15 Best Video Spokesperson Services

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As a small to medium-sized business owner, you're probably looking for better ways to spread your message across multiple platforms. And video spokespersons may be precisely what you need. They can communicate effectively with audiences and provide important information that promotes click-throughs and purchases. A video spokesperson must capture the viewer's attention in the shortest amount of time possible. In essence, the spokesperson's job is to pique the viewer's interest in your service or product while encouraging further exploration.

A talented spokesperson enhances your brand's image and helps it grow. As your spokesperson shares your story with your target audience, he or she becomes the voice of your company. It is critical to choose someone who understands how to communicate your message effectively. That is why every brand requires a video spokesperson who speaks clearly and has a distinct voice that piques the interest of potential customers or investors. A list of online video spokesperson services is provided below:

1. Engaging Spokesperson Video by Ron Desi


Video is incredibly valuable on the internet these days. Having a video on your website will help you achieve your objectives, whether you want to sell more products or services or explain a concept. Ron Desi (@websitevideo) can use his extensive experience as a spokesperson to assist you in creating a fantastic video for your business.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 50 words, 7-day delivery.
  • Standard: Up to 50 words, 2-day delivery.
  • Premium: Up to 50 words, 1-day delivery.

Check out Ron's service here

2. Spokesperson Creation Video in 48 Hours (or Less) by The Ad Twins


The Ad Twins team has produced thousands of ads for almost a decade. You can rely on their track record of delivering consistent, appealing, and high-quality output in 48 hours or less.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Plain white or green background. Dark long sleeve shirt.
  • Standard: You can choose a background. Logo, music, attire, and URL included.
  • Premium: All the standard features plus 5 text animations, 5 graphics or images, and your logo during the intro and outro.

Check out The Ad Twins’ service here

3. Promotional Breaking News Spokesperson Video by Seb


Seb (@sebski22) is a video producer based in the United Kingdom. He's worked on a variety of projects for clients all over the world, and some of them have been broadcast on national television stations as well as online.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 1 UK male presenter and 1 image on screen.
  • Standard: Up to 2 presenters. 1 UK male presenter plus 1 USA presenter. 2 images on screen.
  • Premium: Up to 3 presenters. 3 images on screen. Lower 3rd, split-screen, and sidebar are included.

Check out Seb's service here

4. Professional Video Spokesperson by Nik


Nik (@nikandco) is a professional spokesperson, actress, editor, and writer. She enjoys assisting businesses with the creation of high-quality promotional content.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Your 25-word script. Video output in 1080p FHD, Denim shirt, and white background.
  • Standard: Your script of up to 75 words. 1080p FHD. Choose background color and wardrobe. Add your logo.
  • Premium: Your 150-word script. Choose background color and wardrobe. Full HD video. Add your logo, website, and phone number.

Check out Nik's service here

5. Video Spokesperson by Allie


Allie (@alliemadison12) is a professional spokesperson, voice actress, and writer with extensive experience. She can create a high-quality video that encapsulates your vision and achieves results.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Record up to 50 words with your choice of background and logo.
  • Standard: Film up to 200 words, custom outfit, 3 text pop-ups, logo, music, intro, and background.
  • Premium: Write and film 150 words, outfit, music, intro, background, with up to 10 graphics.

Check out Allie's service here

6. Breaking News Anchor Spokesperson in Full HD by Sam


Sam (@sampresenter) is a voice-over artist and a professional presenter. He has over 160,000 subscribers and more than 50 million views on his YouTube channel (All5!).

Service Highlights

You can add 25 words for $5 in all packages.

  • Basic: 25 words. Choose a background. No text, no images. Sam will be wearing a grey tie.
  • Standard: Choose a background, add text to the video. No images. Grey Tie.
  • Premium: Everything is included. Unlimited images. Choose an outfit.

Check out Sam's service here

7. Professional Video Spokesperson by Agency Social


Agency Social is a digital marketing agency that assists brands in reaching their full potential. They can create a video spokesperson for your company, product, service, or website at an affordable price.

Service Highlights

Your video spokesperson will be Cathy. She's had a lot of experience as a spokesperson, an actress, and a model. The video will be recorded at a resolution of 1080p.

  • Basic: Your 50 words script or more. Pro lighting and sound. You can choose either white, green, or office background.
  • Standard: Your 100 words or more. Pro lighting, sound, and all backgrounds. Wardrobe. Add your logo, web, or phone number.
  • Premium: Your 200 words or more. All Backgrounds. Wardrobe. Add your logo, web or phone number, email, and music.

Check out Agency Social's service here

8. Branded Office Spokesperson Video in HD or 4K by Leah


Leah (@lmasten99) is a commercial actress who also works as a spokesperson. She enjoys creating commercials for television, promotional videos, and collaborating with clients on various projects.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Film up to 75 words. Choice of office background.
  • Standard: Film 200 words, custom outfit, 3 text pop-ups, logo, music, intro, and background.
  • Premium: Film 300 words, advanced editing, background, logo, text, music, intro, outfit, and 8 graphics.

