15 Best Spanish Voice Over Services

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A voice actor creates creative vocal work that is recorded and used for various purposes, such as radio and television commercials, webinars, podcasts, video games, and more. The voice actor uses their natural gifts, most notably their voice and mastery of it, to bring the written word to life. Voice actors are also referred to as voice talents, voice-over artists, VO, VA, narrators, announcers, orators, etc.

A professional voice talent is required for a successful presentation. The talent performs your script exactly to your specifications and for your intended audience. This isn't just reading words on paper. A good voice-over artist understands how to communicate with their audience in a convincing manner. The goal is to make listeners feel as if a voice is speaking directly to them. Voice overs, like any other industry, has talent, and it is advantageous to hire a professional voice artist.

The Spanish voice-over services listed below are adaptable to any of your project's requirements. Consider the voice-over style you want. Gender and age are factors, as are energy level and delivery pace. A different narration style is required for a sales and marketing kick-off than for a documentary or industry analysis. Perhaps you want the character's voice to have a certain tone to spice up the information. That is why you must collaborate closely with your voice artist. The greater their understanding of the project, the easier it will be for them to deliver what you require. Check out the following list of Spanish voice-over services:

1. Professional Female Spanish Voice Over by María Esnoz


María Esnoz (mariaesnoz) is a Spanish singer, songwriter, and translator. She has a youthful voice and her own recording studio at home, complete with a vocal booth.

Service Highlights

Do you need a fresh, young, and happy Spanish voice-over for your business but can't seem to find anyone who is both high-quality and reasonably priced? Maria can record any voice-over (up to 100 words) in Spanish or English (with her Spanish accent) for $10.

Check out María's service here

2. Neutral Spanish Voiceover by Eduardo


Eduardo Colfer (eduardocolfer) enjoys being involved in video and photography production. It's something he's enjoyed and done for nearly two decades.

Service Highlights

Eduardo can record and send a recording of the voice-over in an mp3 or WAV file format in a single day. His accent is Latin.

Check out Eduardo's service here

3. Professional Voiceover in Spanish by Pocohontas


Pocohontas (eduardocolfer) is a Spanish voiceover artist who has worked for Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Mexico for over 15 years.

Service Highlights

Pocohontas will use her talent to do a professional Spanish voice-over. Simply send her your script and instructions, and you'll have your audio file within two days.

Check out Pocohontas's service here

4. Spanish Voiceover Recording by Javier


Javier (javik2000) is a native Spanish narrator who lives in Spain. He has great experience as a voice-over talent, doing all kinds of audio work in Spanish.

Service Highlights

Javier speaks a pure and neutral Spanish without any accent. He has his own studio where he records high-quality voice-overs using professional equipment.

Check out Javier's service here

5. Spanish Voice Over by Javier Paz


Javier Paz (@javierpaz) is an American professional voice-over actor. He owns his own recording studio, which enables him to deliver your work very quickly.

Service Highlights

Javier Paz has a deep voice that would be ideal for your next movie trailer, narration, radio commercial, presentation, promo, podcast, or other projects. He will deliver a compelling message to your audience.

Check out Javierpaz's service here

6. Professional Voice-over in Spanish by Gaby


Gaby (gabyota) has many years of professional voice-over and radio production experience. She has a versatile, feminine voice with a neutral Latin accent.

Service Highlights

Gaby will record a professional Spanish voiceover for commercials, audiobooks, tutorials, slide presentations, and videos, among other things. She will speak in her youthful female voice, which will have a neutral or Latin American accent.

Check out Gaby's service here

7. Voice-over in Spanish from Spain by Rivosoul


Rivosoul is a professional voice-over artist from Spain. He has worked for a variety of organizations and businesses, including Cash Converters, KPMG, Ciudadanos, ASICS, Visit Barcelona, CSIC, MyProtein, AlCampo, UNESCO, Repsol, and many more.

Service Highlights

Rivosoul, a native Spanish speaker, will do a proper Spanish voiceover for you for as little as $5 for 50 words. He doesn't do script translation. Please send him your script in Spanish.

Check out Rivosoul's service here

8. Male Neutral Spanish Voice Over by Dannylocutor


Dannylocutor is a Venezuelan voice-over artist who owns a studio equipped with professional audio equipment to produce high-quality voice-over recordings for you.

