12 Best Social Media Virtual Assistant Services

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A well-executed social media strategy can propel your company forward. It enables you to establish your business's legitimacy, reach out to potential customers, and promote your brand or service. However, social media can sometimes become too overwhelming. And if you're struggling to make smooth progress online, you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant with proficient social media skills.

A social media virtual assistant's primary goal is to assist you in effectively managing your interactions on the online platform. Social media enables you to promote your business, interact with your followers and grow your business every day. The golden rules for using any social media channel are to keep it up to date, to keep it active with regular, engaging, and relevant posts, and, most importantly, to be responsive to audiences.

Your business will benefit from outsourcing your social media management in more ways than you can imagine. It will save you time and money while also providing you with access to expertise, consultation, and other valuable insights. An effective strategy devised by dedicated professionals will put you on the road to consistent online growth. Take a look at the following services if you want to take your social media marketing to the next level:

1. Social Media Management & Content Design by Gleda


Gleda (@gledaarapi) offers social media management and support for businesses looking to gain new customers through online channels. She can assist you with setting up and maintaining professional social media accounts. Your social media channels will be brimming with interesting and high-quality content.

Service Highlights

With Gleda's help, you can gain a strong social media presence, promote your brand, and enhance your company's growth with customized posts, all while increasing your brand's appeal.

This service offers 30 days of service in which your accounts will be updated with posts from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms, provided once a day or as per your specifications.

Check out Gleda's service here

2. Social Media Management & Assistance by Rexhino


If you're looking for someone who can professionally manage your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, call Rexhino (@rexhinoganci92) for assistance.

Service Highlights

Rexhino will provide you with the following services:

  • Create social media strategies to meet marketing objectives.
  • Improve the performance of your social media accounts.
  • Make high-quality posts (custom graphics/videos/gifs + good copywriting).
  • Set up daily posts on all of your accounts.
  • Getting the word out about your services/products.
  • Trending hashtag research
  • Expand your online presence.
  • Engage your audience.

Check out Rexhino's service here

3. Expert Social Media Management & Content Creation by Erisola


Erisola (@stelanssm) is a certified social media manager who focuses on cultivating brand identity and providing value to customers. She will put in a lot of effort to help your business achieve its objectives.

Service Highlights

Erisola will manage your social media accounts and create content for you. She will assist your company in gaining more exposure on social media platforms. She'll look at the data to see which initiatives are the most effective, and she'll use that information to help you grow your business.

Check out Erisola's service here

4. Social Media Management & Content Writing by Viola


Viola (@liovasm) has been managing social media accounts since 2017. She covers a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. She has assisted hundreds of businesses in exposing themselves and their services to a larger audience, most of whom have become customers.

Service Highlights

Viola will be your dedicated and professional social media manager and content writer. She can manage your social media account for 30 days with one post per day.

Check out Viola's service here

5. Social Media Management & Content Creation by Blerta


Blerta (@blert_marketing) assists businesses with making the most of their social media channels and marketing strategies. She's highly motivated, experienced, and passionate about what she does.

Service Highlights

Blerta provides the following services:

  • Enhance and optimize your social media profiles, giving them a more professional and appealing appearance, in order to make an impression on each visitor.
  • Create engaging content for your brand that is relevant to your business, industry, or niche.
  • Use hashtag research to improve your SEO and get more exposure for your social media by improving their ranking in search engines.
  • Schedule the posts to go live daily during your local time zone's busiest hours.

Check out Blerta's service here

6. Social Media Management & Content Creation by Arsi


Arsi (@wework333) works for a marketing and advertising agency. They help businesses grow by creating brand awareness on social media through creative and engaging content.

Service Highlights

Arsi will design and create whatever you require to make your social media profiles stand out. She can manage all of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Check out Arsi's service here

7. Personal Social Media Manager & Content Creation Service by Etien


Etien Tahiri (@etientahiri) is a social media management specialist. He's a dedicated and devoted assistant who is willing to share his expertise in order to help you grow your business to new heights.

Service Highlights

Etien will manage up to three social media accounts for a period of 28 days. He'll be creating content, doing page optimization, researching hashtags, and posting one piece of content each day.

Check out Etien's service here

8. Social Media Management & Content Creation by Laerta


Laerta Sadja (@laertasadjaa) is a graduate of the Telecommunications Engineering program, a content writer, and an expert in social media. She assists a variety of clients from all over the world with a broad range of interests, including fashion, home decor, entertainment, art, nutrition, technology, business, travel, and more.

Service Highlights

The following are some of Laerta's services:

  • Create a strategy for social media.
  • Manage and optimize your social media accounts.
  • Produce unique and high-quality content.
  • Getting the word out about your services or products.
  • Look for trending hashtags.
  • Set up a daily posting schedule.
  • Expand your online presence.

Check out Laerta's service here

9. Social Media Management & Content Creation by Emi


Emi (@emikovaci) is a certified social media manager and marketer, and she represents a group of experts who are dedicated to achieving the best possible results through social media. They can help you expand your social media presence by getting more organic followers and fans.

Service Highlights

Emi's services include the following:

  • Social media account optimization.
  • Make high-quality images that are branded with your logo or the URL of your website.
  • Lookup for popular hashtags.
  • Boost engagement.
  • Increase your brand's visibility.

Check out Emi's service here

10. Social Media Management & Assistance by Nicole


Nicole (@tolmergroup) has a bachelor's degree in communications, with a focus on marketing and public relations, and is a certified digital marketing specialist. She is the Head of Marketing at Tolmer Group, a leading small business digital marketing agency.

Service Highlights

Nicole provides customized social media management based on your goals. A range of services are included in the packages, including professional content creation, optimization, and daily publication on social platforms.

Check out Nicole's service here

11. Social Media Management, Marketing & Content Creation by Nertila


Nertila (@nertilamedia) is an experienced online marketer and content creator who has worked on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks. She'll assist you with increasing genuine organic traffic and boosting audience engagement across all of your accounts.

Service Highlights

Some of the services include:

  • Create a day-by-day action plan to expedite your progress toward your goal.
  • Creation of content.
  • Posting schedule.
  • Hashtag analysis.
  • Interaction via message response.
  • + Many more.

Check out Nertila's service here

12. Professional Social Media Assistance & Management by Ani


Ani (@anisocialmarket) has worked as a professional social media manager and content creator for over five years. She collaborates with a young and energetic team of specialists who provide comprehensive social media management and graphic design services. They can create engaging social media posts to raise brand awareness and engagement for your business.

Service Highlights

Ani is a social media marketing expert who knows how to curate engaging social media posts. Some of her services include:

  • High-quality social media content.
  • Custom post designs for a variety of topics.
  • Outreach with popular hashtags.
  • Interaction with the commenters.
  • Analyze the competition.

Check out Ani's service here

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