9 Best Spanish to English Legal Translation Services

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Even when written in our native language, legal documents can be perplexing or foreign-sounding. In fact, the terminologies used in Spanish legal translation documents may be too complex and specialized for the general public to comprehend. To ensure that there is no room for ambiguous meaning, language forms or formats used in the original and the translated text must be precise and accurate.

When it comes to translating legal documents from Spanish to English (or vice versa), you can't help but be concerned about selecting the appropriate words and language. You may not realize how devastating the consequences of a single misleading clause or term can be. These situations can sometimes result in painful legal or financial ramifications.

This is why you require the services of a seasoned and accommodating legal translation agency specializing in Spanish to English translation. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your important legal documents are in good hands and that you'll receive a well-translated target document if you use a reputable legal translation service. Please see the list of translation services provided below.

1. Spanish to English Translation for Business or Legal Document by Bernardino


Bernardino (@bhernandez88) is a linguist who has worked as a translator and proofreader for over 12 years. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a B.A. and the University of Alberta with an M.A. in Modern Languages. He is also a native English and Spanish speaker, so you can expect top-notch results.

Service Highlights

Bernardino can translate any business or legal document into Spanish or English. He works with various legal documents, including service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, GDPR, articles of incorporation, regulations, birth certificates, websites, and lease agreements, among others.

Check out Bernardino's service here

2. Legal Documents Translation from Spanish to English by Diego


Diego (@diegow) is a native Spanish speaker who has studied English for 11 years in both formal and informal settings. He holds an FCE Grade A from the University of Cambridge. For the past 15 years, he has worked with customers all over the world, requiring extensive Spanish and English communication skills.

Service Highlights

Diego will translate legal documents from Spanish to English language. He has extensive experience working on contracts, deeds, case files, certificates, and other legal documents for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Check out Diego's service here

3. Legal Documents Translation from Spanish to English by Grace


Grace Sutachan (@gsutachan) has a Master's degree in Translation and Interpretation and specializes in legal, financial, and academic documents.

Service Highlights

Grace can translate any legal document from Spanish to English in a professional manner. The cost of your document will be determined by its length. The end result will be a professional translation that can be presented to any authority.

Check out Grace's service here

4. Legal Documents Translation from Spanish to English (and vice versa) by Nelson


Nelson Gonzalez (@nelson245) is a native Spanish speaker who holds a B.A. in Law from the University of Carabobo and has completed postgraduate studies in Human Rights and International Law.

Service Highlights

Nelson will translate legal documents from English to Spanish (legal certificates, official documents, deeds, agreements, transcriptions, and so on).

Check out Nelson's service here

5. Translate Legal Documents from Spanish to English and Vice Versa by Armando


Armando (@eacz12) specializes in legal document translation. He's a lawyer, and part of his job entails drafting documents in both English and Spanish.

Service Highlights

Armando provides legal document translation services from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. In order to provide a high-quality document, the service also includes proofreading.

Check out Armando's service here

6. Legal Text Translation from Spanish to English or Vice Versa by MagicTranslates


MagicTranslates (@magictranslates) specializes in legal document translation in both English and Spanish.

Service Highlights

Armando can translate any legal text from Spanish to English or the other way around. MagicTranslates can also translate political and political science texts (government documents, topics about governments and political parties, etc).

Check out MagicTranslate's service here

7. Legal Documents or Audios from Spanish to English by Steven


Steven Suarez (@jhojannsuarez) is a licensed attorney who is fluent in both Spanish and English. He has extensive experience in contracts (in both English and Spanish), intellectual property, and consumer law in various jurisdictions.

Service Highlights

Steven can translate legal documents or audio files from Spanish to English or the other way around. He has extensive experience translating legal documents and audio files for businesses, retailers, and students.

Check out Steven's service here

8. Legal Documents Translation from Spanish to English by Mariana


Mariana (@marianatabata) is a native Spanish speaker with extensive English training. She has worked as an English-Spanish translator for four years. She's also written and edited Spanish articles, e-books, headlines, stories, and a variety of other topics and projects.

Service Highlights

Mariana can translate legal documents from English to Spanish and vice versa. She has experience working with birth, death, and marriage certificates, as well as diplomas/degree certificates, and transcripts of documents such as lawsuits and jurisprudence.

Check out Mariana's service here

9. Legal Documents Translation from Spanish to English by EgoCreative


EgoCreative (@egocreative) is a passionate and creative freelance translator who is eager to help the world communicate more effectively through translation. He is a native Spanish speaker who has worked in the English-Spanish translation industry for many years.

Service Highlights

EgoCreative provides legal document translation services from Spanish to English. He can work with legal certificates, official documents, deeds, divorce papers, diplomas, identification cards, passports, lease agreements, transcripts, and other documents.

Check out EgoCreative's service here

What Is the Importance of Legal Translations?

Legal jargon is highly complicated and varies greatly from country to country. Since not every country has the same legal system, legal concepts in the target language may not have an equivalent. Codes and laws are tailored to a specific country or culture. When a legal term in the target language lacks an equivalent, the translator must properly “recreate” the concept and the entire idea associated with the legal expression.

The goal of legal translation is to find linguistic and juridical parallels between legal texts from different legal systems. The original legal text's intention, as well as the interpretations that have been attached to it, should be known to the legal translator.

Legal translation errors could be harmful due to the consequences of a legal misjudgment of an individual's rights. It could also have an impact on national security, diplomatic relations, and result in legal action.

To avoid making errors, legal translators should be guided by standards of linguistic, social, and cultural equivalence between the source and target languages. According to Gerard-René de Groot, a comparative law expert, the difficulty of legal translations is due to structural rather than linguistic differences between legal systems.

Legal translators must be familiar with various legal systems and specific areas of law to provide accurate translations. They must also be proficient at legal writing and have a thorough understanding of legal terminology. It is vital to entrust legal translations to professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience.

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