10 Best Video Color Correction Services

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Since colors are very important in determining the fate of an image, it is important that your images use the most appealing colors. This technique allows you to turn even the most unassuming photos into the most powerful ones. When used in conjunction with other photo editing techniques, this technique can increase the value of the image and the owner's reputation.

The process of adjusting and balancing the color values of photographic images is known as color correction. This method can be used to improve the overall color quality of photos. You don't have to be disappointed if your favorite photos have become deformed or have lost their color vibrancy because this technique can always be used to standardize them. When combined with other image editing services, this technique is capable of resolving almost any photography or videography-related issue.

Your video's contrast or sharpness may be compromised due to poor lighting or various technical issues related to how you use the camera. You can resolve such issues by utilizing color correction services. This service allows you to change the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of a video. Refer to the following list if you need a competent video editor who can help you with color correction issues.

1. Professional Video Color Grading & Color Correction by Soft Light


Soft Light is a group of video editors with over five years of post-production experience. They've worked on a variety of projects, including short films, music videos, weddings, and commercials.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Creative consulting and color correction (~1 min video).
  • Standard: Creative consulting, color correction & grading (~3 min video).
  • Premium: Creative consulting, color correction, color grading & shot matching (~5 min video).

Check out Soft Light's service here

2. Color Correction, Color Grading of Your Video by Peter


Peter (@newvisionary) enjoys all aspects of filmmaking and is an expert at video editing. He has more than five years of post-production and color grading experience.

Service Highlights

Peter can assist you with color correction, color grading, color matching, and color replacement for your video, as well as a variety of other tasks.

Check out Peter's service here

3. Premium Video Editing, Color Correction and Color Grading by Subhadip


Subhadip Mondal (@subhadipmondal) is a professional photo and video editor with over five years of experience in the industry.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Small and quick video editing tasks.
  • Standard: Advanced video editing tasks.
  • Premium: Professional video editing tasks.

Check out Subhadip's service here

4. Video Editor and Color Correction by Asad


Throughout his career, Asad (@asadmister) has shot and edited a number of music videos and short films. He knows how to enhance the beauty of any clip thanks to his more than five years of editing and filmmaking experience.

Service Highlights

Asad offers the following video editing services: transitions, image stabilization, color grading, color correction, video merging/trimming, compilation, video montage, royalty-free background music, and special effects (royalty-free).

Check out Asad's service here

5. Video Editing, Noise Reduction and Color Correction by Colourman


Colourman is a colorist and filmmaker based in London with a Bachelor of Arts in filmmaking. He is passionate about color science and the elements that make a film cinematic and beautiful.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Edit up to 1-minute video.
  • Standard: Edit up to 1-minute video, sound editing, and color correction.
  • Premium: Edit up to 1-minute video, sound editing, color correction, and graphics animation.

Check out Colourman's service here

6. Professionally Color Correct and Grade Your Footage by JahK


JahK (@jahk05) is a South African videographer and photographer who is fascinated by all forms of digital creative work.

Service Highlights

JahK can assist you with the editing, grading, and polishing of your footage.

Check out JahK's service here

7. Cinematic Color Grading, Correction Matching, Retouch by Eduard


Eduard Karamshuk (@karam10) is the team leader of a group of visual specialists with over five years of experience. He is also the founder of VFXaddART, a Poland-based post-production studio.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Basic color correction, exposure, contrast, saturation.
  • Standard: Color balance your shots and apply a grade to your video.
  • Premium: Advanced work – color isolation, color switching, etc.

Check out Eduard's service here

8. Professional Color Correction and Color Grading in Davinci Resolve by Maurimerko


Maurimerko is an Italian freelance digital colorist who specializes in color correction and grading for commercials, music videos, and short films.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Color correction for your footage (up to 5 minutes) – Color Grading not included.
  • Standard: Correct, balance, and grade your music video for up to 4 minutes.
  • Premium: Correct, balance, and grade your commercial video (up to 1 minute).

Check out Maurimerko's service here

9. Professional Video Editing and Quality Color Correction by Wesker


Wesker (@wesker91) has worked in the film industry for over six years, directing, editing, and color grading are among his many talents.

Service Highlights

Wesker offers affordable, high-quality editing and color grading for your video.

Check out Wesker's service here

10. Color Correct Your Video in a Professional Way by Oualid


Oualid represents MaxTeam, a group that offers music production, video production, and illustration services.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Color correction – up to 1 min.
  • Standard: Color correction & grading – up to 6 min.
  • Premium: Color correction plus full editing with fancy intro and outro.

Check out Oualid's service here

Reasons for Video Color Correction

A high-quality video is an integral part of any business's marketing strategy. Videos are used to promote products and services on television, billboards, and social media platforms, among other places. This, and numerous other reasons, underscore the importance of high-quality video visuals in any promotional strategy.

People are constantly exposed to a variety of online videos. As a result, the competition to create outstanding videos is fierce. A video's visual quality must be high to stand out from mediocre video content, and one element that can help with this is color. The following are some of the advantages of video color correction:

Engaging Content

Businesses strive to create succinct yet interactive and engaging videos that capture the attention of prospective customers. Subconsciously, colors can create moods that resonate with the audience's emotions. Bright colors help create a positive and upbeat mood, whereas dull and blurry footage can lose viewers' interest.

Outstanding Visuals

Regardless of the quality of the camera used in video production or the cinematographer's skill, color correction is still required to achieve the highest possible image quality. Color correction is commonly used to adjust and correct variables (such as lighting and weather) that change throughout the day during filming. While the color may appear dull during filming, raw footage enables editors to manipulate the images in post-production.

Production Value

Color correction is a relatively inexpensive method of increasing the production value of all of your content. All creators of digital content will find ways to increase the value of their work without increasing their budget. Color correction and grading are critical in separating professionals from amateur content creators. Even if they are unaware, your audience automatically associates color-corrected footage with high-quality work.

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