more serious matters. The following are some of the best Shopify product upload services that you can use to grow your online business.

1. Upload Product in Shopify by Nomi


Nomi (@nomi1735) is an exceptional virtual assistant who excels at web research, data entry, market research, email marketing, and social media management. He is skilled at developing strategies that are tailored to your business's needs and objectives.

Service Highlights

Nomi will accurately upload products to your Shopify store. He is prepared to upload any product with the title, description, images, and prices specified by you.

Check out Nomi's service here

2. Upload 100 Products to Your Shopify Store by Jabed


Jabed is an expert in WordPress and graphic design, as well as a virtual assistant.

Service Highlights

Jabed will add or upload products to your e-commerce store using the details you specify. Additionally, he can add variable products upon request.

Check out Jabed's service here

3. CSV Bulk Product Upload to Shopify by Enamul


Enamul Hasan is a software developer with a background in web, e-commerce, and desktop applications.

Service Highlights

Suppose you have a product listing file (excel / CSV / number) from your supplier. In that case, Enamul can convert the file to any one of the following eCommerce acceptable bulk CSV templates and upload it for you.

Check out Enamul's service here

4. Upload 100 Products to Your Shopify WooCommerce Store by Jalal


Jalal Uddin is a virtual assistant, a lead generator, and an expert in web research and data entry. Since 2015, he has completed a number of projects for clients from over 20 countries.

Service Highlights

Upload products to your Shopify/WooCommerce or any eCommerce store with product names, descriptions, images, and prices. He can also copy products from AliExpress/Amazon/eBay/Etsy or Walmart to your store.

Check out Jalaluddin's service here

5. Upload Products or Add Products to Your Shopify Store by Ali


Ali (@alidhellu12) is an expert in data entry and a WordPress developer. He has over three years of web development experience and is familiar with every workaround in WordPress and Shopify. His top priorities are high-quality work, effective communication, and customer satisfaction.

Service Highlights

As a Shopify store expert with three years of experience and many satisfied customers, Ali will add products to your Shopify store professionally.

Check out Alidhellu12's service here

6. Bulk Upload Products to Shopify Stores Using CSV File by Sweta


Sweta Jindal is a specialist in listing products on online stores such as Shopify and WordPress. She will always make an effort to complete tasks on time and within the specified deadline.

Service Highlights

Convert your provided spreadsheet, excel file, XML file into a Shopify CSV file for bulk upload.

List your products with title, description, featured image, price, inventory, vendor, SKU, etc., all according to your requirements.

Check out Sweta's service here

7. Upload Products to Your Shopify Store for You by Gracie


Gracie is committed to quality work and customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer means a great deal to her, and she will always go the extra mile for them.

Service Highlights

Gracie will take your product data and organize it in an appealing manner for your customers. Other services include image editing, SEO-optimized title, product descriptions, SKU, and tags.

Check out Gracie's service here

8. Upload Products to Your Shopify Store by Jim


Jim (@jimavidbrio) is an eCommerce service agency — dedicated to providing exceptional quality eCommerce solutions for their clients. Their primary focus is mainly on eCommerce platforms – Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress (WooCommerce), Magento, and Volusion.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) 100 Products: CSV Upload: – Product Name – Description – Price & Weight – 5 Images per product – 3 Variants.
  • (Standard) 100 Products – DropShip & On Demand: Upload – Printful, Printify, Pillow profits or Oberlo – Product name – Price – Total 5 Images.
  • (Premium) 100 Products – Manual Entry: Manual Upload with Product Name – Price & Weight – Total 5 Images – Max. 3 Variants.

Check out Jimavidbrio's service here

9. Upload 100 Products to Shopify Store by Ahm_saaiid


Ahm Saiid is a graphic designer who is proficient at WordPress. He has over three years of experience in the design of flyers, logos, and business cards.

Service Highlights

Upload products to your Shopify store with 100% accuracy. He is ready to do any kind of product upload with title, description, all images, prices, based on your requirements.

Check out Ahm_saaiid's service here

10. Upload Products and Add Products into Your Shopify Store by Onfire88


Onfire88 is a Deloitte senior auditor with strong Excel skills. Due to years of experience, he is capable of completing hour-long tasks in minutes with 100 percent accuracy.

Service Highlights

  • Bulk product upload on Shopify store Shopify product import in CSV format for easy updating.
  • Add multiple images and variants per product.
  • Integrating Shopify apps to get weekly CSV updates from suppliers.

Check out Onfire88's service here

Advantages of Hiring Shopify Freelancers

Hiring Shopify freelancers has a number of advantages. It relieves business owners of any hassle and allows them to focus their time and energy on much more important matters. You may not complete certain tasks correctly because you are a business owner and not a tech expert. Expert freelancers can assist you in setting up your website quickly.

Unique Site Design

When shopping in traditional stores, you will never want to enter a shabby-looking store and buy from it. Similarly, if your website does not look appealing, customers will not want to explore it and make purchases. No matter how good your product is, if your website is unappealing, conversion rates will suffer. Shopify freelancers guarantee a flawless site design that is inviting to customers.

Integration with Amazon

The owner of a business selling on Amazon must configure their website to work with FBA. It enables your website to interact with Amazon. No idea how to do it? Take advantage of Shopify freelancers to save time and energy. They are experts in inventory management and order tracking.

Product Uploads and Upkeep

When you first start your online business, you will want to constantly add new products to your online store. Shopify freelancers are always available to fill out all of the required sections and create high-quality product images for you. All you have to do is send them the Amazon listings, and they will take care of the rest.

Shopify freelancers organize the products into the appropriate categories. This organization assists customers in achieving their goals.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Shopify freelancers are constantly working with different businesses and have a lot of experience dealing with different types of customers. As a result, hire a capable Shopify freelancer to ensure a better customer experience.

Responsive Customer Service

For an online business, customers are everything. You must gain their trust and persuade them to buy from you. Their feedback and reviews can determine whether your company succeeds or fails. Effective customer service necessitates around-the-clock attention, which you as a business owner are unlikely to be able to provide. Hiring a Shopify freelancer guarantees superior customer service.

Rates for Shopify Freelancers

You cannot hire one person and then hand over your store. Shopify Freelancers is an expert in one or two of the tasks. As a result, you may require the services of developers, designers, product loaders, inventory managers, order managers, and customer service representatives.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the pay rate of freelancers for each task. You may come across freelancers from various countries with varying pay rates. Their speeds are also affected by their level of expertise and experience.


Make a list of all the tasks that must be completed for your Shopify store. If you aren't used to doing such things, don't try to manage everything on your own. Hiring Shopify freelancers is a decision you will not be sorry for.

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