10 Best Songwriting Services

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A songwriter is a person who writes or composes lyrics for solo artists and bands. Songwriters are also known as composers or lyricists because they write songs. They usually work with one or more other musicians who have a wide range of musical abilities.

While some writers work exclusively for particular artists, others work independently. Freelance writers are not tied to a specific artist. They work with any artist who requires their services. Some write only lyrics and rely on others to create the rhythm, while others write lyrics and make the music rhythms independently.

The vast majority of professional songwriters write song lyrics solely for the purpose of selling them to performers. Music lyrics are written and performed by writers. These people are known as singer-songwriters. A singer-songwriter job is more complicated because they must write lyrics as well as perform them. If you need someone to write a song for you, here are some of the best freelance songwriters available online:

1. Male Singer and Songwriter by Amir Brandon


Amir (@amirbrandon) is a trained Canadian singer and songwriter who can perform in a variety of genres and styles.

Service Highlights

Amir will record vocals for your choice of original or cover songs. At your request, he can also write lyrics and melody, as well as provide instrumental tracks for an additional fee.

Check out Amir's service here

2. Become Your Singer/Songwriter/Vocals by Tracy


Tracy (@tracythorne) is a professional singer-songwriter with over a decade of experience in the NYC music scene—performing, writing, and recording. She composes music for a variety of genres, with an emphasis on indie-pop, country, and folk music.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Sing vox to your song (up to 60 seconds).
  • Standard: Choose 1 or 2 of any combo: vocals, harmony, lyric writing, acoustic guitar 2-3 min.
  • Premium: Full Song – vocals/harmony, lyric writing, composition, acoustic guitar.

Check out Tracy's service here

3. Songwriter for Your Rap or R&B Song by Trwtlo


“The Room with the Lights On” (trwtlo) is a professional singer-songwriter with over a decade of performance, writing, and recording experience in New York City. Trwtlo was formed in order to assist aspiring artists and poets with their writing needs.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Get a 2-Bar verse written.
  • Standard: One 16-bar (Usually about 45 second) verse or a hook.
  • Premium: A full song, up to 3 verses, and a hook.

Check out Trwtlo's service here

4. Gold Record Songwriter by Marvin


Marvin (@mfmusicprod) is an Amsterdam-based professional songwriter/producer/guitarist/vocalist. He began his career as a rock guitarist, but now produces and writes for pop, rock, hip-hop, R & B, and EDM artists all over the world.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Write and record vocals for your music with just a demo vocal.
  • Standard: Write you a pop song and do a quick recording with a guide vocal and a guitar or piano.
  • Premium: Write a song with guitar, piano, or to your music and record a full vocal production.

Check out Marvin's service here

5. Female Vocalist, Pop Rock EDM Singer and Songwriter by Amanda


Amanda (@amandapower) is a talented singer and songwriter who specializes in Rock, Metal, Pop & Punk, as well as other musical genres such as EDM and Dance. She's worked in the music industry for over 15 years and now offers songwriting services to you, whether it's writing lyrics or singing the entire song.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Lead vocals up to 30 secs—Instrumental, melody and lyrics provided by you.
  • Standard: Lead vocals for a whole song of up to 4 mins. Instrumental, melody and lyrics provided by you.
  • Premium: Write and record the whole song (lyrics, melody and vocals, up to 4.5 mins). Instrumental provided by you.

Check out Amanda's service here

6. Become Your Singer or Songwriter by Joel


Joel (@joelsmusic) is a London-based recording artist who has amassed over one million streams since releasing his debut single in 2019. He enjoys music and would be delighted to assist you with any projects you may have.

Service Highlights

  • Put your own lyrics or poem to music.
  • Provide vocals for your song.
  • Write you a song based on a brief/idea/theme you may have.
  • Record your track in Logic using multiple instruments.

Check out Joel's service here

7. Male Singer and Songwriter by Terrell


Terrell King (@tkmusic) is classically trained in Opera and Classical Voice and writes and records all of his music. Terrell is more than prepared to provide you with professionally written and recorded songs after years of practice and preparation at some of the country's top talent institutes.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Sing or rap a pre-written or original hook/chorus to your instrumental.
  • Standard: Sing or rap pre-written full song to your instrumental.
  • Premium: Write/sing or rap original full song to your instrumental.

Check out Terrell's service here

8. Female Singer and/or Songwriter by Emma


Emma Withers (@ewithersmusic) is a talented singer and songwriter with over ten years of experience performing since she was a child. She developed a strong and versatile sound in her vocal and songwriting abilities while studying music at university.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Sing on your track for up to 30 seconds, including backing vocals if needed, including harmonies.
  • Standard: Create a vocal melody for your lyrics or lyrics for your vocal melody, including harmonies.
  • Premium: Write you a full song and feature if you require, including harmonies and any other voice work.

Check out Emma's service here

9. Songwriter and Melody Maker by Matthew


Matthew (@matthewclanton) is an LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer. He's done work in a variety of genres, including Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, Disco, Musical Theatre, and more.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Choose this option if you have lyrics but no melody or need help tweaking some lyrics.
  • Standard: Need help busting through some writer's block? In need of a verse or chorus? Choose this option.
  • Premium: Have an idea but need the words to say it? Matthew will write you a song.

Check out Matthew's service here

10. Songwriter, Pop, EDM, Indie, Country, Rock by Caz Isaiah


Caz Isaiah (@izzyiz) is a professional producer, singer, and songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia, who has amassed over a million song streams as an artist.

Service Highlights

Caz will compose a full original song for you, complete with a vocal guide/melody, so you can re-record it over a rough guitar.

Check out Caz Isaiah's service here

Characteristic of a Good Songwriter

A singer-songwriter should be able to write strong lyrics, play a variety of musical instruments, and perform with an excellent voice. A singer-songwriter who possesses these abilities has a greater chance of success as a musician. A good songwriter should exhibit the following characteristics:

Passionate: As they say, when it comes to work, passion is everything. Being passionate about what you do enhances the enjoyment of your work, and the same is true for a songwriter. A good songwriter should be enthusiastic about the process of writing lyrics. They should genuinely be passionate about song writing. That is what will motivate them to continue working.

Consistent: Consistency is required to be a great songwriter. To improve one's music writing abilities, one must continue to write. This is especially critical for singer-songwriters. If someone wishes to pursue it professionally, he or she must practice constantly.

Patience: Being a good songwriter requires a great deal of patience. Occasionally, a songwriter will run out of words while composing a song. In these instances, the songwriter may be tempted to force words into the lyrics. This may have a detrimental effect on the lyrics the songwriter is writing. Rather than cramming words into lyrics, a good songwriter will approach it patiently. With time, the ideal words or phrases would naturally come to mind.

Inspirational: Inspiration can strike at any time, which is why it is critical for a songwriter to remain attentive. These concepts frequently arise as a result of unexpected events or epiphanies.

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