11 Best SketchUp Modeling Services

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SketchUp is a popular tool among architects for a variety of drawing applications such as interior design, house, building, and landscape architecture, among others. This is one of the most popular design tools because it assists architects in accurately bringing their ideas to the table and presenting them to a targeted audience.

If you haven't yet used SketchUp for your business, now is the time to do so and enjoy the benefits it provides. Builders, landscape designers, construction firms, and the engineering industry in general have been able to effectively visualize and present their conceptions thanks to its design accuracy and flexibility. Your company can turn its visions into reality by utilizing the tool's extensive visualization capabilities.

SketchUp has ushered in a new era of design possibilities, and anyone with modeling knowledge can work wonders with it. However, there is little time to learn and master new tools and technology while neglecting core business affairs in a market dominated by increasing competition. The good news is, you can actually delegate this task to your outsourcing partners, who will use their skills and expertise to bring your concept to life. Refer to the following list for more information.

1. 3D Floor Plan, Exterior & Interior Model SketchUp by Nhanarc


Nhanarc (@nhanarc) is a graphic artist who specializes in providing low-cost, high-quality architectural modeling and rendering services.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 3D floor plan without furniture and color.
  • Standard: SketchUp model for a 3D floor plan with full furniture and color – 1 HQ image.
  • Premium: 3D floor plan model with complete furniture and color scheme – 2 HQ images.

Check out Nhanarc's service here

2. 3D Model Creation of Anything Using Google SketchUp by TheAutoCadGuy


TheAutoCadGuy (@theautocadguy) is a civil engineer with extensive experience in AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, and other 2D and 3D modeling software. He can also create prototypes for 3D printing.

Service Highlights

TheAutoCadGuy will create a professional 3D model of anything you want in SketchUp. It could be a product, a structure, a concept, or something else. He will employ proper modeling techniques, resulting in good-looking 3D models that are simple to update in the future if necessary. He will also ensure that your 3D model is dimensionally correct as well as visually appealing.

Check out TheAutoCadGuy's service here

3. Fast SketchUp 3D Models and Render by Hamza


Hamza (@hamza__masood) has more than six years of professional experience in architecture. During those years, he developed a strong command of architectural design and the functionality of a building.

Service Highlights

If you're working on an architectural project and need quick SketchUp 3D models, or if you're stuck in a creative rut and need some 3D concept development, this is the service for you. Hamza will create and render super detailed SketchUp 3D models for your projects.

Check out Hamza's service here

4. SketchUp 3D Modeling Work for Architecture by Menelio


Menelio (@meneliotorres) is a 3D artist and architect who specializes in architectural visualization and design. With nearly ten years of experience in this field, he can provide high-quality services such as architectural 3D renderings and 3D animation using the most recent and advanced 3D software.

Service Highlights

Menelio will offer high-quality 3D modeling and rendering services for both interior and exterior projects, as well as small and large-scale projects.

Check out Menelio's service here

5. SketchUp 3D Modeling Work for Architecture and Interior by Ivan


Ivan (@ivancrzo) is an architect with over eight years of experience in designing spaces. He is artistic in nature, well-equipped, and trained in cutting-edge software technology that caters to the needs of a variety of practitioners, professionals, and developers.

Service Highlights

Ivan will create professional 3D models in SketchUp for small scale projects. He can create your SketchUp 3D model entirely from scratch using your AutoCAD 2D plans. Additionally, you may submit a hand sketch for accurate 3D modeling.

Check out Ivan's service here

6. SketchUp 3D Model of Your Architectural Project by Franco


Franco (@franco_romero) is an architect who has been in the field for eight years. He believes that good design helps architects pitch their concepts more effectively, developers market their projects more efficiently, and real estate teams sell their properties more quickly.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Detailed modeling of a small or medium-sized structure or object.
  • Standard: Modeling of a complex building or objects.
  • Premium: Complex modeling, including partial design service.

Check out Franco's service here

7. Model and Render Your SketchUp Projects by Fernando


Fernando (@ferhqz) is an architect with extensive experience in graphic design, architectural design, and all aspects of art and visual presentation.

Service Highlights

  • Your floor plans and elevations, or a SketchUp model if you already have one.
  • A summary of what you might be looking for (materials, colors, render style, etc).
  • Any images that you want to use as examples of how you want your project to look.

Check out Fernando's service here

8. 3D SketchUp Model and Rendering by Tran


Tran (@lifeanddesign) is a skilled architect who can create and deliver high-quality render images based on your specifications.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Create a SketchUp 3D model based on the 2D drawing you provide.
  • Standard: Will deliver the rendered images in accordance with your specifications.
  • Premium: Will provide rendered images as well as a video walk-through.

Check out Tran's service here

9. High-Quality SketchUp 3D Model by Bassel


Bassel (@bassel_kamand) is an interior architect who can create almost anything related to the field. As a freelancer, he has worked on various projects and wants to assist you in realizing your vision and ideas.

Service Highlights

Bassel creates a professional-looking SketchUp 3D model from a 2D drawing, AutoCAD, Revit, or even a picture.

Check out Bassel's service here

10. Create Any 3D Model in SketchUp or Rhinoceros by Ernesto


Ernesto (@velasquezg) is a certified architect with more than eight years of experience in 3D modeling and a variety of other architecture and design projects. His passion is architecture, and he is proficient at using tools such as Rhinoceros, SketchUp, AutoCAD, and Revit.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Simple 3D or 2D model (small size).
  • Standard: Medium size – Suitable for exterior / interior / floor plan.
  • Premium: Complicated 3D model (Large size).

Check out Ernesto's service here

11. Design & 3D Model Furniture Products in SketchUp by Osman


Osman (@osmanmota) is from Mexico and has a Master's degree in architecture. In addition to working as a freelancer, he also works for an architecture company that offers a variety of services, including interior design, renderings, 3D modeling, and more.

Service Highlights

Osman is an expert in interior design, and he and his team can produce a SketchUp model of any piece of furniture that you want.

Check out Osman's service here

The Advantages of SketchUp Modeling Services

The following are the primary advantages of outsourcing SketchUp design services.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing allows for significant cost savings on overhead and capital expenditures, resulting in substantial operational savings. Outsourcing partners bear all labor and material costs, whereas delegating SketchUp modeling work to freelancers can save you even more money. The profit allows you to expand your profit margins.

Saves Time and Resources

Outsourcing frees up your time and resources while providing you with access to a new workforce with SketchUp modeling expertise and experience. The absence of supervisory roles enables management to concentrate more on productivity, sales and marketing.

Access to the Pool of Talents

Freelance SketchUp designers are knowledgeable and proficient in the use of all SketchUp features. Outsourcing your project to them can provide you with access to an experienced team of designers who will ensure the success of your project.

Quick Turnaround

Since most professional designers have extensive experience with SketchUp, they will complete your projects without issue.

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