10 Best Squarespace Design Services

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A beautiful website is meaningless unless it provides a positive user experience. And it's true because both aesthetics and usability are essential factors in determining the site's success. Finding the right balance between the two subjects isn't always easy due to their polar opposite nature. Although websites are delivered by machines, they are intended to be used by humans. As a result, people should be your top priority at all stages of design and development.

The aesthetics of the overall layout include various components, such as menus, buttons, images, colors, fonts, and many more. It also includes interactive elements such as sounds, animations, symbols, and so on. These features, when combined, create a user-friendly appearance and have an impact on the intended audience. To effectively capture the audience's attention (and at the same time, provide value), web design should be clean in appearance.

Hiring a professional can be beneficial if you are unsure about the exact vision for your website. Hiring a website designer has lots of advantages, including a quicker turnaround time, additional expertise, and a creative partner for your project. Experts are selected based on their abilities, experience, and knowledge of the Squarespace platform, ensuring your success. Please see the list of services below for more information.

1. Design or Re-design Squarespace Website by Marva


Marva (@mmeemgraphiics) is a web and graphic designer with over five years of experience specializing in brand identity design for start-ups and established brands. She is enthusiastic about simple, modern, and luxury design, and she creates appealing graphics using cutting-edge technology and the most recent design software.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 2-4 Pages.
  • Standard: 5-7 Pages.
  • Premium: 8-10 Pages.

Check out Marva's service here

2. Professional Squarespace Website Design by Design IIT


Design IIT (@design_iit) is a graphic design firm that has been in business for five years and counting, providing clients worldwide with high-quality and unique website designs.

Service Highlights

IIT will design a professional Squarespace website for you. The design will be unique, and you'll get free assistance for 15 days after you place your order, including unlimited revisions.

Check out Design IIT's service here

3. Unique Squarespace Website Design by Humxa


Humxa (@humxahafeex) is a programmer with extensive experience developing web applications in Python (Flask & Django), PHP, and other languages (Symfony & Larvel). He also creates desktop apps in C # and Python.

Service Highlights

Humxa can assist you with creating or redesigning an attractive and professional Squarespace website.

Check out Humxa's service here

4. Design and Redesign Squarespace Website by Digitalvalle361


Digitalvalle361 (@digitalvalle361) has over 2 years of web development and Squarespace design experience.

Service Highlights

Digitalvalle361 will create or redesign your Squarespace website as part of this service. Blogs, online stores, portfolios, businesses or brands, and more are among the types of websites she can work on with Squarespace.

Check out Digitalvalle361's service here

5. Modern Squarespace Website Design or Redesign by Saiman


Saiman Sakib (@saimansakib) is a design expert focused on the Squarespace platform with years of experience. Since 2015, he has been working as a freelance designer.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 3 pages.
  • Standard: Up to 5 pages.
  • Premium: Up to 10 pages.

Check out Saiman's service here

6. Design, Redesign or Update Responsive Squarespace Website by Sharif


Sharif (@sharifshimanta) is a skilled web designer and is proficient in jQuery and JavaScript. For the past five years, he has been designing websites for WordPress and Squarespace.

Service Highlights

A custom Squarespace website design that will uniquely reflect your brand or business in order to captivate your viewers. Both the mobile and desktop versions of the website will be responsive.

Check out Sharif's service here

7. Responsive Squarespace Website or Portfolio Design by Kyle


Kyle (@kyle_bianchi) works in Denver as a full-time graphic designer and motion graphics artist. He's also an artist, a marathon runner, an ultimate frisbee and soccer player, and a freelance photographer. He is proficient in a wide range of creative software and would be delighted to collaborate with you on your exciting project.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Design or redesign your 3-page website.
  • Standard: Design a small business website with 6 pages.
  • Premium: More pages, plugins, products, revisions, hand-off support, and so on.

Check out Kyle's service here

8. Squarespace Website Design by HiTech4u


HiTech4u (@hitech4u) is a computer science bachelor's degree holder. She has three years of freelance experience and is committed and enthusiastic about her work.

Service Highlights

HiTech4u will design or redesign your Squarespace personal blog, business, or e-commerce website.

  • Basic: 3-page Squarespace website, including demo content.
  • Standard: 6-page Squarespace website design and content upload.
  • Premium: 8-page Squarespace website with content upload and e-commerce setup.

Check out HiTech4u's service here

9. Fully Customized Squarespace Website Design by SquareBuilder


SquareBuilder (@squarebuilder) is a group of highly skilled Squarespace, Shopify, and other platform experts. They have completed hundreds of projects for clients from around the world over the years.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 3-page custom designed Squarespace website.
  • Standard: 6-page Squarespace website design and SEO.
  • Premium: Up to 10 pages of custom website design.

Check out SquareBuilder's service here

10. Squarespace Website Design and Customization by CloudTech


CloudTech (@thecloudtech) is a group of experts who know how to create a website with a lot of features. They have over two years of experience developing and designing Squarespace websites and have completed numerous projects successfully.

Service Highlights

CloudTech will design (or redesign) and customize your Squarespace website completely. The website will be fully responsive and designed with SEO in mind.

Check out CloudTech's service here

Good Web Design Characteristics

Good web design has certain characteristics that make it both usable and appealing, and knowing what they are will ensure you get the best for your website.

Information and Structure

A logical ordering of elements characterizes good web design, making it easy for users to navigate the site and find the information they require. You don't have a good web design if your navigation is sloppy, and it's difficult to figure out where your menus lead.

Each page on your site should have a purpose, and anything that doesn't should just be removed. Adding pages just to have them there is a sign of bad web design. Everyone who visits a page should be able to find something useful. Some pages work better together than others. If your contact information consists solely of a phone number and an email address, there's no reason to keep your “About Us” page separate from your “Contact” page.

Persistent navigation options should also be available on your page. This means that your visitors can always return to the previous page by clicking a link or return to the homepage from any page on the site. A well-designed website has no dead ends.

Media and Graphics

Incorporating media intelligently, rather than haphazardly, is a hallmark of good web design. This means that videos must be clicked first to load and play (auto-play will annoy most visitors). It also means that people will be able to turn slideshows on and off, mute or turn on music, and so on. There shouldn't be so much graphic content on the page that it causes visitors' devices to slow down. This is the most effective way to get people to leave your site and makes it appear amateurish.

Social Integration

Several web services are frequently integrated into good web design. For example, social bookmarking icons are now commonplace on almost every website to ensure that people can “share” a site without exerting any effort. This encourages people to recommend your website on social media platforms.

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