10 Best Whiteboard Animation Services

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Videos using whiteboard animation are among the most popular types of explainer videos. And there are dozens of videos available online that demonstrate how whiteboard animation can be used to promote a business, raise public awareness, or merely for entertainment. Whatever the primary reason, whiteboard animation is a huge success in terms of keeping people informed due to its unique method of delivering facts while remaining engaging.

One of the most noticeable aspects of whiteboard videos is how much they are enjoyed by viewers. They take the audience on a visual journey. While whiteboard videos frequently convey technical messages, their narrative style simplifies the information and makes them enjoyable to watch. Because people enjoy watching these videos, they do not perceive them as advertisements and are frequently unaware that they are also being taught or sold.

Whiteboard videos are an excellent way to explain services, products, and concepts in a concise, entertaining, and engaging manner. They capture people's attention and inspire them to become passionate about the topic at hand. Some of the best online services for creating whiteboard animations are shown in the list below.

1. Colorful Whiteboard Animation by Rahul


Rahul (@rahulkajla1) enjoys creating animated and live-action videos. He has a lot of experience as a freelancer creating unique and exciting animated whiteboard videos for clients all over the world.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Up to 30 seconds video (75 words or fewer).
  • Standard: 31-60 seconds video (150 words or fewer).
  • Premium: 61-90 seconds video (225 words or fewer).

Check out Rahul's service here

2. Awesome Whiteboard Animation by Jessie


Jessie (@jessieart) is a talented artist and video expert from the United States. Her artistic and personal passion is creating animated videos.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Whiteboard animation with background music, HD 720p.
  • Standard: Whiteboard animation with background music, Full HD 1080p. (3 revisions)
  • Premium: 3 Custom graphics included per minute, background music, 1080p, voice-over recording. (5 revisions)

Check out Jessie's service here

3. Whiteboard Animation by Mary


Mary (@uniquefivex) has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics and has spent the last nine years working as a freelance graphic designer and video producer.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Whiteboard animation with your script and your voice-over.
  • Standard: Whiteboard animation with your script and voice-over by Uniquefivex.
  • Premium: Whiteboard animation, including script-writing and voice-over by Uniquefivex.

Check out Mary's service here

4. Whiteboard Video Animation by Josh


Josh (@djyoung) is the creative director of his own company, JumpStart Video, in Boulder, Colorado, and has worked as an independent voice actor for over ten years.

Service Highlights

Each package will include the script, voice-over, and HD video.

  • Basic: 0-30 Sec Video – 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Standard: 31-60 Sec Video – 3 rounds of revisions.
  • Premium: 61-90 Sec Video – 3 rounds of revisions.

Check out Josh's service here

5. Boost Your Conversions with an Animated Whiteboard Video by Keymanj


Keymanj is an experienced freelancer who specializes in marketing videos and has a long history of producing fantastic educational videos.

Service Highlights

Each package includes US Male voice-over.

  • Basic: Max 30 seconds whiteboard video.
  • Standard: Max 30 seconds whiteboard video.
  • Premium: Max 60 seconds whiteboard video. Script included.

Check out Keymanj's service here

6. Animated Whiteboard Video by Haris


Haris (@hariswaheed) is in charge of a team of six animators with a combined five years of experience. They work together to bring you some of the best video and animation services available online.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: Whiteboard video (1080p HD) + 100 words script (provided by you) + voiceover recording.
  • Standard: Colorful whiteboard video (1080p HD) + 100 words script (provided by you) + voiceover recording.
  • Premium: Colorful whiteboard video (1080p HD) + 100 words script (provided by Haris) + voiceover recording.

Check out Haris' service here

7. Whiteboard Animation, Script Writing and Voice Over by Maureen


Maureen (@mmsolutionsltd) is a skilled freelancer who can speak English, German, and Spanish fluently. She's a pro at coming up with unique and entertaining explainer videos.

Service Highlights

All packages will include script, voice, video animation.

  • Basic: 30-seconds video.
  • Standard: 60-seconds video.
  • Premium: 90-seconds video.

Check out Maureen's service here

8. Whiteboard Animation Video by Ydrawing


Ydrawing is a professional video creator and editor from Romania who loves creating 2D explainers and whiteboard videos that are engaging, creative, exciting, interactive, and inspiring.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 60-sec video (150 Words) – black and white drawings.
  • Standard: 60-sec video (150 Words) – Greyscale drawings, full HD with background music.
  • Premium: 60-sec video (150 Words) – Colored drawings, full HD with background music.

Check out Ydrawing's service here

9. Whiteboard Animation Video by Jelena


Jelena (@jelena_video) began her business online in 2017 and specializes in producing high-quality, engaging whiteboard videos.

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 30-sec (75 words) – Colored, Full-HD, Voiceover.
  • Standard: 60-sec (150 words) – Colored, Full-HD, Voiceover.
  • Premium: 60-sec (150 words) – Colored, Full-HD, Voiceover, Scriptwriting, Watermark.

Check out Jelena's service here

10. Custom Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video by Taani


Taani (@taaniinbuzz) is a seasoned freelance animator and advertising expert who spent many years drawing black and white cartoons for Disney (Australia).

Service Highlights

  • Basic: 30-sec of black & white whiteboard video. You provide a script of around 100 words and the voice.
  • Standard: 30-sec video with one color. You provide a 100-word script and a voice.
  • Premium: 45-sec colored HD doodle whiteboard animation. You provide the script and voiceover.

Check out Taani's service here

The Advantages of Whiteboard Animation

Short videos that mix a spoken script with simple animation to illustrate and enhance an auditory message are known as whiteboard animations. Whether you want to attract more customers, educate an audience on a specific topic, or raise brand awareness, this strategy can be a highly effective marketing strategy. Here are a few of the benefits of using whiteboard animations in your company.

Brand Awareness

Whiteboard animations are a fun way to get your message over to your audience while also raising brand awareness. Whiteboard animations give businesses an immediate advantage over competitors who use more traditional video production methods.

Improve Comprehension

Because they make use of the way our brains ingest and digest information, whiteboard animations are a wonderful tool for expressing a complicated set of concepts to your audience, whether they are potential clients, a group of employees, or students. They can help you learn more and remember what you've learned.

Perfect for Viral Marketing

Whiteboard animations – just like other video content, lend themselves to cross-platform marketing, prospering across numerous channels due to their ease of sharing, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. As a result, the chances of your marketing messages driving targeted traffic back to your websites increase.

Make Your Message Stand Out

We are rapidly acquiring a thick skin, not to mention an innate skepticism, towards people attempting to approach us, whether or not they are trying to sell us something, given the nearly continual barrage of marketing messages and media inputs that we are subjected to on a daily basis. Traditional marketing or educational methods will almost probably be met with fierce opposition from your target demographic. Visual storytelling is a far more powerful approach to get past our natural barriers and connect with your target audience.

Boost Your Revenue

Finally, the whiteboard's capacity to turn browsers into purchases, increasing your profit line. One of the most critical segments of the sales process is emphasizing the advantages of your products and services, which might be challenging if you only use text, but not with whiteboard animation. Engaging visitors in your business's narrative is a great method to encourage them to understand the benefits you offer, making it easier to clinch a transaction.

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