9 Best Social Media Content Writing Services

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Does your company need to make its story heard from the rest of the world? Your brand has immense potential for success, but no one wants to put their trust in it. You're not making any headway with your online business.

Marketing is essential for any business that wants to spread the word about the products and services it provides. Today, when everyone is on social media, it has become the most practical way to connect with your potential customers.

Social media marketing is the best medium for organically growing your audience. Creating content for social media and business is time-consuming. Not everyone has the time, energy, or experience to do so. This is why you require a dependable service to handle your social media content. Take a look at the recommended providers listed below.

1. High Quality Social Media Content by Helen


Helen (@helenwakefield) is a CIM-certified digital marketer with nine years of experience and a track record of success across a variety of industries.

Service Highlights

  • Take charge of the creation of consistent social media posts.
  • Develop unique and relevant content ideas for your target audience.
  • Make the most of her years of experience by writing posts that get the most engagement and growth.
  • Provide you with all of the advice you need to help achieve your goals.

Check out Helen's service here

2.  Small Blog Post or Social Media Content by Matthew


Matthew is a prolific writer, having published over a dozen works of fiction. He has more than five years of writing and content creation experience.

Service Highlights

Matthew will create a short blog post or article, as well as social media posts, to help promote your brand. All content will be original, edited, and checked for plagiarism. These posts will be for Facebook and your blog, but for an additional fee, he can write a Twitter post that relates to your content.

Check out Matthew's service here

3. Engaging Social Media Content by Courtney


Courtney (@courtneyruckman) is a retired opera singer and arts marketer from Gaithersburg, Maryland. After eleven years of professional singing, she moved into marketing and communications for non-profits. Since making the switch in 2016, she has assisted numerous clients in crafting their unique brand stories, as well as engaging and growing their audience.

Service Highlights

  • 10-15 quality social media posts for your platform of choice.
  • Posts that will build engagement from your online community.
  • Optional hashtag research.

This content creation service is limited to a single social platform. If you require content for multiple platforms, contact her to find a package that works best for you.

Check out Courtney's service here

4. Social Media Copy and Content by Andreina


Andreina is a social media enthusiast who enjoys writing and creating content for social media. She works quickly and always tries to do her best to help her clients achieve their social media page goals.

Service Highlights

  • Andreina will research each topic thoroughly before writing about them.
  • Text content for every post.
  • Will check grammar for all writings.
  • Hashtags according to the topic of every post.
  • Pictures for every post. The images are from free stock photos. Design is not included.

Check out Andreina's service here

5. Basic Social Media Content Posts by Fiverosaurus


Fiverosaurus is a content creator and influencer who is skilled at writing, coding, graphic design, and video production. She enjoys researching and creating vibrant, unique content for her clients.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Blogger Babe Package: Create 6 ready-to-use social media posts.
  • (Standard) Content Creator Package: Create 15 ready-to-use social media posts.
  • (Premium) Professional Package: Create 25 ready-to-use social media posts.

Check out Fiverosaurus's service here

6. Social Media Content for Facebook or Instagram by Laura


Laura (@lauraforsyth) is an aspiring copywriter who previously worked for a leading multinational retail company in the United Kingdom for six years. She is now involved in copywriting and has more freedom in her lifestyle.

Service Highlights

  • Provides engaging posts to optimize the exposure.
  • Thoroughly researched hashtags.
  • Targeted keywords.
  • A ‘Call to Action' with every post.

Check out Laura's service here

7. Amazing Content & Designs for Social Media Daily by Chidera


Chidera is a poet, graphic designer, model, social media manager, article and poem writer, and content producer. She always pays close attention to the details in her work.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) BROWN: 3 Post Design + JPG File + 3 Revisions
  • (Standard) GREY: 7 Post Design + JPG File + 5 Revisions
  • (Premium) ROYAL: 15 Post Design + JPG File + Unlimited Revisions

Check out Chidera's service here

8. Social Media Content for All Social Media Platforms by Yoshiko


Yoshiko (yoshikoradcliff) is a digital content creator and social media marketer. Her passion is creating content for other people. Allow Yoshiko to manage your social media content and strategy so you can focus on your business!

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Level 1: Account Evaluation, 3 post, Tips for Social Media
  • (Standard) Level 2: Account Evaluation, 14 post & captions, Social Media Strategy including Social Media Tools
  • (Premium) Level 3: Account Evaluation, 30 post & captions, Social Media Strategy Including Social Media Tools

Check out Yoshiko's service here

9. Compelling Social Media Content by Skye


Skye (@schuylerhale) is a marketing expert with over 5 years of experience in brand consulting and digital marketing services. Her strengths are in creative strategy, where she assists clients in defining and developing an overall marketing strategy.

Service Highlights

  • (Basic) Jumpstart: 1 Month of Compelling Social Media Posts including Captions + Graphics (8 posts total)
  • (Standard) Best Seller: 2 Months of Compelling Social Media Posts including Captions + Graphics (16 posts total)
  • (Premium) All In: Best Seller Output + Profile Bio + Cover Photo Design + Instagram Story Template

Check out Schuylerhale's service here

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media Content

Take expert assistance: This is a matter of personal preference. You can appoint anyone in your organization to manage social media, whether or not the individual is an expert. Alternatively, you can invest a little more to hire an expert who can take your sales to the next level.

Dedicated narrative: Do you believe that your business exists solely to profit from the sale of a product or service? Or does it have a compelling and unique story that you'd like to share with the world? If you're looking to wow your audience, you can hire exceptional storytellers.

Save your time: There is a widespread misconception that anything can be shared on social media. However, this is not true when managing a corporate account. A well-researched and well-planned social media post requires considerable time and effort. As a result, outsourcing is the best course of action.

Save money: Most businesses employ an in-house social media expert, which may prove to be more expensive in the long run than outsourcing. Outsourcing is an option for small businesses and companies that do not wish to add salary and employee benefits to their expense list.

Develop a community: You cannot treat every post as a sales pitch, as the majority of consumers dislike seeing advertisements in their feed. Outsourced experts understand how to cultivate an influential community around your brand that is on the lookout for quality content. This way, you can instill a sense of consumer loyalty rather than relying solely on marketing.

Employ platform pioneers: Sharing a single post across multiple platforms is not a viable strategy. Outsourcing enables you to hire specialists for each account, each of which will make a separate statement on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Determine your true brand voice: What is your true brand voice? What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears your product or service? Social media should reflect a consistent brand voice that enables customers to connect with your content.

Manage response times and correspondence: How long can you afford to wait for a response from a company to which you have sent an email? Consumers today expect businesses operating on Facebook and Instagram to respond immediately. This is nearly impossible if you are handling everything on your own. Outsourcing ensures a prompt response, which is critical in retaining customers.


Managing a business's social media accounts is primarily a task for experts in the field. Outsourcing your social media content management is a more cost-effective and efficient option.

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