Service Highlights

Dannylocutor has a voice that can be used in a lot of types of projects. The only thing he lacks is the “movie trailer voice”.

Check out Dannylocutor's service here

9. Voice-over in Spanish by Melissa


Melissa (melvf6) is an experienced voice-over artist based in the United States of America. She began her voice talent service in 2016.

Service Highlights

Melissa provides voiceover services in Spanish – Latin America. The packages she offers cover the essentials, such as video narration, voicemails, advertisements, and radio drops.

Check out Melissa's service here

10. Voiceover in Latin American Spanish by Firthunandsvox


If you live in Latin America or the United States, you have most likely heard him on the radio, television, Spotify advertisements, YouTube, Facebook, and so on. He has previously worked with Coca-Cola, Trident, McDonald's, Rappi-Prime, Citibanamex, and large YouTube channels such as “Genial.”

Service Highlights

Firthunandsvox offers high-quality voice-over services with a warranty. If you intend to use this voice-over for advertising your product or service on paid broadcasting channels such as radio, TV, and the Internet, you must select ‘Full Broadcast Rights.'

Check out Firthunandsvox's service here

11. Latin American Spanish Voice Over by AndyCancun


Andy (andycancun) is a male voice-over artist and translator with over a decade of experience in this field.

Service Highlights

Andy provides voice-over services in Latin American Spanish, not Castilian Spanish (from Spain). Therefore, make sure that his tone and accent are suitable for you.

Check out AndyCancun's service here

12. Professional Voice-over in Latin Spanish by Arkeon_20


Arkeon_20 is a seasoned freelance voice-over artist from Mexico.

Service Highlights

Arkeon_20 charges $15 for the first 150 words of excellent quality voice-over, and $15 for each additional 100 words.

Check out Arkeon_20's service here

13. Neutral Spanish Voice Over by Andreabiel


Andreabiel is a voiceover actor who has received professional voice-over training, which is why major corporations such as LG and McDonald's have entrusted him to deliver their messages.

Service Highlights

Andreabiel will create a professional voiceover for you using top-of-the-line equipment in his acoustically treated studio, ensuring that you receive only high-quality sound.

Check out Andreabiel's service here

14. Female Voiceover in Spanish by Rhonda


Rhonda (rhondalee) has extensive experience as a bilingual spokesperson, video producer, and voice-over artist. She and her team would love to help you realize your vision by creating a stunning promotional video.

Service Highlights

Rhonda will do custom voiceovers for commercials, voicemail greetings, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), podcasts, television, radio, explainer videos, book narration, video games, apps & characters.

Check out Rhonda's service here

15. Professional Spanish Voice over in Castilian by Skads7


Skads7 is a professional voice actor from Spain. He has experience working with television and radio stations.

Service Highlights

Skads7 will turn your 100-word script into high-quality voice-over audio for only $5. All projects are recorded with professional studio tools. He will deliver your voice as a .mp3 or .wav file.

Check out Skads7's service here

Qualities to Look for in a Spanish Voice-over Talent

If you want to create marketing audio or videos for a product or service in Spanish, you'll need a professional voice-over talent who speaks the language fluently. The following are some of the most desirable characteristics to look for in a Spanish voice-over talent:

A Native Speaker

A native Spanish speaker will always have a significant advantage over someone who learned Spanish as a second language. Spanish has distinct phonetic and linguistic characteristics that distinguish it from other languages. Because the language comes naturally to the native speaker, it gives the recorded message an air of authenticity.

Flawless Pronunciation

When performing Spanish voice-overs, the importance of diction, which also includes proper pronunciation, cannot be overstated. You'll want to hire someone who is familiar with the correct and natural articulation of Spanish words and lines. This lends authenticity, authority, and credibility to any marketing message.

Excellent Voice Control

Voice control is critical when it comes to professional Spanish narration. This is one of the characteristics of a professional voice that distinguishes it from an amateur. Generally, years of recording and narration experience are required to acquire flawless voice control. An experienced voice-over talent will demonstrate noticeable control of their voice after a variety of recording projects.

Able to Speak with a Neutral Accent

If your script calls for multiple character voices and you only have one talent available, hiring someone with a neutral Spanish accent is a huge advantage. This is, in fact, one of the most marketable accents.

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