Check out Leah's service here

9. Multilingual Professional Female Spokesperson in HD by Rania


Rania (@rania_jzr) is a full-time freelancer and a graduate engineer. She is multilingual and speaks French, English, and Arabic (Fos'ha, Tunisian, and Lebanese).

Service Highlights

Rania provides a multilingual spokesperson service in English, French, and Arabic. She will read up to 50 words from your script in front of a green screen with your choice of background.

Check out Rania's service here

10. Professional Spokesperson Video Creation by Chatterbug


Chatterbug holds a bachelor's degree in theatre and has a strong background in film and live theater.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Your 50-word or less script – White screen, black top, 720p video quality.
  • Standard: Your up to 100-word script – White screen, black top, 1080p video quality.
  • Premium: Your up to 200-word script – Your logo, white screen, black top, 1080p video quality.

Check out Chatterbug's service here

11. English or Spanish Video Spokesperson by Luis


Luis (@voiceoverbyluis) is a voice-over and on-camera actor. He can perform in both English and Spanish and has a wide range of accents and character voices. He can refine his voice-over technique because of his background and training as an on-camera actor.

Service Highlights

Luis will create a high-quality spokesperson video in either English or Spanish for you. His English has a slight accent, and his Spanish can be either neutral Cuban, Puerto Rican, or Central American.

Check out Luis' service here

12. Asian Video Spokesperson on Green Screen by Apollo9k


Apollo 9K Production (@apollo9k) is a Thai-based international video production company. They offer video services in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai at a reasonable price. They can also shoot B-rolls, MVs, YouTube videos, and promotional videos for businesses and services.

Service Highlights

There are three different packages to choose from, depending on your requirements.

  • Basic: Short video of up to 30 seconds.
  • Standard: Spokesperson video of up to 2 minutes.
  • Premium: Full-length video of up to 5 minutes.

Check out Apollo9k's service here

13. Female British English Office Video Spokesperson by Steph


Steph (@stephbritishvo) is a British video spokesperson, presenter, and voice-over artist with extensive experience. She spent several years as a professional television presenter for Sky News, the BBC, and ITV.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Film up to 50 words. Includes office background and outfit options.
  • Standard: Film up to 150 words. Includes office background, outfit options, logo and overlay text.
  • Premium: Film up to 300 words. Includes office background, outfit options, logo, overlay text and music.

Check out Steph's service here

14. Professional Male Spokesperson in Lab Coat by Steve


Steve (@shardig3366) is a former television broadcaster with more than 15 years of on-camera experience. He has all of the professional shooting and editing equipment in his home studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Service Highlights

Steve will appear in your video as your spokesperson dressed in a lab coat. However, as a buyer, you must acknowledge that Steve is not a real doctor or other medical expert. He cannot state or imply in the video that he is a doctor or other medical professional.

Check out Steve's service here

15. Green Screen Female Spokesperson Video by Extra Mustard Marketing


Daisy is part of the ‘Extra Mustard Marketing' team. They create unique, high-quality videos that can drive revenue and interest in your business.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Film on a green screen background. Includes 25 words of script, 1080p resolution and custom outfit.
  • Standard: 150 words, 1080p, custom background, your logo, and custom outfit.
  • Premium: 250 words, 1080p, custom outfit, five overlay text with images, and background music.

Check out Extra Mustard Marketing's service here

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video Spokesperson

The following are some of the reasons why your company requires a video spokesperson.

A Productive Voice to Represent Your Brand

It is important to ensure that each investment made in the business pays off in the short or long run. Hiring a video spokesperson to promote a brand or service is demonstrated to be highly beneficial and necessary for a business's success. A spokesperson lends a brand an engaging and distinct voice that helps spur buyers' interest.

The market segment that you wish to target dictates the tone of the marketing video. For instance, you'll require a female spokesperson to promote cosmetic products. While writing a script for your video is critical, it is also vital to find a spokesperson who can read in the accent you desire.

Customers, Sales, and Business Promotion

Effective videos are essential for businesses and should be included in the marketing strategy. A marketing video is necessary for an online business's website in order to increase traffic and provide visitors with something to watch regarding the company's brands, products, and services.

Some customers would rather watch marketing videos than reading lengthy articles. That is why you require a professional video spokesperson to assist you in effectively representing your brand or product through the use of an engaging and persuasive video.

Attract Your Target Audience

According to studies, effective advertising and marketing videos elevate customers' interest, foster an emotional connection, and persuade prospective buyers to patronize a brand. To establish a relationship between your brand and potential customers, a competent spokesperson should understand how to use the appropriate tone to captivate your target audience. And typically, most professional spokespersons will have all the necessary skills to conduct the task efficiently.

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